Guest book entries for 2009

Name: Katie

Location: Edinburgh

Date: 28 January 2010


Great site, told me everything I needed to know and more. We are staying up this way in Sept this year and will definitely visit your Isle. Beautiful photos too by the way!

Name: Pat Coley

Location: Perth, West Australia

Date: 29 December 2009


David and I would like to wish everyone on Lismore a very Happy New Year for 2010. We thoroughly enjoyed our 2 day visit to Lismore in August for the Homecoming, you all live in a beautiful part of the world, still can not get over how quiet it was. The photos on your web sight are amazing made us feel we were there again. I am still looking for any of my McColl family, maybe Archie is a relative after all!! I was also wondering if the books about Lismore are available to purchase via the Heritage centre. If you can let me know I would be grateful.
Pat and David Coleyemail

Name: James McDonald Colgan

Location: presently Warwickshire

Date: 14 December 2009


Just popped bye to say "Hello" and refresh the tired old batteries! I wish you all on the island a kind winter, health and happiness to you all.

Name: Shannon Livingstone

Location: Boise, Idaho, USA

Date: 07 December 2009


The pictures I viewed are very beautiful.

Shannon, thank you very much, have a lovely Christmas.

Name: Rachel Smith

Location: South of France

Date: 14 November 2009


Home to scotland on the 26th of Nov, cant wait to see Lismore and everyone on it!! x

Name: Eilidh

Location: Forfar, Angus, Scotland

Date: 30 October 2009


I came here in October 2006 with my parents and older brother. We stayed at a wee cottage right on the waterfront and it was the best Scottish holiday I've ever been on. It's so secluded, the people are so friendly and lovely and the scenery is absolutely stunning. I plan to go back with friends some time in the future if possible and would recommend this little island to anyone wanting a relaxing get-away.
Age 16 :)

Name: Jennifer B

Location: Lismore

Date: 27 October 2009


Fantastic photographs of Duncan's 21st. I'm so sorry I missed it!
Congratulations to him (and to the photographer).

Name: Harriet Challis-Jones (ne Carmichael)

Location: Anglesey Wales

Date: 26 October 2009


I thought I'd let you know that my father Seumas Carmichael (the last of Rev Ian Carmichael's children) passed away aged 81 on the 9th October 2009.

Harriet, thank you for letting us know and we send our sympathy to you and your family

Name: Rhona from the McCaig line

Location: England

Date: 26 October 2009


I am trying to find my connection to the McCaig line from Lismore. My late Grandfather wrote that they were Cousins. My best clue would be to trace the Ancestry of Malcolm McCaig d1834 of Baligarve, Lismore. Could anyone give me any information on his Birth, Marriage, Parents and-or Siblings, please?

Rhona - we have had an email from someone trying to contact you with information but we do not have contact details for you - please could you email us.

Name: Beth, Dave & Andrei

Location: Corrour Station

Date: 18 October 2009


Congratulations to both Duncan & Diarmid on their graduations- well done guys.
See you in December

Name: Shauna McIntyre

Location: Lismore, NSW, Australia

Date: 15 October 2009


G'day from Lismore, NSW Australia. We will be visiting Scotland in November and look forward to visiting Lismore for the Book Fair. We will bring a book from Lismore, NSW Australia for the fair. Look forward to seeing you there.
Kind regards,
Shauna McIntyre

Name: Heidi

Location: oban

Date: 12 October 2009


Luvin the pics of diarmid and cute having there wee tea party!!!

Name: Seamus McAtavie

Location: Twickenham

Date: 12 October 2009


I really enjoyed the photo slide show on your site. Reading the visitor comments makes me want to go and visit you. See you!

Name: Nicola Scanlon

Location: Lismore NSW Australia

Date: 27 September 2009


I am living in Lismore NSW which was named after your island by a couple who honeymooned there. Up until today I thought it was called after Lismore in Waterford Ireland!

Name: Stacy Bergot Campbell

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Date: 25 September 2009


I am so happy that I found this website. What an interesting peak into my family history! Lismore looks beautiful and I would love to come and visit one day.

Name: Tony and Suzy

Location: Sheffield, England

Date: 08 September 2009


We visited Lismore while staying at The Pierhouse in Port Appin. We had a quick walk around but we unfortunately didn't venture as far as your cafe or visitors' centre because we had no idea how far we needed to walk and didn't want to risk missing the last ferry before lunchtime. We heard from some other visitors that it was another two miles down the road but they hadn't found it either. A few signs along the road with distances clearly marked would be a good idea...

