Minutes of meeting held at Lismore Public Hall at 7pm on Thursday 5th May 2005



John Carmichael , Mark Willis, John MacFadyen, Duncan Livingstone, Archie McGillivray, Jon Derham, Jim McCormick, Julian Wormleighton (retiring Secretary)

Councillor Elaine Robertson was also in attendance.

Election of Officers

John Carmichael and Mark Willis were proposed for the post of Chairman. Mark Willis declined and therefore John Carmichael was elected unopposed.

There were no proposals for the post of Secretary so Mandie Currie was co opted to the position.

Duncan Livingstone was proposed for the post of Treasurer and was elected unopposed.

Minutes of meeting held on 24th March 2004

The minutes had previously been adopted by the members of the retiring council.

Matters arising

Letter received to confirm there would be a meeting on Lismore on 01/06/05 regarding possible future NHS cover. This is not a public meeting but would be attended by four representatives of the community as well as local health care workers.

Letter sent to organisers of Trafalger Weekend celebrations confirming that a Battle of Trafalgar Dinner would be held on Lismore.

Letter sent to Scottish Water to urge that the proposed water supply to the school should be extended to other properties.

The following outstanding items were dealt with by the retiring Secretary but were not discussed at this meeting of the Community Council:

Letter sent to A&BC, enquiring about responsibilities for maintenance of the war memorial and requesting that remedial work be carried out if possible.  Sandra Duncan from A&BC responded, explaining that there was no budget for this work and that the British Legion take responsibility in some areas. However, the A&BC are prepared to assess the degree of repairs required to undertake the necessary work if this is possible. Ms Duncan will advise of what action the Council is prepared to take once their assessment is complete.

Letter sent to Marine Resource Initiative, confirming LCC’s agreement to postpone the next public meeting on the artificial reef project until October 2005, to allow for the inclusion in the report of data collected over the summer period.

New Correspondence

Letter received from George Lyon to say that local views would be required with regard to the ferry services consultation.

An invitation to send representatives to the Community Council Association AGM in Inverary on 4th June was received. It was agreed that Jon Derham should represent LCC at the event.


A consultant appointed by Argyll and Islands Enterprise, visited Lismore on 11/04/05 to gather information as part of an assessment of the island’s petrol requirements. At the time of the meeting his report had not been received by AIE.

The 50% grant from AIE, matched by the 50% grant from A&BC, will continue to pay for the fortnightly petrol run until the end of June. Optimism was expressed that this funding would continue beyond this date provided that strenuous efforts to find a sustainable solution continue to be made by all parties involved. The team effort already made to try and find a solution was seen to have been a major factor in securing the funding and assistance received to date.

AIE is likely to be a prime provider of funds for any sustainable solution that is found.

The Community Council agreed that the Petrol Sub Committee remain in place at least until the next meeting,  to ensure continuity in the arrangements and negotiations.

The Community Council agreed to send a  letter of thanks to Duncan Gunn and to the ‘Petrol Volunteers’ without whom the situation would have become impossible.

Action: Secretary to send  letter of thanks.

Any Other Competent Business

There was concern regarding the carriage of luggage on the MV Lismore, in that the ‘rules’ seemed to vary from time to time. Also access to the luggage storage compartment was a hazard in itself. It was agreed that the LCC should make informal contact with Stewart Turner of A&BC, in order to establish the rules and the possibility of adapting the luggage compartment.

Action: Secretary to contact A&BC.

It was agreed that LCC minutes should be e-mailed to Denise Willis so they can be posted on the Lismore website.

A planning application for a shellfish farm adjacent to Lismore was discussed. The application should have been available to view at Lismore Post Office rather than in Benderloch, which is nowhere near the proposed development.  It was agreed that LCC members should  be alert to relevant new planning applications, as not all are published in the Oban Times or in the most logical Post Office.

The very old pier at Achnacroish has become a hazard. Ownership needs to be established so pressure can be applied to have it made safe. The newer part of the pier is no longer condemned, following repair work to the railings carried out by A&BC.

Action: Secretary to make enquiries as to ownership, make appropriate representations and report back

Concerns were raised regarding the builders’ material stored at Point, as it blocks access to the lifebuoy and looks untidy. It was agreed that as the slipway repair work is unfinished, this will be tolerated for the time being, but the matter will be reviewed and action taken if necessary.

Concerns were raised by a member of the public that BT would not remove any more phone boxes and that the red ones would not be replaced by the less robust stainless steel variety.

Action: Secretary to write to BT seeking confirmation that the existing phone boxes would be retained..

LCC needs to apply for its annual grant; £300 is available for 2005. This money is used to cover Public Hall rent and other incidental expenses. There is currently £338 in the savings account, of which £100 is to be transferred to the current account. It was agreed that Hubert Sandanha  should be asked to audit the accounts.

Action: Treasurer to approach Hubert Sandanha regarding auditing of accounts and then submit grant application.

Date of next meeting

Next meeting 7:00pm Thursday June 2nd 2005 .


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