Comparison of Broadband Dishes

It is now unlikely that there will be a wireless broadband transmitter located on Lismore because of local authority planning constraints.

It is intended that the service will be delivered to premises on Lismore from transmitters at Glensanda and Benderloch.

For some properties this will entail receiving a signal from a greater distance than might have been the case with a transmitter on Lismore.

To maintain the quality and speed of broadband service it may be necessary for slightly larger receiver antennae to be installed at some addresses.

The appropriate receiving equipment will be decided upon, in due course, by our installation engineers, who will visit the premises of all applicants for the new service once the main network infrastructure is in place.

Receiver antennae will be mounted on subscribers’ premises so as to have direct line of sight from a mainland or Mull-based transmitter.

The accompanying photographs show the range of receiver antennae from which the installation engineer will select according to individual circumstances. The photographs are all to a consistent scale and (for comparative purposes only) include a typical satallite dish.

Click on a photograph to see a full size version. The full size photos are large and so may take a while to load.

Small photo of 140mm dish aerial Small photo of 190mm dish aerial Small photo of 325mm dish aerial   Small photo of a satellite dish aerial
Text and photographs provided by Julian Wormleighton on 26th August 2016
Updated text and photographs on 2nd October 2016


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