Guest book entries for 2007

Name: Karl mckinley

Location: Red Deer Alberta Canada

Date: 28 December 2007


One of my ancestors was married to a mary levingston He was supposedly from Mull But she might have been from Lismore.Some times I wonder if he wasn't a livingston also because the celtic spelling of livingston is Mac an leigh.There are so many possibilities.Your sight is beautiful.I am going to Scotland in july of 2009 for the gathering of the clans so will visit lismore i missed it in 2003 when I was last there,but my interest has been inspired by the name Thank you. Karl

Name: Barry Robinson

Location:  Sunderland, Wearside

Date: 27 December 2007


I like the site and I'm looking forward to staying on Lismore next year. I'm particularly interested in the wildlife, especially the butterflies, moths and birdlife. It's disappointing that those sections of the site have not been updated since 2001.

I'll pass your message on. Ed

Name: andrew and catherine hill

Location:  lancaster uk

Date: 24 December 2007


we sailed into port ramsay in august to visit friends for the afternoon, tony and jenny baker. very upset really to hear of tonys passing so will be coming up for the funeral onto lisemore, lovely island and would very much prefer not to be coming back so soon in these circumstances.i am sure though that when this is over the locals will help jenny in whatever way she asks without question.
they are a great couple and whole heartedly get involved where ever they went , so i would likr to thank the people on lisemore for supporting them both when they moved there and the support that is needed now, see you next week
andrew hill

Name: Lisa Falkenberg

Location: Virginia USA

Date: 23 December 2007


Was lovely to see my little neice in the halloween 2007 party photo's, her name is Sophie King and she was the last photo wearing a pink princess outfit.
Thank You for these photos

Name: alan buchanan

Location: sth australia

Date: 23 December 2007


very good . who set it up?

It's been going for ages Alan and was set up by The Lismore Computer group. David White and Teenie Wilson are 2 you might know. It has always been run by volunteers.

Name: Cristina Arnold

Location:  Georgia, USA

Date: 01 December 2007


I have Cameron relatives that I have recently found out were born in Lismore. I think your website is very nice and gives me an idea or where they lived. It looks like a beautiful place.

Name: Phil Ansell

Location:  Lismore rd,highworth,wilts

Date: 26 November 2007


One of these days we will visit Lismore but for the time being we shall just be happy to live in Lismore road.

Name: Sharon

Location:  East Yorkshire

Date: 24 November 2007


Curiosity made me visit this web site. My husband works on a ship called the Lismore

Name: Trace and Kate buggins

Location: Stevenage Herts

Date: 22 November 2007


An open letter to the wonderful people of Lismore.
Thanks for putting up with us two as we traweled up and down the one and only road looking into my wifes family history and where her great ,great ,great,great grandfather was born amd wed.
To Donald Black for giving us his time and possably the most entertaining hour of the trip.
To the the lady in the cafe who made the perfect black pudding and bacon sandwich (sorry I will be putting that on my menu).
To the lady who openned the museum even though it was closed so we could look at the records.
and finally all the people who smiled waved and spoke to us( yes we mean you mrs donald blacks daughter in law !!) thank you for making this special trip just that little bit more special.
see you next year
Trace and Kate

Name: bobby mitchell

Location: edinburgh

Date: 19 November 2007


the web site is indeed interesting as i have just started to look to my ancestors (just retired) and i note that carmichael and black or two of the more common ones in fact john carmichael (b1836) married to annie black was a master mariner so parhaps the ship was based at lismore the pictures are very interesting as is the music and associated photographs and one day i may well make lismore a spot to visit

Name: Sue Huzzey

Location:  Devizes, wiltshire

Date: 16 November 2007


WE were in Lismore, staying near my Great Aunt Miarie Smith at Achnachroich during October. We loved the island, everyone was so friendly and welcoming. A special "hello" to the lady Postie(we kept bumping into you on our way to Coiffin Castle) and staff in the shop. The weather held out for us until the day we started our journey home, which meant we were able to get out and about on the island. We had a wonderful day in Oban, taking the ferry on a beautiful clear day with calm seas and blue skies. We wish to send a big thank you to everyone on the island who made our holiday so special, especially Aunt Miarie!!

