Minutes of Meeting held at Lismore Public Hall at 20.00

Wednesday 11 August 2004



John Livingstone (chair), Duncan Livingstone, Donnie MacCormick, John MacFadyen, Archie MacGillivray, Julian Wormleighton and Councillor Elaine Robertson



Mairi Perkins


Minutes of Meetings held 26 May and 09 July 2004

Proposed by Duncan Livingstone, seconded by Archie MacGillivray and agreed unanimously that minutes of meeting held 26 May 2004 be adopted as a correct record.

Proposed by Donnie MacCormick, seconded by Archie MacGillivray and agreed unanimously that minutes of meeting held 09 July 2004 be adopted as a correct record.


Matters Arising from Minutes of Meeting Held 18 May 2004

Proposed Car Parking Charges at Port Appin.

Community Council sent a letter dated 28.05.04 to Councillor A. Macaskill (chair A&BC Strategic Policy Committee) giving reasons why introduction of car parking charges at Port Appin would be an unreasonable burden on residents of Lismore. Councillor Macaskill had confirmed that these points would be takern into consideration when the matter was discussed by his committee. Councillor Robertson advised that further consideration had been delayed to the September meeting of A&BC SPC meeting and that she had written to Councillor Macaskill confirming her opposition to the proposed introduction of charges.



Following the Public Meeting, addressed by Dr. McNicol, on 23.06.04 the Community Council had written on 30.06.04 to the Chairman of Argyll and Clyde NHS Board supporting Dr. McNicol’s contention that his practice should be designated an "essential practice", without rights to withdraw out of hours services. In the absence of any acknowledgement a further letter was sent on 27.07.04. Reply dated 28.07.04 confirmed that Divisional Director, Karen Murray, would be responding on behalf of the Chairman.



Healthcare (continued)

Argyll and Clyde NHS have offered two dates (28or 29.09.04) for public meeting on Lismore to discuss Clinical Strategy. Secretary to confirm 29.09.04. Clinical Strategy consultaion period has been extended to 17 October 2004.


Argyll and Clyde NHS invitation to attend a "roud table workshop" in Oban on 26.08.04. Agreed that Julian Wormleighton and possibly one other member would attend.


Argyll and Bute Council annual grant to Community Council

Treasurer confirmed receipt of grant for current year


Abandoned cars at Achnacroish

Secretary had contacted Sandra Duncan who advised that there were no outstanding requests for removal of scrap vehicles. She was to arrange for Council’s Environment Officer to visit Lismore and investigate.


Revised Scheme for Establishment of Community Councils

Response to consultation sent to A&BC on 13.07.04, in accordance with decisions taken at 09.07.04 meeting. No acknowledgment so far received.



Councillor Robertson confirmed that she had secured funding from A&BC Development Dept. to carry out a survey of Lismore residents’ preferences on ferry provision. She had received a letter from the Transport Minister confirming his approval of a "definitive" survey proceeding. He had also advised that no cost benefit analysis of any of the options, proposed for inclusion in the survey, had been undertaken. The minister intends to carry out a further public consultation on proposals for tendering the Clyde and Hebridean ferry services.

Councillor Robertson’s confirmed that she wished the Community Council to confirm acceptability of her proposed survey questionnaire. After extensive discussion it was agreed that the secretary should re-draft and circulate to all members for comment/approval, and advise Councillor Robertson of the outcome.


Caledonian MacBrayne Users Committee have invited participation by 2 delegates at a seminar to be held at the Royal Hotel, Oban on Friday 01.10.04 (11.00 – 15.30). There being no other volunteers, Chairman and Secretary agreed to attend.




Ferries (continued)

Secretary had been advised of a meeting of the Shipping Services Advisory Committee (South), to be held on 22.09.04. LCC was invited to advise A&BC

Transport Manager of any issues which we wished him to raise at meeting. Secretary to respond with details of the following unsatisfactory aspects of the Oban-Lismore service:

Severe weight limit of freight carrying lorries

Growing limitations on range of mainstream lorries capable of using ferry

Inadequate passenger accommodation (including access problems passengers with mobility imparement.

Vehicle reservation arrangements – information from booking office on available space on ferry frequently shown to be inaccurate.


Chairman and Councillor Robertson had inspected Achnacroish public lavatories. Secretary to write to Councillor Robertson about their unsatisfactory condition.


Point Jetty – Secretary had received letter from A&BC Senior Engineer confirming that he was arranging for an underwater survey. Telephone advice had been obtained from the Engineer on 05.07.04 that although the formal report on underwater survey had not yet been received, he expected to need to arrange for some strengthening of the supporting columns before the onset of winter.


Procedure for responses to planning applications and other public consultations

Discussion paper dated 31.07.04, circulated by Secretrary, was considered. Agreed that in the event of a response needing to be made between regular meetings the Chairman would contact as many members as were available to confirm a consensus.


Public Consultation – Rights of Appeal

Secretary had circulated a summary, dated 04.08.04, of the key questions of principle upon which the consultation sought views. Agreed that Secretary should respond to Scottish Executive as suggested in the summary.



Loch Linnhe Artificial Reef – Agreed that MRI, Dunstaffnage be asked to arrange next public meeting to update Lismore on project progress in second half of May 2005. Secretary reported receipt of copies of new Licences for Reef Construction dated 27.04.04 and 29.06.04.


Scottish Executive Consultations on Investing in Water Services and Paying for Water Services. Responses required by 12.10.04. – Agreed no response to be sent.


Scottish Executive Consultation "Maintaining Houses – Preserving Homes". Responses required by 29.10.04. – Agreed that Secretary should try to provide summary for consideration at next meeting.

Correspondence (continued)

Proposed Closure of Argyll and Bute Hospital, Lochgilphead – Following receipt of a letter, dated 17.06.04, from Lochgilphead Community Council members had agreed (between meetings) that LCC should respond to confirm our support of a campaign for the retention of a psychiatric hospital. Letter sent 26.06.04. Letter dated 20.07.04 from Lochgilphead CC advises that George Lyon and Councillor Alison hay have organised a petition to be circulated throughout A&B, in light of which Lochgilphead CC has decided to postpone further action until after A&BC Area Committee meetings convened to discuss response to Argyll and Clyde NHS Clinical Strategy.


Public Call Boxes (removal of by BT) – Secretary had made enquiries as to consultation which should have included LCC and felt that BT had not exerted itself sufficiently in meeting its obligations in this respect. Agreed that no further action should be taken.


Association of Scottish Community Councils – Secretary, in consultation with Chairman, had completed a survey form from ASCS and confirmed support for proposal that ASCS establishes an e-mail databank for all Community Councils, to disseminate brief information on national consultations,


Any Other Competent Business

Chairman advised that George Lyon and Alan Reid would be visiting Lismore on 17.08.04, off the 14.45 from Oban, and wished to meet the Community Council at Lismore Public Hall before their return to Oban on the 17.45 ferry.


Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held at Lismore Public Hall at 19.00 on 06 October 2004.

The new start time was to assist attendance by Councillor Robertson and future meetings would also start at 19.00.




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