Minutes of the meeting held at 7pm on Thursday 2nd March 2006  


John Carmichael (Chair)                              Mark Willis

Archie McGillivray                                       Jim MacCormick

Duncan Livingstone                                      Jon Derham

John MacFadyen                                          Mandie Currie (Secretary)  

Cllr Elaine Robertson also attended.  

Minutes of 19th January: Proposed by Johnny McFadyen, seconded by Mark Willis; the minutes were adopted as an accurate record.  

Matters arising:  

         Newfield water supply ER reported that surveyors have seen the tank but that she was not clear on the outcome. A new supply is being installed to the school. Once the capacity of this supply is determined, Scottish Water will consider the possibility of additional connections to private houses, but these householders would have to fund their own connections. Work will commence in the summer.

ER requested that everyone in the Newfield area check that they are not paying water rates, as problems with unintentional billing have arisen on the mainland.  

The water pipe will come onto Lismore below Achuaran House but will not run up to Point. Action: ER to raise the possibility of installing a supply to the waiting room at Point.

         MV Eigg a letter was sent to Calmac requesting that the Community Council be informed when the vessel is out of service, or of any changes to the service. No formal response received but Calmac have requested a contact number to enable staff to inform the community of any changes to ferry sailings, cancellations etc. It was agreed that they should be asked to contact the shop in the first instance. When the shop is closed, they should contact Alison Mclean, followed by Julian Wormleighton if Alison is unavailable.

         Luggage barrows these are being procured.  

Ferry issues:

         No real progress has been made on any of the ferry issues since the last meeting. It was agreed that further debate during the meeting would be unproductive and that Duncan MacIntyre and Stewart Turner should be asked to attend the next meeting to clarify A&Bs position on the various issues raised.

Action: Secretary to compile a list of all the issues to send to ER, in order to enable DM and ST to gather any relevant information prior to the meeting.

         ER confirmed that she had written to George Lyon requesting a full evaluation of the ferry consultation results. It was agreed that a breakdown of the responses had been provided.

Action: Secretary to copy letter to ER.

         ER confirmed that George Lyon will meet the community once he has received written confirmation from Tavish Scott (Transport Minister) as to whether a full STAG appraisal will be carried out on the proposed relocation of the car ferry.

         ER also confirmed that funding is being sought to meet the increased costs resulting from the requirements of the MCA. After-hours fares will rise to 45 before midnight and 60 after midnight , to be introduced at the end of March. A&B is considering the possibility of using a bank crew to cover out of hours ferries.

         The issue of the storage of the lifejackets in the luggage locker was also raised. These will be moved and a more permanent solution will be identified when the vessel goes for its refit. The various problems caused by the need to store all items in the luggage compartment were briefly discussed, but it was agreed that all issues would be deferred until the next CC meeting.   

Action: ER to ensure that DM and ST attend the next meeting.  

GP Out of Hours Services  

         A further meeting has been arranged by the Locality Manager for 29th March, but no new solutions have been proposed. In the event of the GP Practice opting out of out of hours care, the doctor on-call will be based in the Lorne and the Isles Hospital and patients will rely on transport off the island. Incidents at sea would take priority for the lifeboat, paramedics might not agree to leave their ambulances and cross on the passenger ferry and a helicopter would take approximately 3.5 hours to get to Lismore, leaving the island with no emergency cover.

         Julian suggested that a fully equipped ambulance could be provided on the island, for use by paramedics coming across via Point, although this might require frequent trips by paramedics to check equipment.

         It was agreed that a letter should be sent to the Community Health Partnership Director, requesting an outline of the proposals for out of hours cover (should the GPs opt out) and advising that LCC would resort to media cover of the issue if necessary.

Action: Julian to liaise with Secretary re the preparation of letters to NHS Argyll & Clyde and the Minister for Health and Community care.  


         Community fund and Glensanda application the application for the quarry extension will be determined in June at the earliest. A&B remain in contact with HC regarding Lismore and Appin communities receiving some benefit from the fund, but no outcome reported as yet.

         Social Services Transport Initiative ER thanked all who wrote in support for the continuation of this service. It is now supported under a different funding stream, which it is hoped will be ongoing.  

Date of next meeting : Thursday 23rd March 2006 ; Cllr Duncan McIntyre and Stewart Turner to attend.

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