Name: jeanette

Location:  Campbeltown

Date: 14 November 2007


hello I am a bit further south that yourself on the Kintyre peninsula. The site looks really good and very informative.

Name: Jennifer Kent

Location:  New York, USA

Date: 10 November 2007


This web site was a delight to me. My grandmother Mary Jane Carmichael grew up on Lismore. I know very little of my family heritage so I was very happy to find this site.
Thank you for preserving such a great place!

Name: muggins Cavanagh

Location:  in hiding

Date: 07 November 2007


my apologies for getting everyone's name wrong in my previous comments. The experience was great, I'm an idiot and Pauline put me right. Please don't laugh and point should I pluck up the courage to visit again.
All the best
Michael Cavanagh

Name: Beth Campbell

Location:  Corrour Station

Date: 28 October 2007


Hi folks - good to see so many people getting invlolved with the 'Big Draw' day - we will be home in November and will go to the Hall to see the results. My Bed & Breakfast rooms are now much brighter with the addition of paintings from my young friends on Lismore so I know how talented they are. Take care xx Beth

Name: Diane and Graham Dabbs

Location:  Weston Park, Shropshire

Date: 28 October 2007


Hi Pauline, how's the power biking. Having had a quick trip to the Island last year, we knew we would be returning. Our friend Judith offered us Cameron Cottage for our stay. It turned out to be a special place on a lovely Island. That applies to the people, scenery and the history. We were welcomed wherever we went, and we feel there is great value in having a community as opposed to say, a council. On our first trip the history Museum and Cafe was just a piece of ground being cleared. A fine effort has gone in to get it to the fully working ammenity we found, a credit to you all,the cakes are wonderful. I personally found the Island very relaxing, being able to walk and cycle wherever we wanted, no hurry to anything, made it for me. Hopefully we will be back.

Name: June Milton

Location:  Melbourne,Florida,USA

Date: 27 October 2007


Still loving and missing Lismore...Wish we could return.
June Milton and Joe Higdon

Name: Geoffrey Black

Location:  Glen Innes AUSTRALIA

Date: 19 October 2007



Name: Michael Cavanagh

Location:  Glasgow

Date: 19 October 2007


I have been avoiding the site for a while since our holiday in July 2007 as the memory of our stay in Port Ramsey is as strong as ever (i've even been inspired to awful paintings!). The island is a star in itself, but even more so are the people.
The island and islanders are a joy to behold and everyone staying at Port Ramsey, indeed everyone that we met from the island on our travels, played a part in a wonderful and memorable experience.
Special thanks to John at the shop, Isobel Smith and family and our kind neighbour at Lismore (I'm think it was Duncan) for some of the tastiest fish we've had in a long time.
Many thanks to everyone and we will be sure to visit again.
Mick Cavanagh

Name: mike smith

Location:  pocklington,york

Date: 17 October 2007


Very good info on site including ferry info looking forward to visiting next week

Name: Tara Hakimi

Location:  Glasgow and Malawi

Date: 16 October 2007


I came to Lismore unaware of any special Malawi connections because I wanted to spend some time on an island I had never been before, before I return to Malawi in November. I have been camping by the ruins of the old quarry for a few days and it's been amazing. Thankyou Lesley for being so lovely at the ferry, and David for opening the shop on a Saturday afternoon. And Gilly and Roger for being such friendly synchronistic neighbours. etc etc etc. Any Lismore visitors to Malawi can contact me via my mother who is the dentist in the Old Town Mall in Lilongwe.
Thank you Lismore

Can't include your address Tara. We all enjoyed meeting you. Good luck Ed

Name: Lorraine Black

Location:  Dubai

Date: 11 October 2007


I was brought up on the island and although I try to visit as often as possible to see my family I have not lived there for 26 years. I am now living in Dubai and regularly log onto the website to get an update on what's happening on the island and with the people. I would just like to say I think it's a great website and I especially love the photo gallery.
Lorraine Black

Name: James Logan

Location:  Oxford

Date: 07 October 2007


Hi. My family and I have been coming to Lismore for a number of years and will be staying in Marsh Cottage in October. Can't wait to see the place I remember so well again.

