Minutes of Meeting held 13 August 2003  

Present John Livingstone (chair), Donnie MacCormick, Archie MacGillivray, Duncan Livingstone, Mark Willis, John MacFadyen

 Apologies Mairi Perkins, Elaine Robertson 

Date of Next Meeting Wednesday 24 September at 20.00 

Documents Received for Discussion  Lismore Planning Policy – Development on Raised Beaches. This proposal was submitted by David White and Julian Wormleighton. Council decided not to support. 

Draft Local Governance, Scotland, Bill – Consultation. Consideration postponed to next meeting.

SNH - Partner Bodies, Relations, Expectations, etc.. Council decided no need to respond 

Scottish Water. Council decided no need to respond 

SEPA - Advertisement for Part-Time Board Member. To placed in Lismore Stores. 

Notification of Planning Applications. Notification of Community Council had not resumed but steps are being taken to reinstate previous arrangements.

 Ferry Update 

At the public meeting held with Argyll and Bute Councillors on 22 July 2003 it was agreed that the Community Council should identify two options for future ferry services between Lismore and the mainland and Argyll and Bute Council would arrange circulation of a questionnaire to all residents to establish which option enjoyed majority support. 

Elaine Robertson had established that Lismore was not currently part of the Island Neighbourhood Partnership and was trying to get it included. In the meantime she had asked Council to postpone a decision on choice of options. Council agreed to postpone further discussion to the next meeting. 

Chairman reported that he understood that A. & B. Council considered that the options should be the status quo and a north end vehicle ferry which would be diverted to undertake a run between Lismore and Oban twice per week. Council acknowledged that the latter was certainly not an acceptable option. 

Correspondence Council had requested A. & B. Council to include 20.00 ferry from Port Appin in the winter timetable on a prior request basis, No reply had been received

Council had written in support of requests to make Broadband available on the island. 

Planning Application for two houses at the Cornmill, Balnagown. Council had written in support of letters of objection sent by individual islanders. 

Letter from Mr. Pope suggesting Lismore organised its own Point to Port Appin ferry service. The letter included calculations of likely revenue from such a service. Council would reply indication that the proposal will be considered. However chairman considered it unlikely that Lismore could raise necessary funding. 

Meetings Attended  Chairman had attended meeting of Association of Community Councils but had nothing to report

 Mairi Perkins had attended inaugural meeting of Health in Late Life, Argyll. 


Chairman reported that within the next two weeks the road markings (KEEP CLEAR and DOCTOR) at Port Appin were to be renewed. He had requested (with support from Cllr. Robertson) that A. & B. Council undertake road markings at Point car park defining a parking space reserved for the doctor. The request was declined but consent was given for the Community Council to arrange a sign to designate a parking space for the doctor. Council approved expenditure on suitable sign. In response to a question from the public Chairman said he thought the A. & B. C. would not object to Council undertaking road markings themselves. Julian Wormleighton volunteered to establish availability of suitable materials.

 Treasurer having difficulty with change of named operator of Council’s bank account. Duncan Livingstone to discuss with Mairi Perkins.

 Reference was made to difficulties arising from car parking beyond the limits of official car parks at Point and Port Appin. There was no simple solution to these problems but so far as Point is concerned Council confirmed that they considered it perfectly proper for the owner or tenant of adjacent land used for long term parking to ask car owners to desist.   

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