Sorry to hear that you had problems. We will pass your suggestions onto the Heritage Centre

Name: Marilyn Monsour

Location: Australia

Date: 06 September 2009


I enjoyed looking at your site. I am descended from Angus McNicol and Janet McCorquodale with names like McColl and McGlashan in the line too. I would love to hear from any one else with an interest in this line. Keep up the good work. Marilyn

Name: Peter and Sheila Walker

Location: Redmire, Nrth Yorkshire

Date: 01 September 2009


Visited Lismore last year while on holiday in Oban, it was so beautiful we couldn't wait to go back this year. It was every bit as good as we had remembered. Beautiful island, very friendly people, roll on 2010 for our next visit.

Name: Sue Robertson

Location: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Date: 25 August 2009


Late afternoon on August 8th, I arrived from Port Appin to walk for a couple of hours on this historical home of my paternal Grandmother's ancestors, innocently arriving just at the Opening of Lismore's Homecoming'09 Festivities. Hospitality knows no bounds in this peaceful, beautiful, creative oasis, as I immediately find myself swept up in genuine welcome and inclusion and nurture and multi-talented bi-lingual entertainment.
Best of all was being generously and trustingly gathered in to stay for two nights with Bob and Dot Hay in their wonderful and unique stone house, so that I could have an indelible experience of the inbred characteristics so fervently ascribed to my grandmother by all who were fortunate to know her. Lismore and the wonderful residents I met will be a favourite place for the rest of my life. Thank you.

Name: Eva Tombs

Location: Edinburgh

Date: 24 August 2009


Thank you everyone on Lismore who made the homecoming so special. You, the people of Lismore, certainly know how to make visitors feel welcome. How do you manage to keep that community spirit alive when mostly it has died everywhere else?

Name: Sarah, Wullie, Flora and Kirstie Anderson

Location: East Yorkshire

Date: 19 August 2009


What a fantastic week the home coming was, we were at Point House with 6 more of our family and we enjoyed all we did, the Ceilidh master class on the tues eve was the childrens high light but we enjoyed the walk on Wed and the theatre and the concert and ceilidh on Fri, so well organised and the bus running to and from the ferry was a boon, another brilliant holiday on your fantastic island always sad to leave.

Name: Lindsey Farrow

Location: Chorley, Lancashire

Date: 18 August 2009


Just enjoyed my second holiday in Lismore. Caught my first fish ever (mackeral) and had it on the BBQ! The cafe is great - I'm a cake addict now. Enjoyed the island games (see my pictures on the news link). Already booked for next year - thanks again Lismore.

Name: fiona lees

Location: morpeth

Date: 17 August 2009


congratulations to everybody who organised the homecoming week, we all had a very enjoyable day on the Wednesday.

Name: Matthews Family

Location: Aberdeen

Date: 16 August 2009


We anchored overnight in Port Ramsay during our cruise in our small boat around Firth of Lorn and Sound of Mull in July 2009. We went for a walk from there over to the Port Appin ferry pier via the road, then back around Rubh Aird Ghainimh in the setting sun - beautiful scenery. Would love to come back sometime and explore the island fully.

Name: Annabel

Location: Queensland, Australia

Date: 10 August 2009


Wow! The photos on this site are truly amazing (especially the insects and birds mid-flight) and I thoroughly enjoyed flicking through each one. Your photographer is very modest, if it were me I would have plastered my name on each one to tell the world how good I am! Well done.

Name: Darvel John silda

Location: Loveland, Colorado, U.S.A.

Date: 08 August 2009


What a beautiful place. I am doing research on purchasing a place to retire.

Name: Dave & Irene

Location: Fife

Date: 29 July 2009


We're writing on behalf of ourselves, children and grandchildren now that we are back from ten days at Point, to say thanks to all our friends on Lismore for their hospitality and everyone who made the raft race and sports day such a great event - the family all had a ball and a couple of them would like to say that they appreciated the support (or sympathy!) when they came in last in the adult raft race - sorry Mark in the safety boat for soaking you so often says son-in-law!! The fishing was great with the expert tuition from Archie & Calum McGillivary and we always appreciate the 'kent' faces who come to visit us when we are over.
Should be back in September, so can you arrange the same fabulous weather for us - our suntans are the envy of our friends back here!!