Name: Dorothy Haynes

Location:  Isle of Wight

Date: 02 October 2007


Twenty five years ago I had a couple of wonderful holidays with my friends Annie and Mike who bought the Manse. I was warmly welcomed by all their friends and clearly remember a trip in the doctor's car - we were hurtling down the hill and he yelled "hang on tight, there are no brakes". Is the Manse still a guesthouse? Regards to you all, Dorothy

No the Manse is no longer a guest house Dorothy but you would be warmly welcomed again on Lismore and the doctor's car definitely has brakes!

Name: Sue Huzzey

Location:  Devizes, Wiltshire

Date: 29 September 2007


Hello everyone, I left the last message on your 2006 guestbook, saying I hope to meet you all soon. I'm delighted to tell you that we will be visiting for a week beginning 19th October, staying in Port Ramsay. I hope to go to a church service whilst I am on the Island, and I am looking forward to long walks on the beaches and enjoying the views in person, not just on your website. I also look forward to meeting my Great Aunt Mairie Smith, who I haven't seen for 48 years!! If you come across us during the week, please come up and say hello. God Bless until the 19th October Sue, Tim and Chris.

Enjoy your visit Sue

Name: Sheena Kennedy

Location:  Renfrewshire

Date: 28 September 2007


Site is attractive and most informative. Over on lovely Mull once again and on road home came up to Port Appin but decided too wet a day to come over to Lismore. However having viewed the accom on offer looking forward to coming for a stay.

Dear Isle of Lismore Community,

I'm writing to share something which may be of interest to many members of the community, given a lot of the families once found on Lismore, and many still there today!

As a part of the Clan Livingstone, we have become concerned about changes that the National Trust for Scotland is making to the interpretation marker at Culloden Battlefield for those who fought in the Appin Regiment in 1746, including several from Lismore. If you share the concern, please send a letter to NTS about it! -----

The National Trust for Scotland
Wemyss House,
28 Charlotte Square Edinburgh,
United Kingdom

For more information and a sample letter please click on the link below

Kyle S. MacLea, Ph.D.

Name: Joy K. Carmicheal Glick

Location:  Hays, KS USA

Date: 07 September 2007


I think that your web stie is great and that Lismore is beautiful. To think that one small island has so much history. Ii amazes me how many things you have going on for your people and how much you get done. I have a special interest in Lismore as my great grandparents, John and Sarah Livingstone Carmicheal and my grandfather John came from there. I have been fortunate enough to visit three times, find cousins and visit other friendly people. I would love to visit the Heritage Museum but since I am 85, I doubt if I do.

Name: Robert McLean

Location:  Sutherland Australia

Date: 06 September 2007


I promised myself that I would visit in 2007.I hired a bike at Port Appin and came over on the ferry. My great great grandparents Flora(Flory) Campbell from Fennachrochan and Malcolm MacLean from Coull,Duror were married in the church manse in 1847.Thanks to the people in the Heritage Centre who were able to show me that in the records of the Rev Gregor McGregor they were married on 2nd December and not the 28th November as recorded in information I have. I also visited Fennachrochan and was invited into the home of Donald Livingstone who told me details of the area. For any of you researhing ancestors my family details are Flora(Flory)born about 1825.Father Archibald Campbell born circa 1800.Mother Mary Campbell circa 1805.Children are Angus,Flora,Ann,John,Peggy (Margaret). Also there is a Catherine McColl circa 1770 listed as mother but I have yet to work out of who.
Also the weather was fine on the day I visited.

Name: barry chambers

Location:  dudley,west midlands

Date: 04 September 2007


think your island looks a nice peaceful place to live, and web site is very informative. NOTE after seeing your web site my family wood up and move to Lismore if we had the money. NOTE also it would be good to see more scenery of the island

Name: Douglas Carmichael McIntyre

Location:  Lumberton, NC, USA

Date: 15 August 2007


Though I have had an interest in my genealogy, I have not pursued it as I should. Roadblocks and passage of time are the culprits. However, my son, Douglas Carmichael McIntyre II, a member of the U.S. House of Repesentatives, will be visiting Scotland and more particularly the Isle of Lismore the later part of August and will be able to fill in many of the blanks in my history. My greatest regrets are that I have waited so late in life to dig deeper.

