Guest book entries for 2010

Name: nina

Location: napoli, Italia :(

Date: 28 December 2010


Hi! My name is Nina (I'm learning English, so forgive me if I wrong!!) I and my man, Luca, would like to live in Lismore. We are reading on a magazine about Lismore, and we are falling in love. We are booksellers and we would be liked open a bookshop, or somehow to be useful to community. Is a realizable dream? and can you give us some informations about life in Lismore? are there houses for sale?? waiting for your response, we send you a goodbye from Italy-Nina and Luca

Nina, we try and list any property for sale on the website and we feel the website gives a fair reflection on life on the Island. Not sure if there is enough residents that would make a book shop viable. You should arrange to visit sometime. In the meantime take a look at our website to find out about life on Lismore.
Best wishes from Lismore.

Name: Willy Versluys

Location: Ostend Belgium

Date: 18 December 2010


Can somebody tell me the meaning of the name "Lismore"? Near Ostend there is also a place we know as Lisje mores - Lissemores - Liefke Mores Thank you for any information. Hope to visit your community in April 2011! Willy Versluys H.Baelskaai 2 8400 Oostende Belgium

Lismore is from Gaelic "Lios Mr" which means "great garden". There are several Lismore's around the world. Check our website for the history of our island.

Name: Gail Campbell

Location: Killearn

Date: 10 November 2010


My partner Stewart and I visited Lismore on Sunday 23rd October 2010 (my 50th birthday treat). I'd heard so much about the Island from work colleagues and thought it sounded idyllic - the reality did not disappoint! The weather was stunning, not a cloud in the sky. We caught the ferry from Port Appin and then enjoyed a walk to the cafe including a wee hike up a 'view point' en route which I'm glad we didn't miss.
A farmer directed us to the cafe saying it was just beyond the kirk. We arrived at the kirk as the congregation was coming out and everyone had a few words for us strangers in town, very friendly and welcoming. Next thing a car stopped offering us a lift. I explained we were only going to the cafe, "so are we, jump in" was the response. We enjoyed a very good cup of coffee on the cafe deck with the sun splitting the skies. I said to Stewart that at that time there was nowhere in the world I'd rather be - I meant it!. We decided we'd better head off pretty sharpish or we'd miss the 3.15pm ferry. We needn't have worried, our new friends Mr & Mrs McDonald picked us up yet again and took us to the Port Ramsay turn off, then we bid them farewell and headed back to the Pier House.
Great place, great people - we will be back and for longer next time. Thank you Lismore for your hospitality & friendliness.
Stewart & Gail

Thanks for your report Gail and really pleased you enjoyed your visit

Name: David and Fiona Perry

Location: Cupar, Fife

Date: 24 October 2010


We had a great week (16-23 Oct)on this beautiful island. Saw all four seasons during our stay (in Calgary) but it didn't detract from the amazing scenery. I was overwhelmed by the interest shown in my mother's photos of our visits in 1962 and 63 (when I was very small!) and would like to thank everyone who helped put names to faces and places, especially Beth, Margaret, Duncan, Margery, Iain and Memory. We will be back!!

Name: Sandy and Alistair Stevenson

Location: Glentrool, Newton Stewart

Date: 09 October 2010


We had a lovely day on the island just a week ago meeting the very helpful and friendly volunteers in the Heritage Centre Cafe. We hope to be back again sometime soon.

We are glad you enjoyed your visit to our island.

Name: Maria Paola

Location: italy

Date: 26 September 2010


My husband and I have just been in Scotland this summer, but I read of your isle in an Italian journal only after our trip! so, now we have one more reason to come back in Scotland, a land that captured us. Your community is a symbol, it means that a better, beautiful and right way of life is possible. take care of you and of your land for all of us.



Date: 07 September 2010



Name: Ailsa

Location: Edinburgh

Date: 31 August 2010


Thanks for that Marie Claire article, folks - I'm still in stitches at the picture of Duncan 'learning to give birth to lambs.' Priceless!

Name: Kate Smith

Location: Oxford

Date: 29 August 2010


Great to be back on the island last week however briefly! A note for your bird page: we were visiting with a friend, Viv Halcrow, who conducts surveys for the RSPB, and were lucky enough to see (with binoculars to hand!) two pairs (or parents and two young) of sea eagles right over the cafe while we were eating outside, and also to hear their call. Apparently there are only around 20 to 25 nesting pairs in the whole of Scotland, some of which have been fairly recently reintroduced on Mull. This was a real treat!