Date: 22 July 2009


Can't wait to get back there! We are coming to stay once again at our beautiful secret hideaway. If the sun shines well that's a bonus.

Name: Alasdair MacCorquodale

Location: Aberdeen

Date: 05 July 2009


Excellent slideshow.

Name: Frank and Sue Cain

Location: New Brighton, Wirral

Date: 27 June 2009


We visited Lismore while we were on holiday in Oban last week and we were enchanted by it. The scones in the team room were wonderful. It's a great place to visit and to walk around for a day - we recommend it!

Name: Jim MacGregor

Location: East Kilbride

Date: 11 June 2009


I've just been reading Donald Black's truly excellent book "A tale Or Two From Lismore" and find it great reading.As I've been researching my Lismore family ancestors for a few years now,I find the stories very interesting,and I'm being able to paint a bigger picture of their lives and habits on the Island.Altho' very informative,I find myself craving for more information on some of the islanders mentioned.As an example,there's a chapter on Lachlan MacDonald...can anyone verify that Lachlan was the son of Hugh Macdonald and Ann McCaig?There are other small questions that I would love answered so,if someone would be good enough to give me contact details of Donald,or tell him of my post,I would be very grateful.
Many thanks,

Name: christopher dean

Location: goole (east yorkshire)

Date: 09 June 2009


were coming to Oban next year, going to pop over for a cup of tea and some home made cake. and maybe a wee dram.
see you all next July

Name: Maurice and Sheila Wilkins

Location: Arduaine, Argyll

Date: 07 June 2009


We've just returned from another visit to your beautiful island! Brilliant sunshine and wonderful wild flowers. Although we're so close we must come over to stay for a few days - one day at a time is not enough!
We enjoyed the new(ish) cafe too, enjoyed a good walk and took many photographs. We will return!
Maurice Wilkins

Name: Lesley Couch

Location: Halifax West Yorkshire

Date: 07 June 2009


Two friends & I recently stayed on Lismore - we had the best holiday ever. I had visited for a day from Oban the previous year & knew I wanted to come back. We weren't disappointed. Great walking & kayaking in the sea loch & bay near 'our' house. We stayed at Calgary Cottage. Mr & Mrs Livingstone were great hosts, very welcoming. Our best wishes to them. We'll be back in 2010

Name: David Cochrane-Cartwright

Location: Bath, England

Date: 04 June 2009


Lismore looks fantastic. I have in my possession a wooden tray with a label "Lismore Butler's Tray." It is kidney-shaped and has recesses for glasses and a decanter in the middle. Any one ever heard of a similar one?

Name: Suzie Tom, Callum Megan and Jessie Paton and Paton and clan

Location: Fairford, Cotswolds

Date: 01 June 2009


We had our best day of the holiday on Lismore last week, cycling with our three children and their two cousins. I hadn't been on a bike for 15 years, so it was a bit of a struggle up your hills, but luckily I had my 7 year old daughter Megan on the trailer bike behind with helpful(?) tips! Everyone we met was very friendly and helpful and the island was so beautiful. We all appreciated the number and variety of birds we saw. The museum was brilliant and the children loved the historical stories. Thank you all!

Name: Jenny Martin

Location: Co Clare Ireland

Date: 26 May 2009


Get the gin & tonics out david, the irish are coming!

Name: Rob Hodsdon

Location: Bournemouth

Date: 22 May 2009


I miss Lismore a great deal, I originally bought Rowantree cottage with Andy Fairclough but had to pull out because of my wifes health, but I wish all on Lismore well and who knows I might make it back there one day. Robby

Name: Eilidh Mac Namara (Smith)

Location: Doolin, Co. Clare Ireland.

Date: 21 May 2009


Just spent the last hour looking at website, (meant to be doing accounts!), website is great. Getting very excited about coming home for the long summer holidays. I hope the tar will be melting on the road this year. David, get the sweety stock up, the wee macs will be tramping the road to the shop on a daily, possibly hourly basis if they can get away with it. We can hardly wait!!!!!!

Name: Sue Huzzey

Location: Devizes, Wiltshire

Date: 20 May 2009


Collected my copy of "Lismore the Great Garden" by Robert Hay this morning from our local bookshop. I am really looking forward to reading it, starting tonight, seeing as I have family connections with the island.
Was a bit shocked at the price though, (20), but I am hoping it is worth every penny. I will give a review when I have finished it.