We enjoyed you son's visit and hope he had some interesting stories to tell - Ed

Name: Karen Lau

Location:  Bearsden

Date: 13 August 2007


I had never heard of this island before and thought your website very informative. Lismore looks untouched!

Name: Eve Bowen

Location:  Wells Somerset

Date: 12 August 2007


We have just returned home from 2 weeks on your beautiful island and we had a wonderful time. the best holiday ever. people very friendly . David the shop keeper was very helpful and arranged shopping to be delivered because we had no car. Had a most enjoyable time at the Barn Dance, will definitely come to the island again.

Name: Ann

Location:  New York, NY

Date: 09 August 2007


A friend of mine will be teaching on the Isle of Lismore this year so I wanted to glimpse this beautiful place to see the lucky families who live and learn here.

Name: misi

Location: london

Date: 31 July 2007


I was told to visit this website by a friend and now having had a quick glance and having read an article about the peahen(I didn't know one existed.. or better still.. what one was!) was very pleased to have visited- I'd never heard of this island before either. Scotland is somewhere I'd like to visit in the future too! So I'll be coming back to have another read of your articles and the like.

Name: Graham Sargent


Date: 23 July 2007


Just thought i would let everybody on the island, that its just an idyllic place and so welcoming. Had the pleasure of been a guest at Neil carmickles 21st birthday party a while ago. wish my stayed had been longer. thanks to Neil and his family for been fantastic hosts x

Name: Daniel Howe

Location:  Gold, Pennsylvania, USA

Date: 18 July 2007


My daughter studies the harp and played for me the lovely tune, Leaving Lismore. I decided to find out where Lismore is, and came across your website. Thank you for letting me visit your beautiful island on the web. I hope someday to come and see it for it myself.

Name: heidi maccoll and my friend kirsty magowan!

Location:  sunny oban

Date: 08 July 2007


heya...we were just wondering where the photos of the past raft race and sports day were as we cannot find them? are they still on the site???
we shall see you soon as we are coming over for the sports and dances!!!!

Hi Heidi
You will find the photos under Island News - Look through the archived news under 2006

Name: Mr and Mrs Jacob

Location:  Wick

Date: 05 July 2007


came over to lismore for the day was really lovely place and hoping to return soon and see everyone again.

Name: Tom & Ange Smith

Location:  Chard, Somerset

Date: 03 July 2007


We stayed at Larkrise, Port Ramsay, June 16-30, 2007, our first visit to Lismore. We had a marvellous holiday, with quite good weather! We want to say a big thank-you to folk at the shop, museum, church, and everyone we met, for all making us so welcome. Lismore is beautiful, peaceful, and very friendly. It was delight to see something of your island community. the cottage has its own visitors book. One of the guests had mentioned in the book that Lismore is an anagram of "or smile". We will always smile when we remember our holiday on the great garden. Thank-you!

Name: Kasia sinclair

Location:  dubai/thornhill/stirlingshire

Date: 01 July 2007


Sorry your not open this season, mummy, clark and I are wishing you all good wishes, clark and I are home in Thornhill for summer as Dubai's heat is too much, bring on the rain! Our very best wishes to you Mary, Pete and your Mum Iris.
Kasia, Amy and Clark

Name: Rob,Gretchen and Jeff Prunier

Location:  Worcester,Ma.01609

Date: 27 June 2007


We were able to visit the beautiful Island of Lismore in April of 2007. We had a great time. Our gracious hosts were Duncan and Anne Livingstone. We feel very lucky to have had them as hosts as they went out of their way to make us feel at home and to show us the beautiful Island as only natives could. The many pictures that we took will remind us of our great time there. As the saying goes, thanks for the memories.