Thanks for the info re the sea eagles.

Name: The Sherwoods

Location: Stourbridge UK

Date: 14 August 2010


We love the island and visited it twice with our bikes and plan to come back. We especially liked the visitors centre and enjoyed the Museum and Cafe. The caramel shortcake was the best...

Name: Martin and Gill Hale

Location: Poole Dorset

Date: 14 August 2010


We had another cracking week on Lismore in March. Otherwise the last nine months have held one disaster after another for us. However, having booked another fortnight in October, life seems better already! It is still only August and already we are planning our trip and almost bouncing off the walls in our impatience to get back to the island. We are always so happy there.

Name: Alex and Elke

Location: Berlin, Germany

Date: 13 August 2010


We were enchanted by the beautiful sites and the heart-warming welcome of the people in Scotland. We enjoyed staying and will be back for sure. Hope to see Scotland and Lismore soon. Special regards for our Malcolm, we missed him at this day 12.08.2010, son of the island!

Name: Wilma Carlin

Location: Kenmore, Perthshire

Date: 02 August 2010


We came to the island today, the 2nd August and brought our bikes from Port Appin. We had a lovely cycle to the lighthouse area and to the castle ruin. We also made two visits to the cafe and were pleased to be served good coffee and cakes with better service than any I have had in Highland Perthshire recently! I also bought 2 cord pulls from the shop at the cafe and think they are just perfect. Thanks to whoever made them. I like the website as it has already let us see that a house for the week is cheaper than the mainland . I hope you keep your own identity on Lismore as a lot of places have lost their individuality.

Name: Peter Cass

Location: Australia

Date: 02 August 2010


My ancestor, Donald Black and his wife Mary McIntyre emigrated to Australia arriving in Victoria in 1852. Both Donald Black and Mary McIntyre were from Lismore: based on the parish records his family came from Point Fiart and hers from Achinduin. We will be visiting Lismore in September and hope to learn a little more about where they lived. Donald and Mary Black died in North Laen, Victoria and are buried in the cemetery there.

Name: Paul Walker

Location: Brough East Yorkshire

Date: 31 July 2010


2nd of June, visited my brother Alan and his wife Tina and daughter Rebecca, had a fabulous time, the island, its folk and everything was just great, visiting again in October

Name: Charles Burnet

Location: Sydney, Australia

Date: 19 July 2010


Hi, This is a terrific site.
My great grandmother, Mary McCaig was born at Killandrist in 1847. Her parents were Donald McCaig and Ann McIntyre. I am hoping to visit Lismore at the end of this year, and I am really looking forward to it. Any tips on accommodation?
Regards, Charles Burnet.

Hi Charles, accommodation is listed on our website- holiday cottages, B&B.

Name: Evelyn Johnson

Location: Bearsden

Date: 12 July 2010


This website is fantastic, what a great resource, I especially liked the old photographs. I visited Lismore last week and the folk I met in the Heritage Centre were so friendly and helpful to me in my search for information on James Stewart (cotter) and Mary Connel both born on Lismore in the 1770's. Also a big thanks to Laura (genealogist) for the help, advice and getting us back to the ferry on time. I loved Lismore and I'm planning a follow up visit later in the year.

Name: Margaret A. Miller

Location: Virginia USA

Date: 11 July 2010


Members of my family and I visited Lismore on Monday, June 28. (My brother, Bob Wilcox, sister, Barbara Bitetto, and members of our families were on the trip.)
Lismore is the birthplace of our great grandmother, Margaret MacDougall, who migrated with her family to south-western Minnesota in the 1880s.
The weather was perfect for our visit. I was deeply affected by the beauty of the water and mountains we saw from the ferry on our way to the island from Oban. I was also struck by the beauty and charm of the island.
I enjoyed the visit tremendously and plan to return.

Name: Becky and Tamsin Cass

Location: Cumbria

Date: 10 July 2010


Thank you to everyone who made us so welcome during our stay on the island. We had a great time despite (because of?) the weather and felt that we got a real insight into island life. See you all again on our return.

