Lismore Community Council Meeting Thursday 1st March 2007


Present: Mark Willis, Jon Derham, Johnny MacFadyen, John Carmichael, Jim MacCormick, Archie MacGillivray


Apologies: Mandie Currie, Duncan Livingstone


Attending: Cllr Elaine Robertson, Julian Wormleighton, seven members of the public


Minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by Jim MacCormick and seconded by Mark Willis as a true and accurate record. 


Matters Arising

ER reported that an emergency order had been issued to extend the length of time the automatic lights remain switched on in the ladies toilet at Port Appin.


The meeting considered the Local Transport Strategy for Argyll and Bute and supported the contention that there was inadequate consideration given to island communities.  A response to that effect is to be forwarded.  Action Secretary.


A copy of the Scottish Health Council Corporate Plan had been received and responses requested.  However it was felt there were no issues of direct relevance to Lismore.


New Correspondence

A letter and information pack has been received from UHI requesting applications for the role of foundation members from business and the community.  The information will be kept on file by the secretary in the event that any one is interested.



A planning application for a dwelling on land East of Crossroads had been made.  The application was supported unanimously by the LCC.


Ferry Updates

The issue of an 8:00 pm wintertime request ferry has been progressed. Rural transport grant funding may be available to cover the additional cost which includes the ferrymen’s overtime payments.  Update at next meeting.  Action ER 


There is no formal agreement between A&B council and Foster Yeoman to provide a back up service in the event of a ferry breakdown.  Foster Yeoman has indicated they would endeavour to cover short term breakdowns on an ad hoc basis and subject to resource availability at the time.  They have also indicated they would certainly assist in an emergency.  It was agreed LCC should send a letter of apology to Foster Yeoman on behalf of the Lismore Community regarding a verbal abuse incident when their boatmen were unable to assist a number of passengers stranded at Port Appin.  Action Secretary


It was reiterated that A&B had no money to provide a permanent stand by vessel. 


Roger Dixon–Spain offered to assist in an emergency providing his expenses were covered and subject to availability at the time. His offer will be raised with A&B council.     Action ER

It was agreed that A&B council should have a back up procedure in the event of the MV Lismore breaking down.


The STAG appraisal to determine the way forward for Lismore ferry services has been further delayed until the autumn.  This is due to the fact that the appraisal has been linked with the ferry services tendering process which itself has been delayed.  Concern was expressed why this link had ever been made and why it should continue to be necessary.


The MV Eigg has been removed from service for its annual overhaul and replaced by the MV Raasay.  A Loch class boat can be arranged for a Sunday if there are any high loads.


Out of Hours Health Services     

Relief Nurse   Julian reported that a Lismore relief nurse post would be for 15 hours and concern was expressed that this would not produce a living wage.  It is possible that an accommodation and subsistence allowance may be available to support the salary.  Combining the post with another on the mainland would unfortunately result in too many working hours for one person.  A letter to Dr Jesperson requesting feedback on the recruitment process is required. Action Secretary 


Research Project   The cost of the study into Lismore’s long term health service requirements is significant. A suggestion has therefore been made to reduce Professor Farmer’s personal input and thus reduce the cost of the study.  Professor Farmer’s response to this is awaited.  The cost would be about £15000 of which £4500 would be ‘in kind’.  This would leave approx £11000 for which a grant would be obtained.


Ambulance   The Scottish Ambulance Service has guaranteed their staff they will not be required to use any vehicle without a ramp or tail lift.  This has added considerably to the cost of providing a ‘new’ second hand ambulance for use on Lismore.  The costs under consideration include the provision of a heli-pad.   


Other Business

Potholes   ER reported that A&B Council intended to appoint an Island Attendant.  The attendant’s duties would include keeping the roadside drains clear which would in turn reduce the future incidence of potholes. The attendant would also assist with church yard maintenance, refuse collections and recycling arrangements etc.  


Scrap Cars   Julian informed the meeting that car manufacturers are now underwriting the cost of disposing of scrap cars and that Munro’s Garage in Oban are ‘disposal agents’ for most manufacturers.  Individuals need to take their cars to Munro’s for them to dispose of.  Full details of the services offered are to be requested from Munro’s.  Action Secretary  


The cost of transporting non runners via MBS is to be obtained.  Action Chairman


Sandra Duncan is checking the list of cars already arranged for uplift and will progress this with MBS. 


Old Slip   Ownership of the old slip at Achnacroish needs to be established as it is in a dangerous condition and needs to be removed.  It was said to have been originally put there by CalMac as a temporary measure.  Further enquiries need to be made.  Action Secretary


Acnacroish Pier   The pier is gradually deteriorating but there is unlikely to be funding for its renovation or maintenance.  The community can continue to make use of it for as long as possible and any suggestions for its improvement and maintenance are welcome. 


Lorn View Road   There is a sump in the road where rainwater collects.  A letter to the council requesting this to be remedied is required.  Action Secretary


Water supply to Lorn View area   It was suggested that the best way to resolve the ongoing water supply problem would be for the residents to form a small committee to include all the property owners involved and agree the shares each should pay in order to bring the supply up to standard.


Churchyard   It was reported some of the newer graves were subsiding by up to one foot.  This needs to be taken up urgently with A&B Council.  Action ER


Ambulance   The broken-down ambulance is parked in a dangerous position by the bend at Achnacroish.  It was agreed it should be moved a few feet up the road to a safer position.  Action Chairman 


Wind Farm   A response is still awaited from the Planning Department.  It is understood the council’s policy on wind farms within the local plan has been drafted but is still under discussion so this may help explain the delay in response.


Tin Can Bank   No skip has been provided so far for empty cans.  It is understood this will be remedied on Wednesday 7th March.


Landfill waste disposal provision   Further bins for general waste will be needed in Port Ramsay, especially in the summer.  A letter to the council is required.   Action Secretary


Beach Cleaning   Details of the GRAB arrangements in support of beach cleaning effort were requested.   Action ER      


Date of Next Meeting


Wednesday 9th May at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Hall  

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