Name: Steve Krause

Location: Goshen, Indiana, USA

Date: 23 June 2007


I have been to Scotland 4 times since June 2004 and will visit again in August 2007. Lismore fascinates me along with much of the rest of Scotland, but the closest I've gotten to visiting Lismore is the Isle of Bute. I guess that will have to change. I am hoping to move to Scotland and then I can visit places more often. This site is really good; good photos and info. And why don't more Scots take their holidays on Lismore instead of Spain?
I will definately return to this site--I couldn't take it all in in an hour.

Name: Angela Humphries

Location: Bath, Somerset

Date: 12 June 2007


I have enjoyed reading the information on your website, and look forward to visiting your island in July - hope not too many midges?!

Name: Deborah Mammen

Location:  Morton Minnesota

Date: 10 June 2007


Enjoy reading your web site. My great grandfather was from Lismore. Family name was MacCorquadale. Hope to visit your unique island someday.

Name: calum macgillvery

Location:  hostel

Date: 07 June 2007


hey sara and calum ere xxx

Name: Emma Harbour

Location:  Milton, Cambridge

Date: 04 June 2007


My husband Michael Harbour and I visited your beautiful island last Tuesday (29th May) for the day from Port Appin. We were in Scotland for 5 days on honeymoon and were staying at Benderloch when we visited. We arrived intending to hire bikes but were picked up by one of your islanders in her Land Rover and given a lift to the Heritage Centre. We didn't find out her name but she has auburn bobbed hair and glasses and originally comes from East Anglia. She was so helpful and friendly as we had underestimated how far it would be to walk (although we did walk back at the end of the day). We then spent a very enjoyable couple of hours at the Heritage Centre talking to Donald Black; what a lovely man and full of interesting stories and experiences. My husband bought a copy of his book which Donald signed for him. We were very impressed with your new cafe, the food and service were great. Living very close to Cambridge we take for granted the facilities we have nearby so the recent addition of the cafe must be wonderful for the community as a whole. We then enjoyed a very enjoyable walk before heading back to the ferry. I stopped off to have a quick look at the church which was beautifully kept and such lovely stained glasses. Donald said that he hoped we would visit again and I think this is just the start of many trips to Scotland for us. The scenery in the North was so beautiful and tranquil that we really had a relaxing time. Thank you.

Name: Lawrence Berry

Location:  Osprey,Fl,USA

Date: 03 June 2007


WE will be on Lismore July 17. I'm descendant of Archibald Carmichael born on Lismore emigrated to US. Would like to contact any Carmichael descendants. My e-mail Thank you.

Name: Maria Quinn

Location:  Glasgow

Date: 23 May 2007


I will be coming to Lismore to sing with the Glasgow County Guide Choir.
Prior to this year I had never heard of Lismore.
I have found this site very helpful and cannot wait to see it in person.
Your site is very detailed and hosts some of the most gorgeous photographs I have seen.

Name: Jason Watson

Location:  Brisbane, Australia

Date: 17 May 2007


I visited in the summer of 92 with my brother Hamish. We had stayed at Ballachulish and spent a day on the island. At the time I was living in the UK, for three years in total. This was by far the most enjoyable day I had in my three year stay in Britain. We spent the day walking around the island, mainly across the fields and enjoying the views. I was struck by the beauty, the tiny size of the ruined cottages and how incredibly cold the sea was. We had visited on the advice of my father 'Alex Watson' whose father had emigrated to Daniverke NZ in the thirties. I think his mother may have come from the island or perhaps his father had worked there. He had sent us to look for a grave of Angus McGuinness at Ballachulish. We found about 20. I loved the island and hope to visit again.
Jason Watson jwa69265 at

Name: Bev Thomson

Location:  Cowes, Isle of Wight

Date: 12 May 2007


What a charming wbesite you have. A friend who lives in Scotland has recently visited your island and gave me your website to look at - I'm so glad I did...I think my next visit to her will have to include a visit to Lismore. The photos are lovely, both old and new. You must be very proud to have such a strong sense of community which is missing so much these days from larger towns etc.

