Lismore Community Council

Minutes of the meeting held at 7pm on Thursday 2nd June 2005 , in Lismore Public Hall


John Carmichael (Chair)

Johnny MacFadyen

Archie McGillivray

Jim McCormick

Duncan Livingstone

Jon Derham  


Mark Willis  

Minutes of meeting held on 5th May 2005  

Proposed by Jon Derham and seconded by Duncan Livingstone.  It was agreed that the minutes of 5th May 2005 be adopted as an accurate record.  

Matters arising  

Letter received from Scottish Water confirming that a survey was being undertaken to assess the possibility of connecting other properties to the proposed new supply but that no results were available as yet. Further contact will be made once the survey report is available. A letter was also received from George Lyon, confirming that he had pursued the matter with Scottish Water.  

Letters of thanks were sent to the representative of the petrol sub committee and to Duncan Gunn.  

The Secretary reported that she had spoken to Stewart Turner, A&B Council, regarding the carriage of luggage on the MV Lismore, and had followed up with a detailed E mail.  A written response had not yet been received but Mr Turner gave a verbal commitment to investigate and confirm the rules with regard to the storage of luggage in the luggage hold and in the front of the vessel.  He also agreed to consider options for improving the access to the luggage hold.  

Action: Secretary to follow up with A&B Council.  

A letter was sent to Argyll and Bute Council, copied to Crown Estate Commissioners, expressing concerns over the shellfish farm development application for a site close to Kilcheran.  

The Secretary wrote to BT seeking confirmation that the existing phone boxes would be retained. BT confirmed that they had no plans to replace the boxes unless they are damaged beyond repair; but that in this event they would be replaced with modern kiosks, as they are more accessible for the elderly and disabled.  

New correspondence  

Letter received from the Boundary Commission for Scotland , advising of changes to the electoral ward boundaries in Argyll, to allow for wards suitable for returning 3 or 4 members by Single Transferable Vote Proportional Representation. The proposals would not result in any change to the number of Councillors, and it was not clear from the material sent, whether there would be any significant impact on Lismore. Elaine Robertson advised the meeting that there was a boundary split through Oban and that consideration was being given on whether Lismore should be included in Oban North and Lorn or Oban South and the Isles. A&B have raised the issue and will engage further with the Commission in due course. There are benefits in having a spread of community types (i.e urban, island, rural) in each ward, but there may also be benefits in having wards with a particular focus i.e. largely urban, or island etc. The administration of a Single Transferable Vote is also a potential problem and additional training of staff will be required in preparation for this change.  

Action: LCC to consider again at its next meeting and respond if appropriate.  

Notice received of A&B Council meeting on 26th May, but this was only received two days before the event.  

Action: Elaine Robertson to contact Corporate Services to request advance notice of meeting agendas be sent to LCC.  

Update on fuel situation  

Julian Wormleighton advised that AIE had further information from the consultant. Approximate costs for a full rural petrol station (providing both petrol and diesel) are £200,000+, excluding costs of site acquisition. Provision for a diesel storage tank and pump alone would be in the region of £50-£55,000. An LPG tank would cost £25-£30,000 but the average cost of converting each car to LPG would be approximately £1400. The consultant is investigating whether HIE/AIE would consider any of these options given the likely demands for fuel (which might change in the event of the vehicle ferry relocating to the north end) and the costs of the tanks etc. More information is required on the timescale in which residents might be willing to change to diesel vehicles, although it was agreed that some people would continue to retain petrol vehicles, and on the likely impact of a north end vehicle ferry on fuel demand.. Operating costs would also have to be considered (including insurances). It was agreed that this issue needed further consideration and information gathering, and that provisions made in similar situations e.g. Coll should be investigated.  

Action: Sub committee to continue with information gathering, and to conduct a house to house questionnaire to gain the views of residents on scenarios and options, and to identify the island’s needs.

Action: Sub committee to keep Secretary updated on progress and to bring information to the next Community Council meeting for discussion.  

Julian advised the meeting that the current grant funding finishes at the end of June and he suggested that LCC should write to A&B and AIE to explain the current provisions and action being taken, and to request a further funding package to cover the interim period.  

Action: JW to prepare suggested draft letters to A&B and AIE for Secretary to review and send out.  

