Minutes of Lismore Community Council Meeting 7:00 pm 15th September 2005

Present: Jim MacCormick, Mark Willis, Duncan Livingstone, Jon Derham, John MacFadyen, John Carmichael , Archie McGillivray.

Also present: Elaine Robertson , members of the public.

Apologies: Mandie Currie ; also received from Cllr Duncan McIntyre.


Minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Proposed MW, seconded JD

GP’s out of hours service: Julian Wormleighton informed the meeting there were no new developments to report.. A Health Authority meeting is tentatively scheduled for 26th September but remains to be confirmed.

Water Supply from the mainland: There is a notice in the shop. Councillors have received no feedback from members of the public. West Highland Housing association are known to be in discussion with the water authority regarding the supply of water to houses in their ownership. Cost of connection is understood to be £400, plus water rates thereafter. The matter is therefore now for individuals to consider rather than for the Community Council.

Waste paper Recycling: There is insufficient funding to enable a door to door collection. Waste paper for recycling is collected fortnightly from the designated collection point.

Trees overhanging the Point Road : No information has been received. Cllr Robertson will progress the matter with the Roads Department who in turn should contact the landowner. Action ER

Subsea Shellfish: A revised planning application for a new fish farm has been received. Further information is required before the council can take an official position on the issue but first impressions are that the farm would not be in the best interests of the community or existing seafarers. Further information is to be obtained. Action Secretary.

Petrol Supplies: The only way of getting petrol to Lismore after the end of September will be by the Calmac Ferry. The petrol sub committee kindly offered to circulate a note of the procedure to be followed to all households.

The Community Council and Petrol Sub Committee are however no longer in a position to assist island residents in a practical way with their petrol requirements.

If potential solutions to the problem arise, LCC and Cllr Robertson will continue to follow them up.

A vessel for possible use as a relief ferry and for the carriage of fuel and cargo has recently come onto the market. The vessel had been dismissed as unsuitable, having only one engine. However as the recently chartered relief vessel for the MV Lismore had only a single engine and the vessel for sale appeared suitable in other respects, Cllr Robertson agreed to have the possible purchase reconsidered. Action ER

The possibility of having Foster Yeoman continue with the petrol runs was raised but due to the cost involved and the absence of outside funding it was not considered to be viable.

Cllr Robertson informed the meeting that funding was available to assist in training staff at Mull Carriers to transport petrol. Cllr Robertson offered to contact them with the funding proposal. Action ER

Funding for a rural filling station is still available but the long term nature of such a project and the potential low demand makes this solution unviable.

The community council agreed to purchase one set of magnetic Highly Flammable placards for loan to island residents. Action JD

Stickers for petrol cans and Dangerous Goods Notes, funded by a third party, will be available for purchase from the shop.

A vote of thanks to the ‘petrol volunteers’ was proposed and followed by a round of applause in recognition of their sterling efforts on behalf of the community.

Out of Hours Ferry: The possibility of a ‘bank’ of out of hours cover ferrymen is being investigated. The present ferrymen are not prepared to change their present contracts to provide cover during the time off periods of their ‘week on - week off’ rota. Medical and veterinary emergencies are excepted from the restrictions on the ferrymen’s working hours. ER to update at next meeting

Cllr Robertson revealed that she had received a phone call that evening to advise the result of the Executive Consultation regarding the Lismore ferry service was approximately 2:1 in favour of a North End car ferry. It was said this would provide the mandate for moves towards the eventual provision of such a service.

It was suggested that a North End ferry would provide the long term solution to the island’s petrol crisis. Consequently it was argued that A&B and HIE funding of the Foster Yeoman petrol runs ought to continue as a ‘solution was in sight‘.

Community Fund: Foster Yeoman had previously informed LCC that they were contributing to the Highland Council Community Fund as Glensanda Quarry was within the Highland region. The question was raised whether FY would be prepared to contribute similarly into the local Lismore and Lorne community as this was the area actually most affected by the quarry. Whilst not wishing to appear greedy or jeopardise potential future donations towards specific projects it was agreed that a polite request could be sent to FY to find out what contribution they might be prepared to make. Action Secretary

NHS Boundaries: There is a consultation document regarding new NHS regional boundaries. Before LCC forms an opinion it requires further information. Purely in terms of cash per head, joining Highland would be our best option. The opinion of our local NHS professionals should also be sought. Action Secretary

Modernising the Planning Process: There was no time left to respond to this consultation unless LCC wished to advise the Executive that their response was forthcoming.


1. Free home safety checks are available. A poster with details will be displayed in the shop. Action MW

2. The drainage system from Newfield Terrace and the school requires attention. This will be reported to the appropriate officials. Action ER

3. Visit to Glensanda Quarry: there is a notice in the shop giving details.

Next Meeting: 7pm on Wednesday 19th October 20th in Lismore Public Hall (note revised date)

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