Lismore Community Council Meeting 19th January 2006


Present:  Johnny McFadyen, Jim MacCormick, John Carmichael, Jon Derham, Archie McGillivray, Mark Willis, Duncan Livingstone.

Also attending:  Cllr Elaine Robertson 

Apologies:  Mandie Currie 

Minutes of the meeting of Wednesday 23rd November 2005 : Proposed by Jim MacCormick, seconded by Mark Willis, and therefore accepted as being an accurate record. 

Matters Arising   

With regard to the community fund, paid by Foster Yeoman to the Highland Council, Argyll and Bute have contacted Lochaber requesting a share of the fund and are currently awaiting a response. 

Planning applications relating to Lismore are now being sent to Mark Willis. 

With regard to lighting in the Port Appin car park, a consultation would be required as this would also affect Port Appin residents.  It might also raise the question of car park charges.  LCC are to decide at the next meeting if the matter should be pursued. 

Lismore is on the relevant A&B council list to have the roads repaired and resurfaced.  However it is not clear what funding is available and therefore there is no timescale for this work to be done. 

New Correspondence 

A&B CAB: letter received requesting support.  LCC felt this was a matter for the authorities and bodies concerned and that the issues involved had little or no impact on Lismore. 

Scottish Water: letter received regarding their Winter Warmer campaign.  LCC to place their poster on the notice board as it may be of interest to individuals.  Action JD 

Scottish Environment Link: letter requesting petition signatories in support of their campaign against certain planning law changes.  Councillors and members of the public felt the issues involved would be resolved irrespective of the opinion of LCC.  However, the secretary has retained the correspondence should it be of interest to individuals. 

Strathclyde Police: letter inviting a response to their annual consultation regarding the allocation of Police effort.  LCC will respond on behalf of the community though this is expected to have little impact on Lismore.  Action Secretary 

Notice of 2006 census test: a voluntary, interim census is to take place in this area on Sunday 23rd April 2006 .  Local residents are requested to take part in order to help improve the census operation and provide interim information. 

Update on Ferries – MV Lismore 

Out of Hours Service: agreement has been reached with A&B Council to establish a bank of out of hour’s ferrymen.  This will give ferry users the right to expect out of hours ferries when required rather than their availability being subject to the restrictions on the ferrymen’s’ working hours etc. 

Luggage:  the carriage of wheelchairs is a problem – there are both manual handling issues with regard to stowing them in the luggage hold and access issues with regard to stowing them elsewhere.  Ideally and if possible they should be transported in the same way as bicycles.  Agreement needs to be established. 

Life jackets are stored in a haphazard way – under seats and in the luggage hold.  If there is a lot of luggage, access to some of the lifejackets would be severely restricted in an emergency.     

Petrol: a quotation for a Naval Architect’s fees to investigate the possibility of installing petrol carrying facilities has been received by A&B. 

Charges:  it was reported by a member of public that out of hours charges had doubled and that this was confirmed by a notice displayed on the ferry.  Furthermore it was not clear whether the out of hours charge is instead of or in addition to the normal fare.  LCC were extremely concerned that the charges had been introduced without any prior warning or consultation.  ER agreed to obtain more detail and clarification on this and other issues: if possible a clear definition of the Terms and Conditions of the service.  Action ER 

General: ER advised that LCC should compile a dossier of queries, complaints and anomalies which could be presented to the authorities concerned.  Without documented details it is difficult for the authorities to address the issues which ferry users face. 

Following the meeting, Jon Derham (tel. 760392) agreed to compile the dossier.  Ferry users who encounter a difficulty should phone or drop a note to JD.  It is stressed that JD will not be in a position to resolve individual issues. 

Concerns expressed included ferry men going off duty during bad weather and not returning when the weather improved, and the poor state of the lifebelts on the jetties at both Port Appin and Point. Action JD  

Ferry Correspondence 

Letter received from George Lyon MSP: Mr Lyon has requested a meeting with Tavish Scott, Minister for Transport, in order to highlight the problems faced by the residents of Lismore.  The agenda will include the possible movement of the car ferry to the North end of Lismore: a move which Mr Lyon believes will address many of the challenges we currently face.  This is a view shared and supported by the LCC. 

