Lismore Energy Project     


A key part of the project will be home insulation and detailed home energy surveys for anyone who is willing to take part.
Home Energy Check forms have been distributed to every home on the Island.
The first step is to complete the Home Energy Check form; this will be collected by a member of the project team and sent to the Highlands and Islands Energy Saving Scotland advice centre for analysis. A report will be sent to you within about 10 days.

Households receiving pension credits or certain benefits may be eligible for free loft insulation and cavity wall insulation (where this is possible) and in some cases they may also receive new central heating systems or solid wall insulation. We have arranged with a local insulation installer for households not qualifying for free insulation, to be offered new or top up loft or cavity wall insulation at a reduced price (probably about 50%).

Later in the summer, we will also be offering comprehensive house surveys and a detailed home energy report, for any households who are interested in participating. John MacCormick or Stephen Green will be in contact with you over the next few weeks to offer this service.  If you then decide to progress with more comprehensive energy efficiency measures or if you are interested in a renewable energy installation, then the project team can advise you or put you in touch with specialist advisors, installers and sources of funding.

If you require help or assistance in completing you Home Energy Check questionnaire,
please contact one of our Project Officers

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