Minutes of the AGM held on Thursday 30th June 2005




Mark Willis, John Carmichael, Duncan Livingstone, Jim MacCormack, Archie McGillivray, Johnny McFadyen




Jon Derham


In attendance


Cllr Elaine Robertson, A&BC and Rhona Sutherland, AIE


Minutes of meeting on 2nd June 2005


Proposed by Duncan Livingstone, seconded by Jim MacCormack. The minutes had omitted to note that Cllr Robertson was in attendance.  This was amended, and otherwise, the minutes were approved as a true record.


Matters arising


Boundaries Commission consultation: Cllr Robertson produced a map, which indicates that Lismore will be grouped with North Lorn.  Four councillors will represent each ward collectively, not having specific areas to cover within the wards. Members will share the workload according to interests and expertise. Options for Lismore are to group with North Lorn or to be matched with south Oban and the isles. There were no objections to the island being grouped with Appin, in the North Lorn ward.


Action: Secretary to write to Commission, advising of agreement with proposed boundaries.


GP out of hours services: Julian reported that he had not yet received a response from his letter to Moira Newis, requesting that NHS Argyll & Clyde provide proposals for service provision in the event of the GP opting out of providing their own emergency cover. A reminder has been sent, requesting a response.


Action: Julian to continue to chase up a response.


Condition of road at Fells’ House: Neil Brown (A&B Transport) had responded to the letter from LCC, the roads were surveyed and a list of works produced for completion by Archie McGillivray.  This includes installation of a culvert on the road outside Fells’ House.




Water Customer Panel survey questionnaire received – Secretary to complete and return.


Ferry issues


Out of hours services: The issue of out of hours services being curtailed - due to the need to comply with the Working Times Directive - was discussed. Cllr Robertson reported that she was pursuing the issue with Neil Brown and Martin Gorange, and that this would be considered as part of the Strategic Review of Piers, Harbours and Ferries. The Council is considering what is deemed as working time – the hours between ferries might be taken into account when calculating the obligatory rest periods per working shift. It would appear that anyone requiring an out of hours ferry should request one from the ferryman and then follow up with Stewart Turner if the request is refused – anyone requiring a 7am ferry should also follow this procedure. Cllr Robertson stated that no changes to the service or timetable should be made until after the review process is completed.  A&B Council is referring to the MCA for clarification on the Working Time Directive.  This issue is affecting all islands in Argyll and Bute. Note: since the meeting, it has transpired that the MCA has ruled that the ferrymen require a 10 hour break, therefore precluding ferry  runs between 9 pm and the scheduled 7am run. The Council is currently investigating all the available options in order to try to resolve this.


Emergency cover for vets: A&B Council is considering a request from LCC for out of hours cover for vets in emergency situations. This will be resolved with the other issues above.


Luggage locker/storage of goods: Stewart Turner responded to a letter from the Secretary, stating that shopping bags etc had to be secured in the luggage hold, but that the MCA had allowed a dispensation for bikes on the ferry. One way round this might be to re-licence the ferry as a work boat. Cllr Robertson gave an update: that she was pursuing the possibility of allowing large items such as wheelchairs and push chairs on to the front of the boat. The problem of taking across strimmers, lawnmowers etc on the ferry was discussed.  Petrol appliances are not permitted, even if the tank is empty, although these are allowed on the Calmac ferry as this takes vehicles. This would also affect builders bringing equipment onto the island. A&B Council are also pursuing this with the MCA.


Action: Secretary to write to MCA asking for clarification on all the above issues and making representation on the impact of these rulings on the sustainability of the island’s community.


Action: Secretary to provide MCA contact details to enable residents to make individual representations to MCA.


Cllr Robertson confirmed that the Scottish Executive is still awaiting a decision from the EU on the Calmac tendering process, prior to releasing a final analysis and recommendations on the ferry consultation process.


