Minutes of Meeting held at Lismore Public Hall at 19.00

Wednesday 27 October 2004




John Livingstone (chair), Duncan Livingstone, Donnie MacCormick, John MacFadyen, Mairi Perkins, Archie MacGillivray, Mark Willis, Julian Wormleighton and Councillor Elaine Robertson



Minutes of Meeting held 06 October 2004


Proposed by Mairi Perkins, seconded by John Livingstone and agreed that minutes of meeting held 06 October 2004 be adopted as a correct record.



Matters Arising from Minutes of Meeting Held 06 October 2004


Secretary had sent letters on the following subjects, as instructed at the 06.10.04 meeting:

            Shipping Services Advisory Committee (South)

            Public Lavatories and Waiting Room, Achnacroish

            Removal by BT of PCBs

            Survey – Lismore Ferry Services

            NHS Argyll and Clyde Clinical Strategy

            Community Health Partnership

            Association of A&B Community Councils / A&BC meeting

Scottish Executive’s Strategic Waste Fund – A&BC household collection of paper and card

Housing Market Study

PCB at Port Ramsay – fault report


Secretary offered to read out any of these letters but none requested.



Resignation of Chairman / Appointment of new Chairperson


John Livingstone confirmed his resignation from the Community Council, with immediate effect. He wished his successor and the Council every success in the future.


Proposed by Duncan Livingstone and seconded by Donnie MacCormick that Mairi Perkins assumed the office of Chairperson. There being no other nomination, Mairi Perkins was duly elected.


Mairi Perkins expressed the thanks of the Community Council for the hard work and commitment which John Livingstone had devoted to the interests of the island over his many years of service on the Council, and, particularly, over the past several years as Chairman.



Survey – Lismore Ferry Services


Archie MacGillivray asked the Secretary to explain his actions, following the emergency Community Council meeting held on 04 September 2004, with particular reference to the list of residents invited to respond to the survey and the use of different coloured survey returns.


Secretary explained that he had examined the Register of Electors, dated 01.12.03, at the offices of A&BC in Oban and, as permitted, made hand written notes of all names included. He had asked at the A&BC offices about the availability for inspection of monthly updates of the Register but no such updates were available.


Having reflected on the list of names included on the examined Register, Secretary had noted that some of those named were no longer resident on the island and a significant number of those who had taken up residence on Lismore were not included on the Register examined. He consulted the Chairman and it was agreed that those on the Register but no longer resident on Lismore be deleted from the survey circulation, and that those not appearing on the inspected Register, but who were resident on Lismore, should be included on the list of those to be surveyed. Where Chairman and Secretary were in doubt as to the residency status of certain persons, enquires were made of the individuals by the Secretary and, in two cases, by Mairi Perkins. A final circulation list was drawn up, excluding those on the Register but no longer resident and adding those now resident but not on the Register dated 01.12.03. 17 names of those not appearing on the 01.12.03 Register were added.


In preparing for the distribution of survey forms the Secretary had considered the possibility that A&BC might challenge the outcome of the survey if other than those on the Register of Electors had been invited to respond. He therefore took the step of printing the survey form on white paper for delivery to all those residents on the 01.12.03 Register and on yellow paper for all those residents not on the same Register. Further, he prepared the results sheet, for completion by Dr. McNicol, so as to show the results of white and yellow returns separately, and instructed Dr. McNicol accordingly. Secretary acknowledged that his decision to use colour-differentiated paper for the two categories of resident was taken without reference to any other Community Council member.


After delivery to all residents of the survey, Secretary had received a telephone call from the Electoral Registration Office, in Campbeltown. Secretary was advised that the law did not permit use of the information obtained from the Register of Electors for circulation of a survey or referendum and upon conviction anyone responsible for such misuse is liable to a fine of up to £5,000. In order to protect himself from any accusation of breach of the law the Secretary had, following consultation with Chairman, quickly revised the instructions issued to Dr. McNicol to the effect that no distinction should be made between the different coloured papers returned. A revised results form was supplied to Dr. McNicol, which showed only the total numbers of preferences expressed for each option, regardless of the colour of the returns.


