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We have a number of photographs of people we cannot indentify.
We are looking for your help in indentifying them.
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Allan MacFadyen with Duncan Black holding bamboo rods, Mary MacFadyen looking on, 
circa 1935 in Port Ramsay
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  Jackie the Killandrist Clydesdale with
Jimmie MacCormick, Jim and Ken Ross
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We plan to have a photographic exhibition, featuring the people of Lismore, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, their friends, neighbours and visitors. If you have photographs of anyone associated with Lismore we would ask you to consider sharing them with us, any photographs of people at work or leisure activities, or in uniform, from the pre 1950 period or ideally the pre 1900s would be of use to us. 

We are especially interested in people who have emigrated worldwide from the Island; later in the year we will take photographs of the present day islanders and visitors during Homecoming Scotland week ( August  8th to August 14th 2009 ).

Our exhibition will open in March, and as part of Homecoming Scotland 2009, we intend publishing a booklet portraying LISMORE  FACES, as a souvenir of this important year.

Please get in touch with me if you think you can help, either send your photograph by email, or  if  you  use  the  postal  service to               
Lismore Heritage Centre, Isle of Lismore, Argyll, PA34 5UL.


I will send your original  photograph with a copy, back by return post

Over the coming weeks we are going to regularly add photos of people we have been unable to indentify. 
If you recognise any unnamed people in the photographs, please let us know.


We appreciate your past generosity, and thank you in advance for helping us to look to the future, while keeping Lismore’s past alive.




Margaret Black


Volunteer (Archives )



Colin Black  "Cailean  Mor"  with his daughters 
Mary and Agnes, Colin Black died 1924, 
aged 74 years at Balligrundle
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