Lismore Community Council

Annual General Meeting Thursday 10th May 2007




Present: Jim MacCcormick, Duncan Livingstone, Jon Derham, John Carmichael, Archie MacGillivray, Johnny MacFadyen


Apologies: Mark Willis, Mandie Currie


Attending: Cllr Elaine Robertson and two members of the public


The meeting congratulated Cllr Robertson on her re election to Argyll and Bute Council. 


The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by Jon Derham and seconded by Johnny MacFadyen as a true and accurate record.


Matters Arising:  The churchyard – Sandra Duncan of A&BC is investigating the issues previously highlighted and will advise further in due course. 


Scrap cars – there is capacity to have these removed.  The cars requiring removal all need to be identified.  Those for which the removal fee has been paid need to be highlighted to Sandra Duncan.  The owners of any others need to be traced and contacted.  Action Secretary / AMG


The bulk uplift of rubbish in April took place satisfactorily.


Bottle banks have been uplifted.  


Correspondence:  A letter has been received from Peter Peacock MSP regarding the results of a questionnaire about the future of Post Offices in the Highlands and Islands.  It was agreed a reply stressing island communities’ needs would strengthen the case for retaining island Post Offices in particular.  It was also agreed that further letters supporting the retention of rural Post Offices should be sent whenever opportunities arose.   Action Secretary


A letter had been received from the Scottish Executive entitled the “National Planning Framework: Be Part of Scotland’s Big Plans.”  It was thought the Secretary may have already responded to the enclosed questionnaire but if not it was agreed that she should do so.  Action Secretary


A letter from Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP emphasised their proposal to devolve greater responsibilities to community councils.  It was agreed a letter supporting this proposal should be sent in reply.  Action Secretary


Written communication from A&B Council with regard to a wind farm on Lismore was received.  The letter suggested a meeting between island representatives, Scottish Natural Heritage and a representative from A&B Council.  A copy letter from SNH to A&B expressed reservations regarding the placing of community wind generation facilities on Lismore.  The meeting agreed that SNH should be contacted and feedback sought from the community, perhaps via a public meeting to include a presentation from a wind generator manufacturer or similar expert.  If there was support for the project then A&BC’s suggestion of a meeting should be the next stage.  It was noted that a community owned wind generator need not necessarily be sited on Lismore.  Action JD


Primary Health Care: Julian Wormleighton was not available to update the meeting on this issue.  ER advised that a pilot project for nursing on remote islands had been approved and that Lismore had been put forward along with an island in the Orkneys.  This initiative was welcomed as it would automatically take the views of islanders to the highest levels.  More details of the project were requested.  Action ER 


Ferry: ER confirmed that funding for an 8:00 p.m. ferry on request in the winter, at normal fares, had been approved.  The amount of notice required was to be confirmed.  Action ER


The ferry tendering process was to be completed on 17th May.  The meeting was informed that the STAG appraisal to consider the best options for Lismore would go ahead soon after that.


Achnacroish Piers:   The wooden pier is subject to a regular survey by A&B engineers. 


Cal Mac states that the old stone / concrete pier, which has been recognised by the LCC as a hazard, is the responsibility of A&B.  However it is not clear whether Cal Mac understands which pier is under discussion.  It is the firm understanding of individuals on LCC that this pier in fact does belong to Cal Mac and that they would be responsible for its removal.  The work involved would not be too onerous   Further clarification is required.  Action ER  

Further enquiries can be made.  Action AMG


Any Other Business: The bottle banks are interfering with parking at Achnacroish Pier and a screen is needed for the grit and tarmac.  Generally a tidy up of the area is required, preferably before the tourist season gets into full swing.  Action ER


Mains Water Supply – ER reported that there appeared to be a rethink going on.  Further information regarding the latest developments was requested.  Action ER


Urinal at the pier – the poor state of this had been reported previously.  This is to be followed up with Sandra Duncan.  Action ER


It was agreed a meeting with the new management at Glensanda should be arranged.  There would be an opportunity to apply for grants from the Aggregate Tax, the next tranche being available in June.  The new hall car park is a project which might be expected to benefit from this.  Action Secretary


An electric cable at the waiting room is improperly routed.  A letter should be sent to the Hydro.  Action Secretary     


Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer reported that the LCC account has a balance of £402.34 but that bills for hall hire were still to come in.  The Secretary does not appear to have claimed for postage, stationery and telephone calls etc.  The meeting unanimously urged that she should do so.


Chairman’s Report: The Chairman reported that general progress was being made on various issues.  He reported that the Lismore ferry service was currently running well.  With regard to the out of hours health care issue, he emphasised that pressure must continue to be brought to bear on all the relevant authorities over the coming months.


Next meeting: Thursday 5th July 2007. 

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