Name: Rachel Wilkins

Location:  Norfolk UK

Date: 12 May 2007


As threatened last year, my family and I will be travelling back again to visit your wonderful island in August. This web site is great for letting us keep up with whats been happening with you since last we visited; well done to you all!! The heritage centre looks wonderful and when last we saw it there wasn't even a roof in place! Can't wait for August to come round. If ever you have a vacancy for a District Nurse just let me know as we would dearly love to join you on a perminant basis!! Very best wishes

Name: Tamara Rochlin

Location: Coeur D'Alene, ID

Date: 11 May 2007


As a long lost Buchannan, I hope to see your beautiful island some day!

Name: William Alexander Livingstone Jr

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Date: 25 April 2007


Greetings from North Carolina USA! My wife Edith Thomas and I attended the annual Loch Norman Scottish Games near Charlotte on April 23 and came upon the Stewart of Appin tent. I inquired about the Livingstone clan (Sept??) and the good fellow dressed in his best Stewart finery excitedly pointed out the Isle of Lismore on his large map of Scotland. He excitedly told us he had travelled to your isle and gave us a very brief but interesting history of Stewarts-Campbells-Livingstone.
That encounter is what brought me to your fine website to learn more about the land of my ancestors. You have provided much more than I had could have imagined! My father's family settled in the town of Laurinburg in Scotland County North Carolina. This is an agricultural (tobacco) region located at the divide between the piedmont and coastal plains of NC. I unfortunately have very, very little family history as yet but my curiosity has been tweaked a bit now.
My wife has known relatives in Wales and we both dream of travelling to the Isles. We will now add Lismore to our itenary. Thank you for your website.

Name: Dorothy Hagerty

Location:  Albany, Oregon, USA

Date: 15 April 2007


Wonderful web site! I especially enjoyed the Flora and Fauna photos. Isn't Starker Castle on Lismore?

Castle Stalker is in Loch Linnhe to the north of Lismore, nearer the mainland and visible from Lismore.ed

Name: Gayle Campbell

Location: Croydon, Surrey

Date: 11 April 2007


I've found out that my Great, Great Grandfather was born on Lismore. Why did he ever leave it looks so wonderful! Great website

Name: kirsty

Location: england

Date: 11 April 2007


I've just got back from Lismore on holiday with my friend and its such a sweet and friendly community compared to England!

Name: John Heath

Location: Newport, Shropshire

Date: 11 April 2007


I spent a few interesting days in Lismore during February, during which time it rained one night so heavily that I thought it could never rain again - there would not be enough water left in the sky to come down ever again. Dave the Post just commented that the weather hadn't been too bad lately!
Thanks to my hostess at Cameron Cottage, I had a couple of walks and enjoyed some spectacular scenery over the island. Cameron Cottage is a 'Bothy', so - no running water, no electricity and no flushing W.C. It was fascinating to enjoy life at its basic - cooking on a multi-fuel stove, light provided by calor gas,and music provided by my guitar. I would like to live on Lismore, but I am not yet eligible for state handouts and I need to earn money one way or another, so the possibility of trading over e-bay has an appeal since you can do that from almost anywhere in the world. But I would also like to know if there is any restriction on opening licensed premises on the island, selling wines, beers and spirits together with simple food - stews, soups and so on. I'm not talking about big business, just a little sideline to fill in the time between e-bay sales. Any opinions, anyone?

Name: KenMarshall

Location:  USA

Date: 08 April 2007


Thanks for helping

Name: Alasdair, Carol, Jamie & Calum Smart

Location:  Lenzie, Glasgow

Date: 07 April 2007


Spent a lovely day on your island, arriving on the Port Appin ferry.
Everyone very friendly especially David in the Post Office who fixed one of our bikes.
Lovely lunch at the new Heritage Centre. Look forward to returning in the near future for an enjoyable cycle on Lismore.