Name: Sandy Stevenson

Location: Tasmania Australia

Date: 19 May 2009


I am descended from John & Lucy McColl from the Isle of Lismore and would like to find out where they are buried.

Name: elaine walker

Location: larkrise

Date: 04 May 2009


I remember staying on Lismore in my teens with my family some 25-30 years ago and how much I loved the scenery, the comparative simplicity of the lifestyle and the peace. Those memories have never left me and one day I hope to return. Obviously things will have changed somewhat, but those holidays in my formative years have coloured the way I choose spend my leisure days, and those of my children too.

Name: Elwen & Kenny Morrison

Location: North Wales

Date: 04 May 2009


Visited your Island Saturday before Easter 2009, had a lovely walk into the new Heritage centre, left it late the display and the house were closed. It was a wonderful place to be.

Name: Rhona (half of Mr & Mrs Long)

Location: Leicester

Date: 01 May 2009


Ah thank you for lending us a bit of the island for a bit of our honeymoon. Apologies to so many of you for not nipping in to say hello, we didn't like to disturb! but intend to try and be back a little later in the year. x

Name: Thomas Geddes

Location: Dundee

Date: 19 April 2009


Just visited today and was in seventh Heaven. Loved the new cafe at the heritage site. Very eco-friendly building. I'll be back.

Name: Paul Walker

Location: East Yorkshire

Date: 14 April 2009


My brother Alan, Tina, Rebekah Walker have just moved onto the island to live, they say its a great place to live, with wonderful warm and friendly folk, looking to the day when I can come and visit, best wishes Paul

Name: Angela Field

Location: Campsite Barcaldine, Oban

Date: 09 April 2009


Nice website. Good links to ferry timetables. We would love to receive more information by post or hand as to what is happening on Lismore for us to pass on to our campers.
Angela Field
Holiday Site Manager
Camping and Caravanning Club Site
Argyll PA37 1SG

Name: Jane

Location: Glasvegas....

Date: 02 April 2009


Can't wait to come home for lunch on Saturday with Katy and the Gurglies... Here's hoping the weather will be glorious so that we can sit outside at the Cafe!

Name: Brenda Le Blanc

Location: Raleigh Nc

Date: 02 April 2009


Just learned that my ancestors are from this beautiful place who were the Carmichaels who went to SC. One day I hope to visit this breathtaking country with my husband and children.

Name: Linda James

Location: Stonehaven

Date: 26 March 2009


Was in Oban for a few days holiday recently and took a sail to Lismore and back on the last evening of my holiday. I wish I had discovered Lismore sooner! I'm now making plans to visit the island for a week and your website has answered all my questions about things to do and see and accommodation. Thank you. And, if you can, say hello to the lovely local lady I met at the slipway while waiting for the ferry that evening. I didn't ask her name but we had a great blether about Tesco dropping off her shopping and Brasher boots!! Can't wait to come back! Hope to see you all soon.


Location: East Kilbride

Date: 09 March 2009


Hi all. After having read the piece about Hugh Anderson, I thought that I would look into it. Hugh's father was Colin Anderson, Physician and surgeon and his mother was Janet Anderson ms McGregor. I took this from Hugh's marriage cert to his second wife, Annie Jones. I'm having a wee bit bother submitting this, so if I can help any further on this subject, please get in touch. regards, Jim.

Thanks Jim will pass onto the homecoming team

Name: Mark and Clare Kirkham

Location: New Zealand (ex appin)

Date: 01 March 2009


Brilliant site ,brings back so many memories like the highland games and everybody pileing into the back of an old transit (about 16 of us) to get to the site.

Name: James Dawson MacGregor

Location: United Kingdom

Date: 27 February 2009


Hi all. Hope that you are all well. I am hoping that someone can help me. I have been researching my MacColl side of the family and have come across the placename Auchinacross, Appin. Is there such a place, or was it maybe Achnacroish? FAO Joan from NZ. I have Archibald MacColl b.c1841 m Catherine. Is this the same Archibaald in your tree? I would love to view your Tree, and anyone would be more than welcome in viewing mine.I am researching MacGregor,Buchanan,MacColl,McGheil,Livingston,Keith and McPhail.
Kind regards, Jim Macgregor

Hi Jim - I have never heard of a place called Auchinacross in Appin. However someone may know different.

Name: Tracey Crawford

Location: UK

Date: 27 February 2009


Thank you for the site! Am finding relatives in my genealogy research who came from Lismore so will be visiting with Family soon. Surnames so far are Black and McIntyre. A genealogy link would be great!!

