Minutes of Meeting held at Lismore Public Hall at 19.00

Wednesday 06 October 2004  


John Livingstone (chair), Duncan Livingstone, Mairi Perkins, Donnie MacCormick, John MacFadyen, Archie MacGillivray, Mark Willis, Julian Wormleighton and Councillor Elaine Robertson  


Minutes of Meetings held 11 and 23 August, and 04 September 2004  

Proposed by John Livingstone, seconded by Donnie MacCormick and agreed unanimously that minutes of meeting held 11 August 2004 be adopted as a correct record.  

Proposed by Mairi Perkins, seconded by Donnie MacCormick and agreed unanimously that minutes of meetings held 23 August and 04 September 2004 be adopted as a correct record.


Matters Arising from Minutes of Meeting Held 11 August 2004  

Proposed Car Parking Charges at Port Appin.  

Councillor Robertson confirmed that Argyll and Bute Council had decided not to proceed with proposals to introduce car parking charges at the Port Appin ferry terminal.



A response had been received from Argyll and Clyde NHS to the Council’s letter supporting Dr. McNicol’s contention that the arrangements for out-of-hours GP services to Lismore would not be safe if he were to opt out, and that his practice should be designated an “essential practice”, not permitted to opt out.. A copy of the NHS reply has been supplied to Dr. McNicol and any further correspondence with Argyll and Clyde NHS will take account of his guidance.  

It was noted that the GP practice serving Jura has been designated an “essential practice”  


Revised Scheme for Establishment of Community Councils  

A&B Council had acknowledged receipt  (over a month later) of LCC’s representation on the revised scheme. A&BC’s Policy Development Group had made recommendations at its meeting on 04.08.04 based upon a report from the Area Corporate Services Manager. Generally LCC’s observations on the consultation document seemed to have been ignored. Policy Development Group’s recommendations were to be considered by A&BC’s Strategic Policy Committee on 07.10.04 before submission to full council for approval. Councillor Robertson indicated that she would be attending the Strategic Policy Committee and would ensure that LCC’s observations had been given proper consideration.  


Shipping Services Advisory Committee (South)  

A report had been received from A&BC’s Transportation Manager on consideration of the points LCC had asked him to raise in connection with the Oban-Lismore service. It was apparent that the aspects of unsatisfactory service provision (freight weight limits, problems with vehicles negotiating the ferry ramp, poor passenger facilities, and problems with making vehicle bookings) had not been properly addressed. Secretary to write to Transport Manager pointing out the inadequacies of the response to Lismore’s concerns.  


Achnacroish Public Lavatories  

Secretary still to write to Councillor Robertson seeking her assistance in getting the facilities upgraded.


Payphone Call Boxes  

Secretary noted that in minutes of 08.09.04 A&BC meeting minutes reference was made to dissatisfaction with BT’s attempts to consult community councils on proposals for PCB removals. Secretary to provide Councillor Robertson details of failure by A&BC to pass on information about BT proposal to remove 2 PCBs from Lismore this year.  


Survey – Lismore Ferry Services  

Chairman read out the declaration of survey results compiled by Dr. Iain McNicol, which were as follows; -


Option 1   First preference 49,  Second pref. 59,  Third pref. 6

Option 2   First preference 24,  Second pref. 25,  Third pref. 59

Option 3   First preference 54,  Second pref. 26,  Third pref. 31  

Dr. McNicol had been obliged to discount 3 returns because he had been unable to judge the respondents’ intentions.  

141 survey papers had been delivered and 127 valid returns had been received by Dr. McNicol. This represented a response rate of 90%.  

Secretary to forward copies of survey results declaration with copies of survey form to Councillor Robertson, George Lyon and the Transport  Minister, Nicol Steven. Also to post copy of results declaration on notice board at shop.  

Secretary also to write to Dr. McNicol thanking him for his assistance and asking him to destroy all survey returns in his possession.  

Chairman indicated that he anticipated standing down from the Community Council in light of the survey result being so different from his understanding of what island residents had wanted, and he had been seeking on their behalf over recent years.  


Argyll and Clyde NHS Clinical Strategy  

No suggestions were forthcoming from members for incorporation in the Community Council’s response to the consultation document and it was agreed that the response be compiled by the secretary in consultation with Mairi Perkins.  

A letter had been received from Lochgilphead Community Council enclosing confirmation from Argyll and Clyde NHS that there are no plans to centralise mental health care in Paisley and that it was proposed to retain a small in-patient facility at Lochgilphead and provide a dementia care ward at Mid-Argyll Hospital .  


Scottish Executive Consultation – “Maintaining Houses – Preserving Homes”  

Secretary had not been able to provide a summary for consideration at the current meeting. Agreed that he should attempt to draft a response to the consultation document for circulation and approval between meetings.  



Consultation – Draft Service Provision of Air Ambulance Service from 01.04.06.   A response is required by 30.11.04. Agreed that Secretary to prepare response in collaboration with Mairi Perkins and GPs.    

Appointment of Relief Nurse

LCC had written to the NHS Locality Manager concerning the decision not to offer any subsistence allowance in advertising the vacancy for a relief nurse for the island. The reply received indicated that there may be some flexibility in the NHS position, depending upon the response to the advertisement of the post. (Mairi Perkins advised that the post would be advertised within 2 weeks).  


Argyll and Clyde NHS – Community Health Partnerships

Secretary to respond to letter from A&CNHS, inviting participation in local public partnership forums, indicating willingness to participate, depending upon demands likely to be put upon participants.  


Joint Argyll and Bute Council / Community Councils Meeting – 23 October 2004 In the absence of other volunteers Secretary agreed to attend if possible.  


Grant to Argyll and Bute Council by Strategic Waste Fund

Secretary reported that Grab Trust Autumn Newsletter announced that A&BC had received a grant of £22m to develop a series of recycling projects, one of which was to provide household collections of paper and card in Lorn and other areas. Secretary to write to A&BC to seek confirmation that Lismore will be included in the scheme.


Housing Market Study in Oban, Lorn and the Inner Isles.

Secretary to respond to letter received from ODS Services Ltd (who had been appointed to carry out the study by A&BC) to advise availability of Lismore Public Hall for venue for a community consultation event. Assistance would also be offered with any island publicity of such an event.  

(On a related topic, Councillor Robertson advised that A&BC officials would be visiting Lismore to discuss proposals for the transfer to a Housing association of the Councils housing stock).  

Notification of Military Exercise Involving Low Flying Fast Jets and Helicopters –

23 October – 6 November 2004.

Secretary to post notice at shop.  



Secretary to send card to Douglas Trigg, Secretary of the Association of Argyll and Bute Community Councils, following his hospitalisation, wishing him a speedy recovery on behalf of L.C.C..  

Secretary to write to BT about Payphone Call Box at Port Ramsay which was reported as intermittently out of order over the past nine months and completely out of order for the past two months. Noted that Port Ramsay has no mobile ‘phone reception.  

A member of the public advised that Gunn’s Garage had received its last delivery of petrol on the day of the meeting and that petrol supplies, via the Appin ferry would therefore cease within a few weeks. Community Council to consider whether any alternative means of getting supplies to Lismore could be found.  

Date of Next Meeting  

A date for the next meeting was not fixed but a meeting has subsequently been convened to take place at Lismore Public Hall at 7.00pm on Wednesday 27 October 2004 .

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