Lismore Community Council

Minutes from meeting held Wednesday 11th September 2002 in Lismore Public hall.

Present: Mr J Livingstone, Mr D MacCormick, Mr D Livingstone, Mrs M Perkins, Mrs I MacColl, Mrs N Black, Mr J MacFadyen, Cllr C Cameron and members of the public.

Apologies: PC Silkowski.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 6th November 2002 .

Approval of minutes: Proposed by Mrs M Perkins and Seconded by Mr D MacCormick.


a) Proposal for tendering Clyde and Hebrides Lifeline Ferry Service.

Mr J Livingstone gave an account of the two meetings which he and Mrs N Black attended on this proposal. The first was with Mrs Maureen MacMillan MSP in Lochgilphead on Friday 2nd of August 2002. Mr Livingstone reported that Mrs MacMillan was very sympathetic to the needs for Lismore to improve access to the mainland it was stressed that a direct link from Achnacroish to Oban was essential along with affordable fares including concessionary rates for islanders. The timetable was also of great importance to allow better access. All of the representatives from all the islands present were in agreement that current fares were too expensive and timetables needed to be radically changed to allow better access from all islands to the mainland. The possibility of Road Equivalent Tariff was discussed plus the need for ferries to be island based, this suggestion was acknowledged by Mrs MacMillan. The problems with the current arrangements for freight and unaccompanied freight were discussed at great length and the need for vast improvements on the present system was agreed by all at the meeting. At the second meeting in the Corran Halls in Oban on Wednesday 28th August 2002 Mr Livingstone reported that at his request Mr David Petrie (prospective conservative candidate) put up a good fight in support that a ferry link is kept direct into Oban. The problems with small freight and mail deliveries were also discussed along with the need for an improved car ferry service for the island which would be affordable for islanders to use.

Comments on any of the issues raised in the consultation document are to be sent to the Scottish Executive by 27th September 2002 and any individual can respond to this.

b) Argyll & Bute Council’s Proposed bid for a vehicular ferry at North End of Lismore.

Discussion followed regarding Argyll & Bute’s proposed bid. An e-mail sent by Mrs N Black to Mr A Gow was read out “ as per our discussions yesterday could you please confirm that the Lismore Community Council have only endorsed in principle a car ferry at the North End of Lismore. We have reserved our position with regard to fares and timetables at this stage and we feel that this bid as we have said in our letter dated 22nd July 2002 could only be acceptable if an adequate service is provided to allow travel direct from Achnacroish to Oban.” The reply read “I would confirm that the contents of your e-mail properly reflects my understanding of the current position in regard to the Community Council’s expression of support for the Transport Challenge Fund bid.

It was agreed that there would be further public meetings if the Community Council received concrete proposals on fares and timetables.

c) Caledonian MacBrayne Proposed Summer 2003 Timetable.

There were no changes to last year’s timetable.

d) Review of current Point to Port Appin Ferry Service.

There is to be a review meeting with Mr E MacKercher Foster Yeoman and members of the Community Council towards the end of next week. A notice will be on the local notice boards asking for any comments the public have concerning this service. Various points were discussed to be raised at the forthcoming meeting.

Septic Tanks

It was requested that a letter be sent to West of Scotland Water asking for a smaller vehicle to be sent over to empty the remaining tanks on the island. The larger vehicle which had been on the island was unable to access a number of houses which are still to be emptied.



a) Maintenance

It was agreed that the side drains were in need of attention and scrub and trees at the road sides needed to be cut back as visibility was very poor in some parts of the islands roads. Cllr Cameron reported that Mr Neil Brown of the roads department had been pushing for money to be made available for preventative maintenance on roads.

b) Grass Cutting Contract

Cllr Cameron reported that agreement had been given from Mr Ian Walsh to the idea of someone being employed to carry out grass cutting work on the island and it was hoped this could be combined with the Roads Department but Mr Neil Brown was not in agreement with this proposal. The grass cutting would not now be carried out until next year and Mr Walsh would look at the situation at that time with regards to someone locally carrying out this work.

Scrap Cars

It was noted that the current system in place does not appear to be working. The public are reminded that they must contact Sandra Duncan 01631 567900 if they have a car to be uplifted. The Community Council are doing everything they can to assist this operation but it is desperately slow. N Black will be contacting S Duncan to try and get the next batch uplifted in the near future. It was noted that some cars that had been paid for were still awaiting uplift.

Cadispa Report.

It was felt that this was a very useful document and thanks were given to Mr G Fagan, Mr J Grady and Rhona for all their work on the report. The public were asked for any comments or ideas to be discussed at a later date on how to move forward with this report.


A letter received from Mr & Mrs Wilson was read out and points raised in the letter were discussed at great length at the meeting.

A letter was received from The Marine Resource Initiative suggesting a public meeting be held towards the end of November to update the community on progress.

A letter was read from Mrs J Stewart regarding outline planning permission requested at the Corn Mill. It was agreed a letter be sent objecting to this development.


The possibility of a bottle bank and a paper bank was asked to be looked at. Cllr Cameron was going to look into this. It was also suggested that there should be somewhere for waste oil to be put for uplift from the island this will also be looked at by the Community Council.

Mr Livingstone had received a telephone call from Mr P Robertson from Luing Community Council asking to meet with our Community Council to discuss ferry problems. It was agreed this would be a good idea and a date is to be arranged.

A discussion took place regarding the possibility of the Road Equivalent Tariff. Cllr C Cameron stated that the Scottish Executive was not enthusiastic about this but the campaign was ongoing.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

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