Minutes of Meeting held at Lismore Public Hall at 20.00

Wednesday 26 May 2004




John Livingstone (chair), Mairi Perkins, Duncan Livingstone, John MacFadyen, Archie MacGillivray, Mark Willis and Councillor Elaine Robertson





Donnie MacCormick



Date of Next Meeting


The next meeting to be held at 20.00 on Wednesday 11 August 2004 at Lismore Public Hall



Appointment of Secretary


Chairman reported that he had received a letter of resignation from Mairi Perkins who had found that she was unable to undertake the Secretary’s duties to her satisfaction in combination with her professional work load. Mrs. Perkins would remain a member of the Council.


No elected member felt able to undertake the Secretary’s role. Chairman proposed that Julian Wormleighton be co-opted onto the Council and to become Secretary. Co-option and appointment approved.



Minutes of Committee Meeting held 18 May 2004


Chairman explained that he had called the Committee Meeting (closed to the public) because he had wanted to receive feedback on the issues of ferries and car parking at Port Appin from Councillor Robertson without the kind of vociferous public participation that these two topics were likely to engender.


Subject to the following amendments the minutes were approved as a correct record of the meeting:

Under Proposals for Port Appin Car Parking Charges – “Lorn and the Isles Area Committee” to be substituted for “Argyll and Bute Council”.

Under Ferry Services (with particular reference to a North End Vehicular Ferry) – “not acceptable to the Scottish Executive” to be substituted for “based on a wing and a prayer”.

“carrying fewer than 100,000 passengers a year” to be substituted for “carrying fewer than 10,000 passengers a year”




Matters Arising from Minutes of Meeting Held 18 May 2004


Proposed Car Parking Charges at Port Appin


Councillor Robertson stated that she had opposed the decision of the Lorn and the Isles Area Committee to propose the introduction of summer season charges for parking at the ferry terminal car park. She had arranged to speak at the meeting of the Strategic Policy Committee, to be held 03.06.04 and would represent the objections of the Community Council. Written details of these objections were to be provided to Councillor Robertson within the next two days.


Amongst the objections to be raised was the belief that charges would undermine the viability of life on the island, and the fact that all residents (including those who did not keep a car at Port Appin) would be disadvantaged because charges would impact on visiting trades people.


Reference was made to Appin Community Council’s ideas for relieving the car parking congestion at the ferry terminal with the possible introduction of car parking in the vicinity of the doctor’s surgery and “closure” of the road to vehicular traffic between there and the ferry. Councillor Robertson suggested that some advantage might accrue from the two Community Councils discussing the issue.


It was suggested that car park congestion might be relieved by better signing of the availability of the foreshore parking area to Pierhouse customers.



Ferry Services


Councillor Robertson restated that neither Argyll and Bute Council or the Scottish Executive were inclined to consider proposals for significant revisions to the Lismore ferry services until there was some evidence of a substantial consensus on the island favouring a particular solution. Scottish Executive officials had advised that of the 39 responses, relating to Lismore, to the consultation on tendering proposals for services currently provided by CalMac, 29 had indicated that a direct ferry connection with Oban was important.


As previously indicated, Councillor Robertson is prepared to seek funds from the Area Committee for an independent survey of the individual preferences of island residents on the subject. She was also writing to the Transport Minister to ask whether he would accept as definitive the result of such a survey. Doubts were expressed about the value of a survey if the options to be chosen between were the same as previously indicated by Councillor Robertson, viz. (1) the status quo, and (2) replacement of both ferries with a vehicle-carrying ferry at the north end which might be diverted to undertake a run direct to Oban once or twice per week. Chairman emphasised that the stated policy of A&B Council was the retention and development of ferry services, with no diminution of service level.


Councillor Robertson indicated that the improvements to the road between Gunn’s Garage and Port Appin, which were proposed by A&B Council in associated with their failed bid for funds for a north end vehicle ferry, are likely to go ahead.


On the issue of fares for additional crossings, between normal daytime timetabled services, Councillor Robertson reported that A&B Council had not laid down charges for such services and she would seek clarification from Foster Yeoman.


Chairman reported that the Marine and Coastguard Agency was insisting that all loads of hay to be carried by ferry must henceforth be totally covered. This could only contribute to the rising cost of importing livestock feed.






Mairi Perkins drew Council’s attention to the significant changes which were likely to impact upon the way healthcare provision was made on the island as a result of the introduction of new General Practitioner contracts and the fact that in due course changes are likely to be made to the working hours of nurses. Agreed that Dr. MacNicol be invited to visit the island to speak to a public meeting to explain the changes and their effect upon island residents.





Lismore is to be included in the next tranche of the “Better Neighbourhoods” scheme.


Peter Clark (CalMac) had responded to the Community Council’s letter of concern about the availability of marshalling space for lorries, livestock vehicles, etc. waiting at the Oban terminal for Lismore ferries, whist terminal reconstruction is in hand. He had stated that ample space was available.


Agreed that membership of Association of Argyll and Bute Community Councils be renewed at subscription of £5.


Agreed with proposal of Dunstaffnage marine laboratory that meeting to update island residents on progress with artificial reef project be postponed until 2005.




Any Other Competent Business


Treasurer reported that grant from A&B Council not yet received. Suggested that payment may be withheld pending submission of audited annual accounts.


Two cars, apparently scrap, reported to be dumped in Achnacroish ferry car park. Secretary to establish whether arrangements in hand for removal.



Closure of Meeting


Meeting closed at 22.00

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