Petrol supplies


Secretary has received a letter from A&B Council, agreeing to fund the temporary arrangement for a further three months, but indicating that this would be the final payment. Further funding beyond that period will not be forthcoming. Rhona Sutherland confirmed that AIE concurred with this position and that a permanent solution had to be found. Rhona reported that the consultant had completed the desk based research and that a petrol station would cost in the region of £250K and was not considered to be a viable option. An above-ground tank could be provided for diesel, but this would not resolve the situation with regard to petrol. Other options, such as LPG (would require cars to be adapted at £1400 per car) and a towable bowser (would require engineering work at the fuel supply station) had also been considered but discounted.


Calmac can transport fuel under certain conditions and unaccompanied fuel cans are permitted, provided that they are in a cage which is bolted to the deck.  Currently, a maximum of 1200 litres can be carried in this way, but this may be increased. Calmac have commissioned the construction of a cage, which should be fitted in mid July; the MCA will inspect and approve it before it becomes operational. Fuel cans may be placed in the cage for someone to pick up on the other side, or passengers can take their own cans across when they travel. Calmac would require 24 hours notice of intention to carry petrol cans, in case of the transportation of other dangerous goods. A form must be completed each time cans are carried on the vessel. Currently, 35 cars on Lismore use an average of 370 litres of petrol per week.


There was discussion regarding the possibility of the community procuring a correctly specified and labelled trailer to use on petrol runs on the Calmac ferry.  It was thought that 250 litres could be taken in this way, although the volume allowed may have increased.  However, it was suggested that the vessel could not take more than 25 passengers if it carried more than 120 litres of fuel. Cllr Robertson is currently clarifying the situation with Calmac. Many issues still to be resolved, including getting the petrol safely from the petrol station to the ferry and the likelihood of getting insurance cover for this purpose.


Action: Cllr Robertson to continue discussions with Calmac and HSE on transport of fuel on the Calmac ferry.


The option of a bowser was also discussed.  This would require the construction of a bund underneath it with a collectable sump.  It would require to be manned, and be alarmed for high water – insurance costs may be prohibitive. Costs for the structure alone would be approximately £40-£50K, excluding the land.


Julian confirmed that the sub committee had not yet conducted a questionnaire survey of the likely timescale for the replacement of petrol cars with diesel, and the likely petrol requirements in the future.  This will be done as soon as possible.


Julian also suggested that LCC now writes to Foster Yeoman, requesting a renewal of the petrol contract for a further three months.


Action: Petrol sub committee to continue to investigate all the possible options, including             installation of a bowser.

              Petrol sub committee to conduct survey of future petrol need.

              Julian to draft letter to Foster Yeoman.


Local Plan


Secretary confirmed that no comments on the Local Plan had been received from Lismore residents. It was agreed that a response would be made if the Plan had altered significantly with regard to any elements that LCC had previously made comment on.


Action: Secretary to review response to earlier Plan draft against final draft and make response if necessary.


Chairman’s Reports


The Chair summarised the various issues that LCC has dealt with over the past year, followed by a discussion on some of the issues raised.


It was noted that the LCC communication regarding the lack of a registrar on the island was never responded to.


Action: Cllr Robertson to follow up and elicit a response.


Treasurer’s report


The accounts have been audited by Hubert Saldanha and approved as correct. The current balance is £105.13, although bills may be outstanding on a couple of meetings. The grant application has been submitted and is being processed; this is paid directly into the bank account by AIE and A&B Council.




It was noted that the grass verges need cutting.


Lair book -  this has not always been available when burials are being arranged. It was agreed that the book should be held by the undertaker.


Comments were received regarding the mess left by peacocks on the gravestones in the churchyard.


Action: Secretary to raise concerns with both A&B Council and the owners of the birds.


Concerns were raised regarding the loss of the post bus for the run to the scholar’s boat.


Action: Secretary to write to A&B Council.



Date of next meeting


Thursday 11th August.

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