Letter received from the Office of Tavish Scott:  The letter serves to confirm the current position with regard to ferry provision along with an offer to assist with the funding of a rural petrol station, an offer which has previously been declined by LCC in view of the costs that would still be faced by the community or a private entrepreneur.  The letter also confirms that the points raised in the ferry consultation are now receiving careful consideration by the Executive. 

Update on GP Out of Hours Service 

Julian Wormleighton reported that there had been few developments on this issue since the last meeting.  He expressed concern that he had been informed by an NHS official that First Responders “played a key role following opt out” by GP’s elsewhere.  Julian stressed the Volunteer Fire Fighters’ agreed position as potential First Responders is that they are most definitely not any sort of replacement for the current out of hours medical service available on the island.  No date has been set for our GP to opt out but inevitably such a time is drawing closer. ER reported that she had suggested an exercise so people concerned could see how their plans would actually work in practice.  It was commented that the whole area, not just Lismore, was geographically unsuited to the future plans of the NHS. 

Subsea Shellfish

A copy of a revised planning application from Subsea Shellfish has been received.  Following discussion and examination of the plans it was decided that LCC should send a letter of objection. 

The grounds for the objection are (1) the planned ‘farm’ could be a danger to shipping.  (2) the farm could break up releasing debris into the loch (3) the farm is unlit at night (4) the organisation concerned has had no success with similar operations elsewhere (5) there is a seal colony nearby which would be affected.  Action Secretary 


Social Service Transport Initiative 

It was reported that funding for the social services transport would cease at the end of March.  The initiative had been funded by the Scottish Executive but was now to be transferred to the local authority who are unable to continue the funding.  LCC will write to protest on the basis that the service helps to enable older people to remain independent for longer in their own homes and may indeed save money in the long run.  Action Secretary 

Individuals are also urged to write in support of continuing the service to:

Ms. Moira MacDonald

Better Neighbourhoods

Community Services

First Floor

WHHA Building

Crannog lane

Oban   PA34 4HB 


The Broadband service becoming available on Lismore is only ¼ the speed available elsewhere.  We will be paying the same price for the service as elsewhere but receiving only a quarter of the service.  Shortly the speed available elsewhere is to be increased further, leaving Lismore at an even greater disadvantage.  A choice of ISP’s is needed in order to sharpen the competition and improve the service provision. LCC will ask Stephen Green if he would be kind enough draft a letter on their behalf and seek his advice on where best to direct it.      Action Chairman 


Water Supply at Newfield   

The water tank is in very poor condition.  As the tank is A&B’s responsibility ER agreed to take the matter up with the relevant department. Action ER

The sewerage system has been sorted out temporarily and the maintenance team are to return shortly to carry out more permanent repairs.  LCC thanked ER for the prompt and effective response obtained to resolve the problem. 

Marine National Park 

No decision has been made where this will be.  If it is to be in this area the current proposal shows a border running through the Sound of Mull and around Coll and Tiree.  Lismore, Loch Linnhe and the Firth of Lorne would be outside the area.  SNH will be holding a consultation in due course. 

Scrap Cars 

These are currently being removed efficiently by MBS. 

MV Eigg Overhaul

The MV Eigg is going for its overhaul in February for approx 6 weeks.  The temporary replacement vessel will not have the ability to carry vehicles such as hay lorries.  LCC will write to CalMac in protest at not being informed officially well in advance.  Action Secretary 

Luggage Barrows 

It was noted that the sack barrows at Point and Achnacroish had either fallen apart or disappeared.  Traditionally these were provided by LCC.  The treasurer confirmed there were sufficient funds so it was agreed two more should be ordered from Screwfix or a similar source.  Action Mark Willis 

Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 2nd March 2006 , 7:00p.m. in the Community Hall.


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