Minutes of Special Meeting held at Lismore Public Hall at 19.00

Wednesday 02 February 2005 to Formulate Response to Clyde and Hebrides Ferry Services – Draft Service Specification – Scottish Executive Consultation



Mairi Perkins (chair), Duncan Livingstone, Donnie MacCormick, John MacFadyen, Archie MacGillivray, Mark Willis, Julian Wormleighton  


In consultation with the secretary Councillor Robertson decided that the business to be conducted did not require her participation and it was agreed that she would not attend.  

Clyde and Hebrides Ferry Services : Service Specification : Consultation  

Prior to the meeting secretary had circulated to all members a suggested first draft for LCC’s response to the Scottish Executive.  

Secretary read out a relevant letter received from George Lyon, MSP, which gave his opinion that a decision upon whether, in the event of a vehicle service being introduced between Point and Port Appin, to provide a passenger ferry between Lismore and Oban rested entirely with A&BC . Mr Lyon also urged the community on Lismore to come to a quick decision on the right way forward in respect of revised ferry services because, he believed, once expenditure had been made at Achnacroish and Oban to accommodate the introduction of a Loch class ferry there would be very little prospect of the vehicle ferry being moved to the north end route to Port Appin.  

Secretary had replied to George Lyon, pointing out that LCC still sought his advice on how more detailed information on ferry service options might be obtained from the Executive to enable the people of Lismore to make an informed choice.  

Secretary’s draft response was accepted subject to incorporation of a number of additional points, including:  

Scottish Executive should make no decision on expenditure on upgrading harbour facilities for introduction of a Loch class vessel until Lismore had a further opportunity for establishing a consensus on the preferred future ferry service option.  

Notwithstanding LCC’s responsibility for the latest ferry survey, because of the absence of more detailed information (e.g. on fares and timetable) attaching to new ferry service options, and because of confusion amongst respondents caused by the inclusion of a two ferry option not supported by A&BC, the outcome of the survey could not be regarded as definitive.  

Reinforcement of LCC’s demand for more information on the service pattern and fare structure of any new service, as a prerequisite to making a further attempt to establish a consensus on the island as to the most appropriate ferry regime for the future.  

Complete details on the conveyance of dangerous goods (e.g. number of hay lorry journeys) as soon as information available.  

Agreed that secretary to circulate a second draft to which members will be asked to respond within 2 days if they require further adjustment. If second draft is acceptable members need not respond and letter will be sent. Copies will be sent to all Scottish MEPs together with a covering letter, the draft of which secretary will circulate with the draft response for comment or approval (no comment will be taken as approval).  


The next full meeting (previously arranged) to be held at 16.00 on Thursday 17 February 2005. This earlier time is designed to facilitate attendance by Councillor Robertson, without need for reliance upon late ferries.


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