Minutes of Lismore Community Council Meeting Thursday 25th January 2007


Present: Archie McGillivray, Mark Willis, Duncan Livingstone, Jon Derham, John Carmichael, Jim MacCormick, Johnny MacFadyen.

Also present: Elaine Robertson (Argyll & Bute Council), Julian Wormleighton (LCC Healthcare Sub Committee), members of the public. 

Apologies: Mandie Currie.


Previous minutes:  proposed by Jon Derham and seconded by Mark Willis; the minutes were adopted as a true record.


Matters Arising


8:00 p.m. ferry sailings in winter: Elaine Robertson had raised the issue with Stewart Turner who in turn requested an indication of the likely usage of the service.  LCC estimated 2 or 3 times a week, and requested a 6 hour notice period bearing in mind that the ferry is likely to be required by people running late as well as attending pre planned events.   Action ER


The message on the Ferry House answering machine is now being altered accordingly whenever there is a deviation from normal service.


Lights in Port Appin toilets: It was not clear whether the timers had been altered.  Confirmation and/or follow up required.  Action ER


New Correspondence 


  1. Letter from A&B Community Health Partnership (CHP) inviting a LCC representative to attend a public engagement workshop on Friday 16th February.  These workshops usually address wider issues than those faced by Lismore.  However opportunities to flag up Lismore issues may present themselves.  No one was in a position to volunteer during the meeting but it was hoped someone from LCC may yet be able to attend.
  2. Various letters from A&B advising of the forthcoming Outdoor Access Consultations -the event in Oban will take place in Oban on Tuesday 30th January between 11:30 and 6:30.  Posters have already been put up. 
  3. Local Transport Strategy for Argyll & Bute is out to consultation.  Drop in days have been organised to coincide with the Outdoor Access Consultations, at Oban Corran Halls on Tuesday 30th January.  No one from LCC was in a position to attend the drop in but a response would be submitted following consideration of the consultation document.  Action Secretary
  4. Letter from Scottish Water advising of the Winter Warmer campaign.  A poster is to be placed in the shop.
  5. Letter from Scottish Health Council advising that they had a draft corporate plan out to consultation.  LCC agreed they wished to see a copy of the document with a view to commenting.  Action Secretary          
  6. Letter received from Aggregate Industries advising change of arrangements for payments.
  7. Letter from Argyll & Bute Local Biodiversity Partnership – training event on how to lead a guided walk – 10:00 – 4:00 on Monday 12th February at the George Hotel, Inverary.  A poster is already on the shop notice board.


Ferry Update


The dates for the promised STAG appraisal are unclear and have been linked with the announcements on the tendering process for the services currently operated by CALMAC.  A timetable for the appraisal has been sought from the Scottish Executive.  A progress report is required.                Action ER


Ferry breakdowns have been a growing problem recently and there is now no back up vessel or service.  LCC needs to clarify if there is a formal arrangement between A&B and Yeoman Glensanda to provide a back up service or whether it was always provided as a goodwill gesture.  Action ER


If, as suspected, the back up service was a goodwill arrangement only, then LCC agreed to write to Mrs Yeoman with a view to reinstating the status quo.  Any such approach would include an apology for the behaviour of an individual who vented frustration on the Glensanda boatmen when unable to travel due to a combination of foul weather and ferry breakdown.  In the event that Yeoman Glensanda agrees to provide a back up service all islanders would be made aware of the delicate nature of such an arrangement.  Action Secretary


Concern was expressed at the standard of maintenance of the MV Lismore.  It was understood that the vessel had been returned from its annual service with items replaced incorrectly.  It was also understood that maintenance items highlighted by the crew were not receiving prompt attention. These issues need to be investigated by A&B.  Action ER


Out of Hours Health Services


The CHP did not follow up with LCC after the November meeting.  A letter was sent from LCC Secretary asking for an update and highlighting the instances when the ferry could not have run, due to foul weather or breakdown, if it had been needed in an emergency. 


The task of advertising for a relief nurse has been passed from the CHP to Mairi, in the first instance, who has agreed to prepare a job specification.  LCC will have the opportunity to comment on this before it is forwarded to the CHP for further action.


It was agreed LCC should write again to the CHP detailing the vulnerability of the islanders and the urgency of resolving the relief nursing cover issue. Action Secretary


It was noted that Dr Jesperson had commented favourably on the conduct of the public meeting held on Lismore in November and that he had found his visit worthwhile. 


Lismore Health Services Project – the project proposal is at the final stages of preparation.  Prof Jane Farmer’s rate is very high so negotiations have taken place regarding the greater use of researchers in order to reduce the project cost.  Once the costs have been agreed, hopefully before the end of January, LCC must secure the funding.  Initial approaches to funding bodies have indicated this would not be a problem once costs are agreed.  Prof Farmer will then collaborate regarding project management.  Action Secretary & JW.


Dr McNicol has asked LCC to publicise the extension of Appin Surgery hours on a Saturday morning which is now open between 9:00 and 11:00.


Any Other Business


Potholes: various complaints have been received about the state of the roads. Archie reported that an official from A&B had visited that day and authorised immediate partial repairs followed by more permanent repairs on 5th February when 10 tonnes of hot tar was scheduled to be delivered to the island.  


It was pointed out that the ineffectiveness of the side drains were a major contributory factor to the potholes.  LCC will write to A&B on this issue, with a copy to ER.  Action Secretary.


Gritting:  A&B have to give permission before Archie can grit the roads


Appin & Lismore Interpretive Strategy Implementation Project – footpath review will take place on Lismore identifying core and other paths. 


There is no recycling bin for cans and we seem to need extra capacity for green glass.  Action ER


Scrap cars seem to be mounting up but MBS have not been asked to remove any of them.  This will need to be progressed with A&B.  Action Secretary


The disused vehicles at the southern end of the island were mentioned and a commitment to have them removed was given.


There was one recent planning application on Lismore, at Ballimakillichan, which was unanimously supported by the LCC.


It was understood that Scottish Water would be laying twin water supply pipes from the mainland to Lismore but that no decision on the pipes to be laid on the island had yet been made.  Bearing in mind the cost of digging up the road relative to the cost of piping, LCC felt that twin pipes should be laid on Lismore in anticipation of the likely future demand for water.  A letter will be sent to Scottish Water.  Action Secretary


A response from Robert Walker, Senior Planning Officer is awaited regarding the feasibility, from a planning point of view, of a community owned wind generation facility on Lismore.  


Date of Next Meeting


Thursday March 1st 2007, 7:00 p.m. in the Community Hall.

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