STAG Appraisal

STAG Appraisal - Presentation from Meeting 2nd April 2009

The Community Council would like to point out that there is still an opportunity for anyone to comment and air their views.
You can either contact the consultants or CMAL, or you can feed comments on the Lismore ferries as part of the Scottish ferries review via the Scottish Government website.

Regarding the Scottish Ferry Review: the following email was received:

This e-mail is to make you aware about a data collection exercise that is due to commence on Tuesday 14 April and to seek your help in participating in the exercise if contacted and also to make others in your communities aware of the exercise and to encourage them to participate.

The data collected will inform decisions about future Ferry Services in your area.  You may be telephoned or you may receive a questionnaire to be completed.

Please take part in this important exercise.

If you are not contacted please feel free to email any comments on the Scottish Ferries review to

Brian Wither

Scottish Ferries Review

Project Manager

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