Dissatisfaction was expressed by Archie MacGillivray, Mark Willis, Duncan Livingstone and John MacFadyen about the Secretary’s actions in making up the list of names to which the survey had been circulated, and with his decision to introduce a means of distinguishing the returns from those on the 01.12.03 Register of Electors from returns made by those not appearing on that Register, without reference to all members of the Community Council.


Councillor Robertson advised that she had received a letter from Nigel Stewart, A&BC’s Director of Corporate Services, to the effect that he had received a request for a review to be undertaken of the conduct of the recent survey.


A wide-ranging discussion followed, involving members of the public present, in an attempt to identify the next steps the Community Council should take in respect of the ferry services issue. Contributions by members of the public included:


Survey should not have included an option, which A&BC had announced it was not able to deliver.


Taking second preferences into account there appeared to be a significant majority in favour of Option A.


A&BC or the Scottish Executive should be encouraged to undertake a more exhaustive survey of island residents’ transport (all modes) needs.


Was capital expenditure available to prepare island roads to accept the greater weight and volume of traffic arising from a north end vehicle ferry?


Could a further survey be undertaken, asking people to chose between only two options?


By a show of hands (public and Council members) a majority of those present wished the Community Council to pursue with Argyll and Bute Council and the Scottish Executive the option (A in the survey) providing a Point to Port Appin vehicular ferry in combination with a passenger ferry service from Lismore to Oban. Further consideration of this subject was adjourned to the next meeting.



Petrol Supplies


Following reports that Gunn’s Garage was shortly to give up the petrol filling station part of their business, Jane Muirhead had received a letter from Argyll and the Islands Enterprise indicating that the threat originated in Gunns’ supplier expecting to have to discontinue supplies because of EU regulations applying to the delivery of fuel. This threat to deliveries appeared to have been lifted by virtue of a dispensation by the DTI.


Agreed that a letter be sent to Messrs Gunn, expressing the island’s appreciation of the weekly delivery of petrol to the Lismore, and asking for confirmation that the business expects to be able to continue providing the service.










Scottish Executive Consultation – “Maintaining Houses – Preserving Homes”


This consultation refers to proposals for change in three areas:


Local Authority Powers – to intervene in poor quality and poorly maintained private sector housing.


Single Survey and Energy Performance Certificate – proposals to make provision of such documents by the seller obligatory.


New Repairing Standards, Private Rented Housing Tribunals, Protection of Tenants in Multiple-Occupation Houses, Extending the National Registration Scheme for Private Landlords, Protection for Occupants of Mobile Homes.

Secretary had found that the consultation documents did not lend themselves to being summarised and the number of questions to be answered would require a further meeting before the closing date of 29 October 2004. Agreed that no further action be taken.





Letter from Ann Sanderson, re: the need for repairs to the Salen road. Secretary to write to A&BC to express dissatisfaction with the Council’s response to Mrs. Sanderson’s request for appropriate maintenance. Mention also to be made of unsatisfactory standard of maintenance on Fiart road, and the need for attention to potholes at Baligrundle and Kilcheran.


SNH meeting in Port Appin on the subject of Interpretive Visitor Management Strategy – postponed from 25 October to 29 October. No representative of Community Council to attend.


Invitation to meeting of the Board of Scottish Water on 27 October. Secretary had responded to say that no representative was available to attend.


Acknowledgements of letters concerning Lismore Ferry Services Survey received from Nicol Stephen and George Lyon.


Acknowledgement of letter concerning Argyll and Clyde NHS Clinical Strategy received from George Lyon.



Any Other Competent Business


Councillor Robertson reported that Lismore was now included in the Better Neighbourhood Project. A luncheon was to be organised on Lismore in Nov/Dec. 2004.



Date of Next Meeting


The next meeting will be held at Lismore Public Hall at 19.00 on 17 October 2004 and will deal only with issues arising from the ferry services survey.

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