Name: liz lauritzen

Location: East Yorkshire

Date: 08 July 2010


we have just spent the most wonderful 3 weeks in Port Ramsey. We loved the island, the scenery and wildlife were amazing, the facilities excellent - the service in the cafe, the folk who manned the museum, David in the shop, and the very special church and the congregation. We shall be back! Thank you to everyone who was so friendly and helpful.

Name: Lynn Brown

Location: Bedford, England

Date: 07 July 2010


Planning a trip to Lismore in the summer and I found this site very useful. My gt gt grandmother Margaret (Peggy) McCorquodale b 1822 came from Lismore and I'm looking forward to seeing where she grew up. I see there are still families of that name on the island - I wonder if they are distant relatives?

Name: Liz Bartonowicz

Location: Methil, Fife

Date: 01 July 2010


Hi Everybody, Just to say Norrie and I had a fabulous holiday at Point Cottage from 19th June 2010. Its the best holiday we've ever had and you all made us feel so welcome. Skye, our beautiful Lismore collie pup is thriving, now 11 weeks old. I wish I could send you our pics but that side of the system is down at the moment. We want to come back ASAP so can we book direct with you?
Will post another message soon, please keep in touch
Lots of love from all of us

Glad you enjoyed your stay - see you again soon

Name: Maudeen

Location: Dundee

Date: 25 June 2010


Thank you. Really enjoyed my visit and drank in all the beauty.
It's a long time since I've sung Facail Lismore to other than myself :-) However, I recall it's pathos and no wonder as a visit to this website reminds me.
Rather good when you are a highlander sitting at your desk to be transported by the flick of the mouse into all these beauties, sunsets, fishing, snow clad bens,wildflowers, bog cotton, butterflies, dragonflies and the crosses. Also to meet the people including the Rev Dr Roderick. At the end of a day's work, the gentle tales were delightful.
Moran taing.

Name: Chrissie S.

Location: Lismore, Australia

Date: 19 June 2010


I've just been watching your slide show of wonderful photographs and I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed them very much. It was a treat to see the tranquil, unspoiled and beautiful island that our City of Lismore is named after. My husband (who is from Calgary, Canada) and I hope to get a chance to visit one day in the not-too-distant future. A very interesting and informative site, thank you.

Thank you for your appreciation of our website. I visited your city a few years ago and it was lovely. Your museum was most interesting.

Name: Joan and Terry Utterson

Location: Earsdon Village tyne and Wear

Date: 14 June 2010


We normally visit the island once a year for our summer holiday with Dave and Kate Mcsween but were surprised and honoured to be invited to join in and celebrate Margery McDonald's '90th birthday'. What an honour and such a lovely day for us. Looking forward to our holiday at Achnicroish in August.
We have a problem about a car for the few days we are staying there anyone who can help with the hire of a small runabout can contact Memory' or 'Margery McDonald' for us.

Name: Jenny Dowell

Location: Lismore NSW Australia

Date: 01 June 2010


Greetings to Lismore Scotland from Lismore Australia (New South Wales)
Tomorrow is the Country Women's Association's International Day. The Lismore Branch hosts the day and this year's Country of study is Scotland. It is therefore appropriate that I talk about your Lismore when I address the gathering.
Jenny Dowell

Thank you Jenny, we hope you all have a great day. Best regards from Lismore, Scotland.

Name: sandy livingston

Location: nova scotia

Date: 29 May 2010


Doing some genealogy work on my ancestors, beautiful place, I don't know why they would want to leave.

Some did not have any choice about leaving Lismore or other places.

Name: Jo Ann Stewart

Location: Okton, VA USA

Date: 25 May 2010


My sister and I are looking forward to visiting Lismore in late October early November. We want to visit the grave of our ancestor Donald Stewart (Donald of the Hammers) and would like to meet any Stewarts still living there.

Name: john s williamson

Location: san diego ca. usa

Date: 23 May 2010


I am going to be on the island in June and I am trying to find a way to visit the Lismore lighthouse. As my father was the lighthouse keeper many years ago . Could you tell me how I might get there

Name: Bonnie Bowman Thurston

Location: West Virginia, USA

Date: 22 May 2010


Marvellous web site! Thank you. I hope to visit June 1, 2010

Thank you, enjoy your visit.

