Minutes of the Meeting Held at 7pm on Thursday 29th June 2006




John Carmichael (Chair)                                  Johnny McFadyen

Archie McGillivray                                           Jim MacCormack

Mark Willis                                                       Duncan Livingstone

Mandie Currie (Secretary)


In attendance: Cllr Elaine Robertson

Apologies: Jon Derham


Minutes of meeting held on 11th May 2006

Proposed by Archie, seconded by Duncan; the minutes were adopted as an accurate record.


Matters arising

Letter received from Macleod builders regarding building plot at Achnacroish – matter being dealt with.

Letter received from Stewart Turner, A&B, regarding storage of luggage on the ferry – storage on seats acceptable at the discretion of the ferryman, provided that all access routes are clear. Large items can be stowed at the front of the vessel, again at the ferryman’s discretion. (A&B advised that greater flexibility would be maintained if the MCA were not approached).

Letter from Transport Minister regarding STAG appraisal – no detailed response yet received, but Cllr Robertson advised that the Scottish Executive were waiting for the outcome of the tendering process before a decision on the STAG appraisal is made.

A&B issued letter, dealing with the issue of damage caused by peacocks.

Letter received from A&B Roads Dept, confirming that the lifebelt at Achnacroish will be replaced; storage of roads materials at Achnacroish will be addressed and the exposed cabling at the waiting room will be dealt with.  


New Correspondence

Letter received from A&B Community Health Partnership on establishing a Public Partnership Forum. Action: Secretary to confirm future LCC involvement.

Letter from School Board, regarding vandalism to school grounds. Action: Secretary to invite the police to conduct an awareness raising visit.

Wheelie bins – A pilot project will be undertaken between November and March; all houses will be provided with wheelie bins and bin collections will take place fortnightly, with paper and cardboard collected every other week. The skip will be removed from Achnacroish, apparently due to the difficulties and high costs of dealing with the skip rubbish, which has to be sorted at the landfill site. A&B will provide four heavy goods uplifts per year. Residents should report any problems back to the Council, as this is only a pilot exercise at this stage.

Scottish Water will hold an open day on the island on Wednesday 19th July from 3:30pm until 7pm, in the Public Hall – to discuss the proposed new water supply to the school and to gauge interest in providing a public supply to houses.


Ferry Updates

The advert for the bank crew has been in the press.

Cllr Robertson confirmed that if a double run is required on an out of hours ferry, then the first run will be charged at the special rate and the second will be charged at the normal rate.


GP Out of Hours Services

Cllr Robertson confirmed that the ferry would cover out of hours emergencies for GP and vets and that the ferrymen are required to be within a 30 minute journey of the ferry, during the out of hours period. It was agreed that the time taken for the ferrymen to travel to Port Appin in an emergency is crucial and that this issue is more acute in the absence of 24/7 Nurse Practitioner cover on the island.


Mandie Currie and Julian Wormleighton provided an update of recent meetings of the out of hours steering group (Chaired by the CHP) and a meeting held between Community Council representatives and the CHP.


Julian also provided an update on the site meeting held with the Scottish Ambulance Service for the helipad. A suitable location for a helipad has been identified at Clachan and discussions are underway with the Fell’s Estate and the farming tenant. The SAS propose to use temporary landing lights, which would be laid out when required. The only new infrastructure required would be a new gateway, to allow direct access from the road, plus a warning light on the BT mast. A storage area would be needed for the lights and a contractor would be required to lay out the lights and drive the ambulance. The estate factor and SAS are to meet at the end of July to discuss the proposed location. At the steering group meeting, the SAS estimated a helicopter response time of 1.5 hours. The SAS have also approached CALMAC about bringing an ambulance across via the Achnacroish route; CALMAC have agreed to draw up operational procedures for this service and report back.


LCC is also considering commissioning a project to assess various longer term options for out of hours cover. A project proposal and funding application are being prepared, in collaboration with a researcher from Aberdeen University.


The target for the practice opting out was originally to be October, with shadow arrangements in place until the end of the year and full opt out at the end of December. The Nurse Practitioner was to opt out sooner. However, it was announced that Kate Howlett has resigned from the practice and a new Doctor has agreed to join the practice in October, working on a 50/50 basis with Iain. Kate will remain in post until then, ensuring continuous cover. The new GP has no desire to opt out, taking the immediate pressure off the practice, although this situation may possibly need to be reconsidered in the longer term. Since the original reason for the Nurse Practitioner opt-out was linked to the GP opt-out, there appears to be no justification for progressing the Nurse Practitioner opt-out. It was agreed that the Community Council will approach the CHP to request the cancellation of arrangements for the Nurse Practitioner opt out and for a new relief nurse to be put in place.


Action: Secretary


Appin and Lismore Interpretative Strategy

The Strategy and proposed Actions were discussed and the Community Council agreed to endorse the study and report.


Planning Applications

Applications for sites at Port Castle, Tirlaggan and land North East of Baligarve were discussed, all of which the Community Council agreed to support.


Treasurer’s Report

Copies of the report were circulated. There was £227.30 in the current account (as on 12/06/06) and £240.27 in the saving account (as on 25/05/06).  Expenditure in the last year was £5,236.94, income was £5,131.68. Net assets are £510.34.


The Chairman then gave a brief report on LCC activities over the last year.



An incident was reported where medical assistance was required, but there was no nurse on duty on the island and no-one could be contacted at the Port Appin surgery. This highlights the vulnerability of residents at certain times, when no medical cover is available – either in Appin or Lismore.


Action: Secretary to contact Iain McNicol to ensure that some form of medical cover is available at all times.


Date of Next Meeting:    7pm on Thursday 10th August 2006.

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