Local Plan  

The Argyll and Bute Local Plan is out to consultation. Three main areas have been indicated as Potential development Areas: one at Point and two at Achnacroish.  A fairly large proportion of the island is designated as a Rural Opportunity Area (defined as a development control zone where there is a general capacity to absorb small scale development).  

An open meeting will be held on 8th June at the Corran Halls in Oban, to discuss the plan.  A&B planners are willing to attend a meeting on Lismore if any concerns or issues are raised here. LCC will consider the matter again at the next meeting if any residents raise any issues of concern.  

Strategic review of piers, harbours and ferries  

The consultation document is seeking views on future provisions  for Council owned and operated piers, harbours and ferries. Significant investment is required to maintain and upgrade the existing infrastructure and maintain services, and the Council is looking at ways of either increasing revenue or reducing costs. Proposals which are relevant to Lismore include:

It was agreed that the LCC should respond to the effect that A&B should retain ownership of the Achnachroish pier, since it was well-used by both residents and visitors; and that the current ferry timetable with provision for out of hours services should be retained, with a reasonable fare structure.   

Action: Secretary to draft response.  

The review document also outlines the options that have been considered to date regarding the two ferry links and mentions that the option of swapping services, with the vehicle ferry running to Port Appin and the passenger ferry direct to Oban and been investigated, evaluated but was considered unsustainable.  Elaine Robertson was asked why this conclusion had been reached and she explained that the current vessel (MV Lismore) wasn’t suitable for the Oban route. The Council would only consider this option if a Scottish Executive led study made the recommendation and if funding was provided. Elaine was also asked if the status quo could be guaranteed, and she replied that the Council had no plans to remove the current service, but that there were no absolute guarantees for the future.  

Update on Scottish Executive consultation on Clyde and Hebrides ferry services  

Elaine Robertson has been advised by the Scottish Executive that the analysis of the survey results would not be made public until discussions with the EU about the requirements for a tendering process had been concluded.  

Report back from meeting to discuss GP out of hours services  

Julian Wormleighton reported that the Lismore representatives and the Appin/Lismore Primary Care Team had attended a meeting with NHS Argyll & Clyde. There are still no proposals outlining arrangements which NHS Argyll and Clyde would put in place in the event that the GPs decide to opt out of providing out –of-hours services themselves. The type of provisions made elsewhere had been discussed, but this did not provide a firm steer as to the options for Lismore. One option is for NHS24 to screen calls and forward any on to the nurse on duty as necessary. Alternatively, the nurse could also opt out, leaving no nursing cover on the island between 5 pm and 9am . The NHS would prefer that both the doctor and nurse opt out at the same time, but the practice is unwilling to commit to opting out until they have been advised of the provisions that would be made for the island. It is also clear that NHS has not discussed ambulance cover for Lismore with the Scottish Ambulance Service, in the event of the practice opting out. JW offered to draft a letter requesting that NHS Argyll & Clyde prepares specific proposals, ahead of any decision by the GPs on future opt out, and requesting a further meeting with NHS representatives. 

Action: Julian to draft letter to NHS Argyll & Clyde and copy to Secretary.  


The issue of emergency out-of-hours ferry services for the vet was discussed. Some present at the meeting had already pressed A&B officials on the matter but were unable to obtain a firm commitment that this cover would automatically be available. The Secretary has also discussed the matter with Stewart Turner, followed up by E mail and awaits a formal response.  

It was suggested that LCC should support the ferrymen’s bid to secure a better boat for mooring the ferry, as the limitations of this boat often prevents the ferry from running in bad weather.  

Action: Secretary to write to A&B Council, raising concerns and requesting that a more appropriate boat be provided.  

It was noted that West Highland Houses are interested in buying land for house building at Newfield, along from Lorn View.  

The difficulties caused by the new bollard at Point were discussed, as this presents a hazard to people walking from the slip to the car park and is an obstruction to the movement of patients in an emergency.  The bollard appears to have been put in place as part of the maintenance contract on the slip.  

Action: Elaine Robertson to find out the purpose of the feature and enquire if it can be removed.  

The issue of the surface water collecting on the road at Achuaran House was raised. The road may need to be opened and a culvert put in but this needs to be determined by a roads engineer.  

Action: Secretary to write to A&B Council requesting that they survey the stretch of road and take appropriate action.  

Date for next meeting  

The LCC AGM will be held at 7 pm on Thursday 30th June.  

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