Lismore Community Council

Minutes of the meeting held at 7pm on Thursday 12th October 2006





John Carmichael (Chair)                                Archie McGillivray

Jon Derham                                                   Mark Willis

Jim MacCormick


Apologies: Duncan Livingstone, Johnny McFadyen



In attendance: Cllr Elaine Robertson



Minutes of the meeting held on 7th September 2006

Proposed by Mark, seconded by Archie; the minutes were adopted as a true record.


Matters arising

Out of Hours Erik Jespersen was invited to the next meeting and can attend on 23rd November.

Waste disposal bulky uplifts will be carried out four times a year. Uplifts can be made outwith those times, at a cost householders should contact Sandra Duncan to make arrangements. Elaine Robertson confirmed that older people who are unable to manhandle the large bins will have their rubbish and materials for recycling collected. Sandra Duncan has offered to meet Community Council members to discuss arrangements. It was pointed out that on the mainland, builders waste, bathroom suites etc can be taken to a landfill site but that this facility is not available on the island this will also be raised with the Council.

Action: Secretary to organise a meeting with Sandra Duncan and to confirm the situation with regard to the disposal builders waste etc.



The STAG appraisal on the car ferry service should start in the next few weeks, tying in with the tendering process, to be completed by March.

The deployment to Lismore of the vessel from the Largs-Cumbrae route has been delayed until autumn 2007. The new vessel for the Largs route will be ready by spring/early summer but further work will be required on the slip at Largs to accommodate the new vessel.


Out of Hours

Ambulance Calmac have included proposals to provide emergency services to various islands as part of their tender, but at a cost of 180,000 per route.

The primary health care practice in Appin have experienced difficulties with routine in-hours transport (eg to Hospital appointments) although assurances have been made that the service will continue to be available.

Air ambulance a site meeting has been held with the estate factor and tenant, who have agreed to approve the use of the site for this purpose. Scottish Ambulance Service will contact BT about fitting a light to the mast. Formal agreement with the estate is still pending and negotiations will have to take place with the Fire Service regarding storage of the emergency landing lights, personnel to lay them out and to drive the ambulance. If this is successful, then the ambulance could be stored and maintained at the fire station.

The issue of First Responders arose again at the last Out of Hours Working Group meeting. Julian confirmed that he had clearly stated that the Lismore Community wanted to see the deficiencies in the emergency out of hours arrangements fully resolved before this scheme is considered on Lismore.  

Relief nurse post to provide 24/7 nursing cover Julian advised that having a nurse on duty 24/7 might not be the best use of resources if the nurse is not actively working for the majority of the out of hours period. Nursing skills are not always required, whereas emergency skills are needed on the island at all times. The Community Council agreed that it would continue to press for a relief nurse/emergency practitioner to be deployed on the island. It was noted that the letters sent by the school pupils had made an impact and helped raise the profile of the issue. The project to scope longer term health care options for Lismore is still at the planning stage but progress is being made on costings etc. It was agreed that a record of all incidences dealt with by the nurse and GP would be useful back-up information.

Action: Julian to maintain correspondence with CHP and to attend the OOH Working Group meetings. Secretary to complete planning of research project and to approach practice for statistics on OOH and emergency cases.



Appin/Lismore Interpretative Strategy the Community Council agreed that due to other priorities, it was unable to progress any actions outlined within the strategy, other than those covered by the development of the Heritage Centre.

Scottish Water are yet to make a decision on the installation of the larger pipe that could service private houses. SW would fund the bigger pipe, while SE funded the pipe to the school and council houses. The public hall will get a mains connection from the school supply.

Community wind generator Jon Derham will investigate wind generators being operated by other communities (eg Gigha) and assess their applicability to Lismore.


Date of next meeting : 23rd November 2006. Erik Jespersen (Clinical Director of Argyll & Bute Community Health Partnership) will attend to discuss the relief nurse and other out of hours issues.

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