John Carmichael (Chair), Jon Derham, Duncan Livingstone, Archie McGillivray, Mark Willis, Jim MacCormick, Johnny McFadyen  

Also attending: Cllr Elaine Robertson ; Annie Flint and Nigel Burgess (Subsea Shellfish)  

Minutes of the meeting of Wednesday 19th October 2005 : proposed by Mark Willis, seconded by Duncan Livingstone, therefore adopted as being an accurate record, with the exception of the item on overhanging trees: ER was not asked to contact Mr Norman regarding trees overhanging the road at Kilcheran.  

Matters arising

The scrap cars are being uplifted by Mull Building Supplies.

Trees overhanging the road – ER has contacted McKinnons about the trees on the Point road. LCC to contact Mr Norman about trees at Kilcheran.

All other matters were covered elsewhere in the agenda.

Action: Secretary to contact Mr Norman. 

New Correspondence

Information received from A&B Biodiversity Partnership about community grants for biodiversity protection/enhancement projects.  

Subsea shellfish site proposals

Company Directors Annie Flint and Nigel Burgess gave a powerpoint presentation on their  proposals for a mussel farm off the south east shore of Lismore . Caroushells will be used instead of longlines (each caroushell = 26 long line floats). Only a short length of mast will be in view above the surface, most of the structure will be submerged. Spat will be collected from the Lynn of Lorne (Linnhe) Management Area, mostly from Loch Etive. Work will be limited during seal breeding/moulting periods. Sites will be netted against eider ducks and other predators.

A site at Eilean na Cloiche has been proposed following consultation with Mallaig Fishermen’s Association and local fish farms. The site will be marked; would not obstruct small boats and will not be close to channels for larger vessels.

The company already have a site with 6 caroushells and plan for a further 6 caroushells at the Lismore site. The project is at a developmental stage, so no saleable product produced as yet.

Subsea will soon be submitting a development application to A&B Council. Further information on their proposals can be obtained from, Tel: 0800 0279030.  


Letter received from Stewart Turner, confirming that  A&B are continuing to investigate the possibility of using bank staff, but they would have to qualify to MCA regulations with regard to the Working Times Directive, qualifications etc.

Julian explained that he had experienced difficulties in confirming an 11pm ferry with the ferrymen. This shouldn’t be a problem during the winter timetable.  

Action: ER to confirm position with Douglas Craig/Martin Gorringe regarding a late ( 11pm ) ferry and advise Julian.  

Secretary and ER advised that they had analysed the breakdown of the passenger numbers across the timetable, which had been collated by A&B. There is no ferry run that could usefully be cut in order to create a longer break for the ferrymen during the scheduled timetable. All agreed that a bank crew is the only viable option.

ER confirmed that she is awaiting a response from A&B to clarify that both an on-request (scheduled) ferry run and an out-of-hours ferry is automatically available on request (weather and Working Times Directive permitting) and that such a request cannot be refused just because the crew don’t want to do it.  

Action: ER to continue to pursue A&B for a response and to press for a bank crew.  


ER advised that A&B were due to hold a meeting with MCA to discuss the possibility of altering the ferry to take petrol; there had been some confusion over meeting dates, but she continues to pursue MCA for a meeting. A&B will engage a naval architect to investigate the feasibility and cost of attaching a cage to the ferry, which doesn’t interfere with the life raft or affect the stability. This would probably require the re-siting of the life raft, if it is possible at all. A letter has been sent to the Minister for Transport and copied to Alan Reid and George Lyon, requesting advise/assistance on both the petrol and out-of-hours ferry issues but no substantive reply has been received.

Action: ER to keep LCC up to date on any progress.  

Out of Hours GP Services

Julian advised that he had contacted the Lomond & Argyll Divisional Director for NHS Argyll & Clyde over lack of progress. Secretary had also written to the Locality Manager, Oban, Lorn & the Isles with the same.

ER has since had a meeting with Moira Newiss (Locality Manager) and colleagues to discuss GP cover and the ambulance service. Problems remain where the ambulance crew may not agree to cross over on the ferry. Response times will be too long and with one doctor on call from the Hospital, large parts of the area will be without cover at times. NHS have now agreed to identify scenarios and to provide a response to the Appin primary care team and ER.  

Glensanda Quarry extension

Letter received from Foster Yeoman, advising that they will be paying into a community fund operated by Highland Council and that they would prefer that HC handle any funding requests. A&B will be discussing with FY and HC regarding the inclusion of the Appin, Lismore and Benderloch communities in the fund.

A&B Area committee have discussed the Glensanda application; their response as a statutory consultee will request improved measures to reduce light pollution and that the above mentioned communities should be included in the community fund.

Mark advised that planning applications still not being received from A&B.

Action: ER to follow up with A&B.  


Lack of lights in Port Appin car park – ER to enquire, but would require public consultation.

Suggestions that Calmac will be providing three additional runs per day of the car ferry - ER to check and confirm.

Improvements to Achnacroish slip – request for information on any upgrades. Cllr Gillies met Tavish Scott recently to discuss ferry issues (including Lismore) but no meeting report available as yet. Confirmation expected in a few months as to whether a full appraisal is required on relocating the car ferry to the north end. This may not be necessary if SE make the decision to move the ferry anyway. Funds are available to upgrade the Achnacroish slip but these could be used elsewhere. Work to start on the Port Appin road upgrades at the end of November.

Mains water – no new information on the school supply.

Sewage leakage – A&B have confirmed that Scottish Water are responsible for the maintenance of the septic tank and they will undertake the required work.

Fuel cans were left overnight at the top of the Point ferry slip – safety issue when individuals do their own fuel run by boat.

Point road surface – engineer has looked at the temporary surface but there are no plans to do this work at present. A full stretch would need to be done at the same time.

Culvert at the top of the Achnacroish road is not taking all the water running into it, water is therefore running down the steep hill into the car park.

The Balure Road requires maintenance.

Action: road problems to be identified to Archie McGillivray/Secretary who will information to ER.  

Date of next meeting: Thursday 19th January 2006 .

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