Name: john and mimi abeles

Location: florida

Date: 19 May 2010


It was lovely meeting Morag and Richard, Rhoda and Pauline Dowling. Thanks for the chat and hospitality. Also thanks to Beth Campbell at the cafe.
John and Mimi Abeles
Boca Raton

Name: Sue Huzzey ( nee Smith)

Location: Devizes, Wiltshire.

Date: 17 May 2010


Hello to all on Lismore!! We had a wonderful week staying in cousin Robbie's house in Port Ramsay at the beginning of May, and we just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who made us feel so welcome. The weather stayed mainly dry and fine for us, so we were able to follow our hobbies of walking, cycling and painting watercolours. A big "hello" to Dorothy the lovely taxi lady, David from the shop and of course, Aunt Mairi and Mary. It was lovely to see you all.

Name: Ted McCormick

Location: Laurinburg, N.C. USA in Scotland County

Date: 08 May 2010


My G-G-G-Grandfather was Duncan McCormag (McCormick) was born in Appin on December 18, 1758 and he married Katherine Carmichael from Lismore. They sailed from Appin on August 10, 1791 with their new baby daughter Katherine (born 1791)and arrived in the port of Wilmington,N. C. (USA) on November 11, 1791. On the same boat was Duncan's brother John and his wife Mary, and their cousin, Rev. John McIntyre and his family. If anyone has any information concerning my relatives, I would appreciate a response.

Name: John Atkinson

Location: Warrington, Cheshire

Date: 06 May 2010


A beautiful and tranquil island. Keep it special.

We will. Thank you.

Name: Mr and Mrs Strain

Location: Paisley

Date: 03 May 2010


We visited Lismore on Easter weekend and thought the island was beautiful. We returned on 2 May 2010 and cycled the island. The scenery is stunning and the new born lambs were lovely.
The cafe on the island is very nice with spotlessly clean toilets and the staff are very friendly. We will definitely return to see more of this lovely island.

Name: Jennifer B

Location: Lismore

Date: 27 April 2010


Congratulations, Jim, on that amazing film of the otters!

Thanks Jennifer.

Name: Trish Wesley Umbrell

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

Date: 24 April 2010


You have a very fine website! I especially enjoy 'flora & fauna' and 'gentle tales'. My husband Mike and I look forward to a return visit to Lismore one day, this time with our young girls. Keep up the good work!

Glad you enjoy the website and thank you for the positive feedback.

Name: Dave Taylor & Irene

Location: Lundin Links, Fife

Date: 19 April 2010


Can't believe a week ago we were basking in the most unbelievable sunshine on Lismore and even got sunburnt! What a fantastic week we had with some of our family, along with a new visitor who has fallen for the island as well! Nice to catch up with friends although it's a busy time for so many with the lambing. Great to see the cafe in such good hands and thoroughly enjoyed our evening meal there on Wednesday night. Thanks to the lady who kindly gave us some string to tie up my walking boot sole which came adrift between the Monument and Achnachroish - the remedy only lasted to the school when Dave had to rip off the complete sole, however at least I was on tarmac by then and not marsh! Hope to be back before too long so save us some of your good weather.

Glad to hear you enjoyed our island.

Name: Caren Maxwell

Location: South Africa

Date: 09 April 2010


I'm fortunate to have a photograph of my Great-Great Grandfather Macintyre standing outside a croft in Lismore, dated June 1934. He had a son Archibald who married a Bessie Forgrieve, we know that they settled in Grangemouth, but Archibald visited the Isle Lismore often. I have been told that Archibald was a sea-pilot, If anyone has any information I would love to hear from you.

Hi Caren, if you send a copy of the photograph we will put it on the website, if you wish. It may also help jog someone's memory of him.

Name: Ruth Skelton

Location: Manchester

Date: 30 March 2010


My family and I are coming to Lismore again after Easter. We fell in love with the island a few years ago and visited again last year. Can't wait to be back again. Could anyone advise me of any good boat trips round the area? There are 5 of us, plus well behaved but large dog, and we would like to see some wildlife and surrounding scenery. Thank you.

Hi Ruth, go to this website to find what is available in this area. or just Google "boat trips Oban".

