Minutes of the meeting held at 7pm on Wednesday 19th October 2005 , at Lismore Public Hall  


Mark Willis, Duncan Livingstone, John Carmichael , Jim MacCormick, Archie McGillivray, John MacFadyen  


Jon Derham  

In attendance

Cllr Elaine Robertson  

Matters arising

Overhanging trees, Point Road - Elaine Robertson confirmed that she had spoken to A& B Council and McKinnons and a tree surgeon would carry out the work in the near future. Trees also a problem at Kilcheran - landowners to be contacted.

Action: ER to arrange for Mr Norman to be contacted  

Shellfish farm application – It was agreed that the company should be invited to discuss their proposals with the community. Action: Secretary to contact company.  

Redrawing the NHS boundaries – ER Advised that the recent meeting of A&B Council agreed to support the case for Argyll to be drawn into the Highland Health Board area, as this was the best option to promote clinical excellence and bring economies of scale.  

Drainage at Newfield – ER arranged for the A&B Housing Officer to investigate. It appears that there is a leaking tank due to a choked pipe, although it is not clear if this is a septic tank.  Most of the properties at Newfield and Lorne View are owner occupied; 2 houses are owned by West Highland Housing Association and 1 owned by A&B. The cost of any work would have to be shared between all the 12 householders, with the relevant contributions from WHHA and A&B. Costs would be reduced if residents could cut back the overgrown vegetation first.  

New correspondence

Letter received from MOD advising of  forthcoming military exercises and low flying jets in the area – concentrating on Connel/Loch Etive between 2-12th November.  

GP Out of Hours Services

Julian provided an update on the meeting that had been held recently by the primary care team, with the Ambulance Service, Fire Brigade volunteers, and NHS in attendance. No progress has been made on clarifying the service provision in the event of the primary care team opting out of providing out of hours cover. The voluntary fire fighters were willing to train as first responders but it was agreed that this facility was inadvisable in the absence of an on duty nurse and an on call GP. The ambulance service is unable to guarantee a service to the island if it involves the personnel leaving their ambulance and crossing on the passenger ferry. The use of a helicopter would depend on availability of the helicopter and on provision of a helipad on Lismore, which is a low priority. A&B and Scottish Executive should be pressed for confirmation of the likely timescale for introducing a north end vehicle ferry. The NHS Trust should be asked to designate Appin as an essential practice to allow funding for locum cover. The Lismore Sub Group has written again to the NHS to urge them to provide the available options in the event of the GPs opting out.

Action: Secretary to write to NHS Argyll reiterating the above request. Julian to provide copies of previous correspondence to ER.  


Late ferries - ER confirmed that A&B are still considering various options, including retaining a bank crew, but that the Working Time Directive might take into account any other work that those people did during the day. RE confirmed that The WTD did not affect Emergency call-outs and that any such call-out would not disrupt the rest of the service. The change to the winter timetable will provide greater flexibility for booking late ferries. It was agreed that A&B requires to adapt to the regulations to ensure that the quality of service is maintained and that this may need more resources.

Action: Secretary to a) write to A&B repeating the request for a bank crew to supplement the existing crews; b) write to Scottish Executive to highlight the issues and ask for assistance.

Secretary/ER to review timetable and produce a range of alternative options for consideration, within the existing parameters.  

Relocation of the car ferry – meeting scheduled between A&B and the Transport Minister on 27th October. It is intended that an appraisal will be carried out, to cover the costs, infrastructure requirements etc. It was agreed that SE should be asked to include consideration of timetabling, fare structure, limitations to vehicle numbers and other issues at an early stage in the process.  

Action: ER to advise Secretary of any outcomes from the meeting. Secretary to organise a planning meeting to explore the island’s needs relating to a north end car ferry.  


The only route for bringing petrol across is currently by vehicle or taking individual cans across on the Calmac ferry. This has been attempted by a few individuals and taking loose cans across is extremely unsatisfactory, and impossible to do for many. ER confirmed that the boat that had been suggested as an alternative ferry had been sold. A&B had looked at the boat but concluded that it did not meet the needs of the islands (it would be used for a number of islands, not just Lismore). ER assured the meeting that this was being considered at a high level within the Council. The MCA have previously stated to A&B that the MV Lismore could not be converted to carry fuel, but Julian advised the meeting that he had spoken to MCA, who has indicated that the ferry might be suitable with some conversion, but that this was for A&B to pursue. ER/Iain Gillies have asked the transport department to write to the MCA to clarify the position. AIE have indicated that they could part fund any adaptations to the ferry if this were possible. It was highlighted that several people are taking petrol across using their own boats and that this practice is very unsatisfactory and unsafe. ER clarified that she had not had a response from Mull Building Supplies regarding the possibility of them carrying fuel and this will not be pursued further.

Action: ER to ensure that A&B prepares a proposal for the adaptation of the ferry to carry fuel and submit to the MCA office in Glasgow for consideration.  

Glensanda Quarry Extension

A&B Planning committee have discussed the application but have deferred it to a further meeting. The Planning Officer has been charged with contacting Highland Council regarding the Community Funds, but HC are not keen to share this with A&B. Development Services will also contact Foster Yeoman regarding funding. Secretary has written to FY but has not yet had a response.  


Scrap cars at Achnacroish – 2 cars have been abandoned in the car park. These were notified to A&B and notices posted on them but no action has been taken. A&B will uplift them and charge the owners.

Action: Secretary to write to Sandra Duncan requesting that the cars be uplifted; ER to follow up.  

Two sets of bottle banks are full and need to be uplifted.

The waiting room at Achnacroish is very dirty and needs cleaning.

Action: ER to follow up with A&B.  

It was agreed that a letter of thanks should be sent to Duncan Gunn and Foster yeoman in appreciation of their assistance in providing a fuel service.

Action: Secretary.  

Date of next meeting  

7pm on Wednesday 23rd November 2005 .

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