Lismore Community Council


Minutes from meeting held Wednesday 22nd January 2003 in Lismore Public hall.

Present: Mr J Livingstone, Mr D MacCormick, Mr D Livingstone, Mrs M Perkins, Mrs I MacColl, Mrs N Black, Mr J MacFadyen and members of the public.

Apologies: Cllr C Cameron.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 12th March 2003 .

Approval of minutes: Proposed by Mrs M Perkins and Seconded by Mr D MacCormick.


Cllr C Cameron had telephoned to report that a meeting had taken place on the 15th of January with representatives from Argyll & Bute Council and the Scottish Executive regarding the Council’s bid and that the feeling was that the community was still divided and that more information was required before any further action was taken. It was agreed that a letter be sent to the Scottish Executive to find out why Argyll & Bute Council’s recent Public Transport Fund bid was turned down. A copy of this letter is to be sent to Mr A Gow.

There were concerns raised over the safety of the slip at Point as there appears to be a split and some action is required urgently to make this safe. The slips had not been cleaned as yet this month either at Point nor Achnacroish and were both very dangerous. A letter detailing these issues is to be sent to Argyll & Bute Council.

There has been trouble with accessing the ferrymen in an emergency situation. Despite a request at an earlier meeting on Lismore for the ferrymen to operate BT’s smart divert system this still has not been implemented. There also appears to be problems with the ferry boat which means that the ferryman has to leave the engine running constantly throughout the day. It was felt this was not a good practise to leave a boat unattended with the engine on. It was decided that a letter is sent to the council and contact with Mr MacKercher be made.

Cllr Cameron had also reported by telephone that there was to be extra money from the Rural Transport Fund for the Point ferry. Details of how much and exactly what it could be spent on were not made clear but a suggestion of later ferries in the evenings without extra costs was made and Mr Neil Brown was going to discuss this with Mr D Blades and report back.

The point was made by Mr Livingstone that it was unfair that due to weight restrictions on the boat (Eigg) the tonnage on a lorry costs more per tonne than going to Mull . A letter was decided to be sent to Cal Mac outlining this fact and requesting that Lismore are charged the equivalent rates as Mull . This would apply to the deliveries of building materials as well as feeding supplies.


A letter was to be sent to Neil Brown detailing that side drains on our island’s roads were in need of attention as once again there have been a large number of pot holes appearing on the roads throughout the island.

Cadispa Report

It was suggested that a public meeting be held towards the end of February with Cadispa and other interested groups in order that should the islanders feel that they could go further with any of the ideas from the report then this could be a possible starting point. It was suggested that Mr D Baird and Mr Stephen Watson also be asked to come along. The areas that were suggested we looked at were the need for affordable housing on the island and whether we could improve the public water supply on the island. It will be up to individuals to put forward other areas of development for the island.


a) Septic Tanks

A letter had been sent to West of Scotland Water but with no response to date. Mrs F MacGregor had also been in touch and had received the response that a smaller lorry will in fact be sent over in future in order that access can be made to all tanks on the island. This will mean a greater cost for this service but at least the job will now be done.  

b) A letter regarding Rural Voices: Action Research Competition was read out. It was felt that we were not required to respond to this as individuals and that an application would be made by Argyll & Bute Planning partnership which would include our community.

c) Mrs Perkins spoke of the main points in the Draft Joint Local Health Improvement Plan 2003/2004 and it was agreed that a copy be placed in the shop for anyone interested in looking further at this document.

d) A letter was read regarding the supply of full register of electors to community councils and the restrictions on use – Lismore.

e) A letter was received from The Grab Trust regarding the potential for recycling facilities on Lismore. Discussions have taken place between Grab and the Council with limited success.

There appears to be no funding available to service bottle or oil banks on the island. It may be possible to relocate the bottle banks from the Old Station in Appin to a location nearer the slip way. This would require further discussion with the Appin community. Another possibility would be to see if an arrangement could be made with Argyll Carriers on their return journey to Oban. This would require discussion with Argyll Carriers and Cal Mac. Grab suggested the forming of a ‘green group’ on the island which could look at the waste being generated on the island and its recycling potential. Grab have offered further help should we wish to look at this problem further.


An article was looked at from the Oban Times which looked at the possibility of the community of Morvern benefiting from the aggregate tax now being imposed on the quarry at Glensanda. It was felt that Lismore should be eligible and should benefit if at all possible. It was decided that this was worth enquiring further with.

Mr Livingstone asked if Mrs MacColl had been able to find out why as planning officer she had not been receiving a copy of the planning list. Mrs MacColl had not been able to find out why she has not been receiving this information for a number of months now. It was reported that a full list is posted on Argyll & Bute’s website but no information detailing this has been given to Mrs MacColl. Mrs MacColl is going to look into the matter further.

It was brought to the community councils attention the problems of people on the island who have holiday homes on the island leaving their cars at Point as it is becoming increasingly difficult for islanders to find a parking space at Point. It was felt that a letter pointing this dilemma out would be in order and perhaps arrangements could be made for some of the cars to be left at the owners’ houses when they are not in residence. This would help to alleviate the parking problem and would be appreciated by the locals on the island.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

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