Name: Marshall Walker

Location: New Zealand

Date: 27 March 2010


The island took possession of me in childhood and still casts a unique spell, my 'island that likes to be visited', like the fairy island J.M. Barrie made up for his heroine in 'Mary Rose'. My father taught me to fish in lochs Kilcheran and Fiart. My mother's ashes were scattered from the cairn on the Barr Mor. Though now in my seventies with home at the bottom of the world I refuse to believe I'll never be back again.

Hey Marshall - seventies are the new fifties and we are sure you will be back - In the meantime hopefully our website will keep you in touch.

Name: Val Mott

Location: Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

Date: 23 March 2010


I have loved looking at the photos of your island and reading about it.
Thank Captain Stuart for giving me the website address and I will return to keep up to date!
Obergugl March 2010.

Name: stefania romani (journalist)

Location: italy

Date: 23 March 2010


Dear Madam, dear Sir
I'm a journalist from Italy and for a monthly magazine we would be interested to publish a story on the isle of Lismore. The idea would be to come there with a photographer in April for few days and have the possibility to meet some of the residents to photograph and interview.
Could you please tell me which person I can get in touch with in order to ask for some information? if you give me a phone number or email would be great.
Thank you so much and look forward to hearing from you soon
my email address is:
best regards
stefania romani
+ 39 335 1339815

Name: Sheila Blake


Date: 07 March 2010


I am the great grand daughter of Donald Macintyre who is buried in the cemetery at Lismore. My grandmother was Christina and she had a sister called Dolly. They went to school in Port Appin. I wonder if someone could take a picture of the gravestone and send it to me. He drowned off Kerrerra.

Sheila, I'll be happy to do that for you and email it to you. I've removed your details for privacy but have your email address.

Name: Jim Burgess

Location: Suffolk

Date: 03 March 2010


My wife and I have decided to return to Scotland after some fifty years in England after leaving Edinburgh and Fife respectively. My wife is a painter and I am an architect (retired). We are hoping to move to your lovely and ancient island and join your community later this year.

Maybe we will meet you later in the year. We have a thriving art club on the island, which may be of interest.

Name: Robert Bush

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Date: 02 March 2010


I spent my childhood summer holidays on the island. At the time my family lived in Edinburgh. What a delight to come across your website. Many happy memories flood back - dancing on a Saturday night at the hall, visiting seals, fishing, rounding up sheep for the boat to Appin. Old Jack Ski of Appin and his tank landing craft with my father driving the Morris onto it for the journey across to Lismore. One day I must return.
Great to hear that 180 people still live on Lismore. Is there electricity? The hall had film shows and ran a generator using an old motor bike in the 1960s to generate electricity, I recall.

Hi Robert, yes we have electricity now-since 1970. Glad to hear your fond memories of the island.

Name: Colette Walker

Location: Stoker's Cottage , Lismore

Date: 28 February 2010


Hi there,
My son Jacob was asked to write a poem at school of a landscape that inspired him and he chose to be inspired by a photograph and an experience he had on Lismore last Summer and Christmas holidays. Hope you like it.
Colette and Duncan

Stoker's Cottage by Jacob Walker aged 12

On an island called Lismore,
There is a cottage, alone on the shore.
Surrounded by trees and the deep blue sea,
It is a place where you're born to be free.

In the distance, all the mountains stand high,
Soaring above bright clouds in the sky.
They tower above the trees and the hills.
Like a lion moving in for a kill.

But there in the middle, it stands out most,
A little white cottage on the coast.
And as it faces out to the sea,
I know it is the cottage for me.

Name: David Gray

Location: Bakewell Derbyshire

Date: 26 February 2010


Accommodation wanted Sunday 30 May 2010
We are a group of 7 cyclists who are spending a week touring part of the Western Isles. We would love to visit Lismore and ideally stay overnight there. We do not all need to be in the same location but we do need to be close to somewhere where we can all eat together in the evening. We require 3 doubles or twins and 1 single.
If anyone can help can you please let Teenie know as she has my contact details.
Many thanks
David Gray

Name: Kate Berger

Location: London

Date: 21 February 2010


Just back from Lismore today and missing it so much already! We were 2 mums taking 4 little ones (5 and under) up to you for half term. We had the most beautiful February weather (sun, snow, sun, sun) and even ate outside one day... albeit in coats. One of my favourite places in the world... so beautiful, so friendly... can't wait to come back. Thank you to everyone who made us feel so welcome... the shop, Archie, the visitors centre, the ferries.

