Car Sharing Scheme

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On Saturday the 31st of July 2010 at the raft race and sports day itís 2pm and The Energy project has just launched its Island and mainland car sharing scheme.  With a Burger and a cup of tea up for grabs to the person who signed up first with their details there was a stampede of people to the Gazebo. Sarah Campbell got there 1st and is now due a burger and a cup of tea so well done Sarah!

Sarahís journey was to Aberdeen on the 1st of August leaving at 2pm and she was offering 3 seats in her car, there are other Journeys already listed so please have a look.

It is very easy to get involved if you wish.  A black clipboard has been left in the Shop, it is in the community information section Marked car sharing scheme  (or ask David where it is).

1.    The journey can be on Lismore or the mainland.

2.    Check answers to frequently asked questions.

3.    Fill in details of your trip and wait for a response.

4.    Check the details of car journeys left to see if they are of use to you and call the person offering a seat.

5.    Go.

More Information and Outline of Scheme                              Example Car Sharing Form


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