Minutes of Meeting held at Lismore Public Hall at 19.00

Thursday 16 December 2004



Mairi Perkins (chair), Duncan Livingstone, Donnie MacCormick, John MacFadyen, Archie MacGillivray, Mark Willis, Julian Wormleighton  



Councillor Elaine Robertson was unable to attend because weather conditions made ferry service uncertain.  


Minutes of Meeting held 17 November 2004  

Proposed by Mairi Perkins, seconded by Donnie MacCormick and agreed that minutes of the meeting held 17 November 2004 be adopted as a correct record.  


Matters Arising from Minutes of Meeting Held 06 October 2004  

Secretary read out letter received from Ann Sanderson with respect to Salen road maintenance. Secretary also read out a reply received from Neil Brown, A&BC Area Roads Manager, which set out A&B Council’s position in relation to maintenance of roads on Lismore. It was reported that Bill Weston, A&BC’s Chief Roads Engineer had been to the island to make an inspection and was preparing a report. Archie MacGillivray reported that he had received instructions, as A&BC’s contractor, to fill potholes and make good edge damage to most lengths of Lismore roads.


Lismore Ferry Services  

Chair reported that Councillor Robertson had received information from George Lyon on 16.12.04 that CalMac Lismore service would use the vessel displaced by a new ferry on the Cumbrae – Largs route from 2005/06.  

No response had been received from the Minister for Transport to the LCC letter of 20.11.04 seeking answers to a number of specific questions. The Executive had advised secretary that a response is scheduled for receipt by 29.12.04.  

Agreed that no further action be taken on future ferry service options until response received from Nicol Stephen.  

Secretary had circulated extracts from the recently published consultation paper on Clyde and Hebrides Ferry Services Draft Service Specification. Further copies of the full document had been requested and would be circulated to members as soon as received. A copy would be placed in the shop for public perusal.  

Concern was expressed about the safety of the manning levels on the Point – Port Appin ferry. It was stated that the licence under which the ferry operated required a crew of two. Secretary to write to A&BC asking for reassurance on the issue of the safe operation of this ferry, with particular reference to operations during the hours of darkness.  

In response to a request from the Secretary, members confirmed that there were no outstanding issues concerning the conduct of the recent Ferry Services Survey requiring investigation by A&BC and that the matter was now closed.  


Transport Needs Survey  

Chair reported on meeting of North Argyll Transport Forum, which she had recently attended. She had learned that the Forum expected to be able to secure funding for a survey of transport needs of residents of Lismore and would be willing to arrange for an independent body to undertake such a survey.  

Members decided to postpone further consideration of this matter until the next meeting.


Petrol Supplies  

Secretary reported on a recent telephone conversation he had had with Duncan Gunn, following the letter written by LCC about the security of petrol supplies to the island. Mr. Gunn had advised that whilst his supplier had faced a depot facility problem, which had been overcome for the time being, he expected to continue to receive supplies and to provide the customary service to Lismore. He had explained the marginal profitability of petrol sales at his garage and indicated that he would be obliged to keep that aspect of his business under review. Mr. Gunn undertook to advise the Community Council well in advance of any anticipated change in the current arrangements. Secretary commented that all users of Gunn’s petrol sales facility might reduce the likelihood of its closure if they did not ask for credit and made cash purchases.  


Out-of-Hours G.P. Services

Members were unhappy with the reported unwillingness of Argyll and Clyde NHS to discuss with the Primary Care practice and the Lismore Community the possible future arrangements for out-of-hours cover in the event of the Port Appin practice doctors opting out. No such opting out is currently threatened but members felt that discussions on contingency arrangements should be held.  

Further consideration of this matter would be postponed to the next meeting, prior to which the Secretary and Chair would draft a letter to Argyll and Clyde NHS for consideration by members.  



Chair had received a letter from Barbara MacDougall advising of Barbara’s retirement from her position as island Registrar. Barbara understood that from 01.01.05 all Lismore registrations would have to be made in Oban.  

Agreed that a letter of appreciation for her service to the community should be sent to Mrs. MacDougall.  

Members regretted the decision of A&BC not to seek to appoint a new Registrar on Lismore and instructed Secretary to write to the Council accordingly.  

Secretary had received, via John Livingstone, minutes of a recent meeting of the North Argyll Health Forum. Some other Community Councils were represented on the Forum and it was agreed that a request be made to Moira Newiss for LCC to be invited to attend future meetings.  

Notice had been received from Argyll CVS of the appointment of Peter Minshall as its new Chief Executive.  

Notice received from A&BC that a planning appeal had been lodged against the Council’s refusal of planning permission for Plots 1, 2 and 3 at Clachan. LCC had not made any meaningful representations on the original applications and it was agreed that no further action was required.  

Secretary noted an number of items of information gleaned from the November newsletter of the Association of A&B Community Councils, amongst which were indicative dates in relation to the forthcoming Community Council elections, viz.

            Last date for Notice of Election 02.02.05

            Close of nominations 16.02.05

            Last date for withdrawals 18.02.05

            Notice of Poll 21.02.05

            Date of Election 07.04.05  

Secretary had submitted a response, prepared in consultation with Chair and our GPs, to the consultation paper on the provision of air ambulance services from April 2006.  

Advice received from Strathclyde Police that Ciorstan Shearer had been appointed as Chief Inspector at Oban in succession to David Stewart.  

George Lyon had indicated that he had written to Argyll and Clyde NHS in support of LCC’s submission on the Clinical Strategy.  

A response had been received from A&BC to LCC’s letter concerning household collections of paper and cardboard for recycling. An assurance was provided that it is intended to include Lismore in this service, which is anticipated to commence during the summer of 2005.  


Other Business

 Secretary to write to A&BC about 3 or 4 trees which are growing in or too near the walls to the cemetery and so are endangering the stability of the wall.  

Chair reported on the inclusion of Lismore in the Better Neighbourhood Scheme, which is designed to help the more elderly members of the community to continue to live in their own homes by providing a range of support services. The inclusion of Lismore results from insistent requests by Councillor Robertson. 2 part-time outreach workers will be appointed to work on the island under the general supervision of the Nurse Practitioner, and a wheelchair accessible vehicle will be provided. The scheme is expected to be up and running on Lismore by 01.04.05.  

Dates for Next Meeting  

The next meeting was to be held at 19.00 on Thursday 20 January 2005 .

Please note that this date has since been amended to 19.00 on Wednesday 19 January 2005 to enable attendance by Councillor Robertson.


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