Name: Beth Campbell

Location: Lismore

Date: 04 February 2010


Would like to add our congratulations to Jane on your marriage and Dugald on the birth of your son. Delighted you have named him Ross. Your dad was very loved by all our family. From all the Campbell clan - Baligrundle

Name: Jeanette Hoffmann

Location: Wattston,By Airdrie

Date: 01 February 2010


Ken Ross's childhood memories took me right back to my own memories. When I saw the photo of Craigie the horse it brought back lovely memories when we stayed in the cottage(But and Ben) on the McCormacks farm. I now hope to revisit Lismore easter time. Fabulous site
Jeanette Hoffmann

Thanks Jeanette, see you at Easter maybe.

Name: Katie

Location: Edinburgh

Date: 28 January 2010


Great site, told me everything I needed to know and more. We are staying up this way in Sept this year and will definitely visit your Isle. Beautiful photo's too by the way!

Thanks Katie, glad you like the site. The island is worth a visit too.

Name: Ina Maccoll

Location: Isle of Lismore

Date: 20 January 2010


Hello and congratulations to Jane and James on their marriage and also congratulations to Dugald and Selena on the birth of their son (what a lovely name). Best wishes to you all from all on Lismore who remember you and all your family.
Love Ina

Name: Jane Bradley (nee MacArthur)

Location: Yeovil, Somerset

Date: 14 January 2010


Just a wee note to let everyone on Lismore know that my brother, Dugald and his wife, Selena had a little boy in December. They've called him Ross after his grandfather.

Name: Katharine McColl

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Date: 13 January 2010


Many thanks for such a charming and interesting website. I hope to visit Lismore some day, to experience the beautiful island my McColl and Graham ancestors came from. Your website serves as a welcoming and informative introduction.

Name: Wilma Livingstone

Location: Canada

Date: 11 January 2010


My McColl Ancestors came from Lismore and I would love to connect with anyone that have the same Ancestors. Hugh McColl m Mary McLaren - Kinlochlaich Samuel McColl m Janet Campbell - Killandrist. Samuel was the Postmaster, Session Clerk and Headmaster, and died 1862 and Janet died 1886. Children: Hugh b.1810, Angus b.1814, Euphemia b. 1817, Lily b. 1819, Anne b. 1821, Donald b. 1823, Magdeline b. 1825, John b. 1831, Mary 1833, ** Alexander Campbell McColl b. 1834, Janet b. 1835. A number of the children moved to the Glasgow area. **Alexander Campbell McColl lived in England as well as Scotland and finally settled in Boston, Mass. Would love to hear from anyone with these names in their Tree.
Wilma - Canada

Name: sharron shaw

Location: Kendal Cumbria England

Date: 10 January 2010


Hello I just left a message but on reading more of the posts I thought I would, if that's ok, leave my email address for anyone who would like to contact me.
My links are Carmichael, McColl, McFarlane from Portcharron, Lismore dating back to (as early as I have so far) 1785.
Would love to hear if anyone has information relating to my family.
Best wishes
Sharron Shaw

Name: sharron shaw

Location: Kendal Cumbria, England

Date: 10 January 2010


Lovely web-site - thank you to those who are responsible for its upkeep. I have just discovered that my maternal ancestors come from Lismore. In particular my GGGG Grandfather James Carmichael b. 1785 who married Mary McColl. We haven't got farther back yet but are working on it. Isabella Carmichael, my GGG Grandmother married Dugald McFarlane in the 1850s. From what I have learned from your site, Carmichael is indigenous to Lismore, but I believe McFarlane is indigenous to Arrochar, so perhaps the McFarlanes moved to the island as suggested.
Perhaps one day I can visit - I really hope so. In the meantime, once again thank you for offering me the opportunity to know a little more of my roots.

Name: Mike Carmichael

Location: Carrollton, Texas USA (Dallas area)

Date: 05 January 2010


In the process of doing our Carmichael family, I found your website. I believe 6 generations ago, Hugh Carmichael married Elizabeth Campbell on Lismore. He immigrated to Canada, and later other relatives moved to the USA. Are there still Carmichaels on Lismore?

Name: Jim & June

Location: Perth

Date: 02 January 2010


Hope you all had a good Christmas and a great New Year.
See you soon

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