Lismore Community Council 2014 Information

IMPORTANT – only documents marked 'agreed' represent the final agreed positions of Lismore Community Council. Other documents are for discussion.

Weekly Lists of Valid Planning Applications – 2014

27th November 2014Agenda (scanned), Draft minutes (scanned), see here for changes

28th August 2014Agenda (scanned), Minutes

26th June 2014 – Possibly a meeting after the Annual General Meeting – No Agenda, No minutes

26th June 2014 – Annual General Meeting – No Agenda, Draft minutes (with report) (scanned), see here for changes

6th June 2014 – Possibly a meeting with CalMac (see minutes of meeting on 22nd May 2014, item 4)

29th May 2014 – Annual General Meeting – Agenda (scanned), No minutes (see above, this meeting may not have happened)

22nd May 2014 – Meeting – Agenda (scanned), Minutes (scanned)

20th March 2014 – No Agenda or Minutes have been provided

29th January 2014Agenda (scanned), Minutes

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