Hi Tracy - We will consider a genealogy section at our next meeting - thanks for suggestion. Have you considered visiting during our homecoming celebrations

Name: Todd Dunaway

Location: Northern California USA

Date: 26 February 2009


Great web site! I was actually led to your site by an entry into an old antique "longfellow" poem book I purchased years ago. It has a hand written entry on the first page written in the year 1888 by some visiting Catholic clergymen thanking a Miss Olive Sopwith for a tour of the old College of Lismore, which my research tells me was a monastery on your Island. Is this correct? Are there any descendents with the name Sopwith still on the Island?

Name: Joan Tremewan

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Date: 24 February 2009


I have so many of my McColl forbears who were born on Lismore that I feel a very special affinity with it. The only one I know of for sure is Archibald McColl born c17 jul 1839. I have formed a family tree but not based on real evidence.

Name: Jane Finbow

Location: East Anglia

Date: 07 February 2009


My grandmother used to talk about Lismore, having been told about the island by her grandmother, whose parents were born and grew up there. In 2007 I visited for the first time, bringing my mother (who had previously been on a day trip) and daughter. We think that we found the McCorquodale croft, the home of our ancestors, and we certainly found the beautiful, idyllic island that my gt gt grandmother had told her little granddaughter about. It was inspiring to look out over views that our foremothers had known, and the remnants of crofts gave us a little insight into their hand to mouth existence, and a sense of their loss (and hope) when forced to seek their fortune in Glasgow. The current Lismore residents are such a welcoming community and the community centre is a wonderful resource. I hope that it will not be long until I return!
With best wishes, Jane.

Name: Jennifer Baker

Location: Lismore

Date: 05 February 2009


Many many congratulations to the Hall Committee for a fantastic Burns Night Supper. Everything was perfect - the singing, the speeches, the food, Tam o' Shanter but most of all the wonderful atmosphere. Thank you - we're all looking forward to next year!

Name: Moira Stewart

Location: California, USA

Date: 03 February 2009


I loved this site. It reminded me of our holidays in Lismore when I was a child. I'm 61 years old now and the memories are still "fresh".
Mum and Dad would pack a large hamper with all our clothes (3 girls plus Mum & Dad's) and send the hamper on ahead by train. We'd then get on the ferry for the final part of the journey
The cottage we used did not have electricity - we used oil lamps and calor gas for cooking. I also remember playing with my sisters in the water - and being chased by the cows and bulls who had claimed that "turf" for their own.
Fond memories indeed ..... thank you.

Name: Alan & Tina Walker

Location: Wawne nr Hull Yorkshire

Date: 02 February 2009


Just to say thank you to all the lovely Lismore folk who made our trip to the island very special indeed.
Thanks Anna for the overnight stay in Pier Cottage and for your warmth towards us. Thanks David for your local knowledge and for having such a well stocked store (sailor jerry rum!) and all.
Special thanks to Denise for the tea & chat and not forgetting the donation of bread and butter from a very kind neighbour!! (you will know who you are)
We hope to see you all again very soon,
Alan & Tina.

Name: Stephen Secaur

Location: Woodville, Texas

Date: 01 February 2009


I have visited Oban and Mull and Iona, and did not know about Lismore. I have been drinking a nice Single Malt named Lismore of late. Is it made on your island by chance? My mother's family is descended from the MacLaines of Lochbuie.

Stephen - The Lismore whisky, although named after our Island, is not actually made on the Island

Name: Sue Huzzey (nee Smith)

Location: Devizes, Wiltshire

Date: 05 January 2009


Hello to everyone on Lismore, just wanted to wish you all a happy and peaceful new year. Hello to all my realtives, Aunt Mairi, Mary Macdougall and family, and Robbie and Alison. We hope to see you all sometime this year.

Name: Jane

Location: Gargunnock

Date: 05 January 2009


Hi everyone
Just a quick one to wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2009.

Name: Deirdre

Location: Linwood

Date: 04 January 2009


Wishing everyone all the best for 2009.

Name: Alan & Tina Walker

Location: Wawne nr Hull

Date: 02 January 2009


Hello to everyone, the web site is great and we find it very useful. Keep up the good work and were pleased you kept it going!

Name: Linda Simpson nee kilmurray

Location: skelmorlie

Date: 01 January 2009


I would just like to wish everyone who reads this a very happy new year and may it be a good year for all of you

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