Name: Willow

Location:  Glasgow

Date: 05 April 2007


I think this is a interesting site where u can find out lots of information and very detailed pictures. which i will use a lot of this in my primary 7 project, which i am sure everybody will find very interesting and i will be sure to tell the stories on the time i spent on Lismore with my mum when i was young

Name: Cast Ewe Ceilidh Band

Location:  Skye

Date: 01 April 2007


A big thank you from the band for inviting us over to play at the opening of the new heritage centre. It was a cracker of a night altogether!! Slainte! Angus, Coll, Iain and Mathew

Name: marek lismore

Location:  zweibrucken ,germany

Date: 29 March 2007


hello,Ive often wondered where the name truelly originated.ould you be of further assistence. thank you. marek lismore.

The name in Gaelic is Lios Mr and means enclosure or great garden. Ed

Name: Gordon Craig

Location:  Oakland, CA, USA

Date: 29 March 2007


Thanks for your response....guess the other post went into cyberspace. I had quite forgotten my entry for September, 2004. I see it was followed by Jack Flynn from Maine emailing to you. That was very nice of him, wonderful how our wee island and a cranky, vintage Morgan +4 named "lismore" can bring two friends together. I hope to drive there via the Oban ferry in 2009, when Maggi and I visit for the Morgan Motor Company Centennial in Malvern. bw, gordon

Name: gordon craig

Location:  Oakland, CA, USA

Date: 28 March 2007


Hi, just wanted to know if you received my previous comments, posted mid-March...if not, let me know and I will post again, thanks, gordon
BTW, I've visited Lismore many times over the years, my grandmother, Jean Esther MacGregor, grew up on the island, and my cousins and I celebrated the year 2000 at the MacDougal House that summer. I drive a Morgan +4 named Lismore, and hope to visit again soon, possibly 2009. bw, gordon

Hi Gordon - sorry but we can't trace your comments from mid-March. We get a lot of spam which we delete, but we have checked our trash folder in case we had accidentally deleted it. The only comments we could find were the ones you kindly left in Sept 2004.
Would be grateful if you would post again.

Name: William E. Buchanan

Location: Fort Smith, AR, USA

Date: 20 March 2007


I am very impressed with your web site. Would love to visit the island.

Name: Paul Johnson

Location: Chester

Date: 19 March 2007


My wife and I are due to stay on the island in may. We were on Lismore 2 years previous and thought the island lovely so we decided to return. Last time we came in September so it will be interesting to see the island in spring, and who knows we may get to see more wildlife this time around. Ah, to relax in the peace and quiet with eye pleasing sights and good weather (hopefully). Cant wait!

Name: Eve Osborne

Location:  London

Date: 18 March 2007


I've had a look at your beautiful website and am particularly impressed with John Baker's photographs.

Name: Bill Harvey Intrem Moderator

Location:  Dunbeg

Date: 18 March 2007


What a wonderful day on the 17 March 2007. Well done Lismore in the opening of the Heritage Centre a building that will serve the Island well and you should be proud of. God bless.

Name: Alyson Halliday

Location: Hayes Middlesex

Date: 15 March 2007


We as a family came to the island in the summer of 2005. We still cannot forget the views from Mary McDougall's cottage over to the mainland. They were fantastic. We hope to come back this year. it was a fantastic place to spend a holiday and wish that I could live on your beautiful island.

Name: Elsie L. McColl

Location:  Bearsden ,Glasgow

Date: 12 March 2007


I think your website is a wonderful idea and is of great interest to me as my husband's great grandfather came from Lismore.He was Neil McColl and was born on Lismore in 1833.

Name: Eilidh Mac Namara

Location:  Co. Clare, Ireland

Date: 07 March 2007


Have just had a look through the web site, its really lovely to be able to touch base when feeling a bit homesick. Really looking forward to the summer. Sports and raft race,[and of course the dance], just about being the highlight of my year. See you all soonx

Name: pat wood

Location:  west kilbride Ayrshire

Date: 06 March 2007


Hello everyone
We still enjoy visiting your website and reading all the latest about Lismore.
It is now 58years since I first came to Lismore and I still love the island. Eddie and I hope hope to visit soon.
Can we just wish HAPPY 70thBIRTHDAY TO DONNIE MACCORMICK OF BALIGARVE for the 8th of March. Have a great day Donnie.
All the best with the new museum.
Pat and Eddie Wood

Name: John Heath

Location:  Newport, Shropshire

Date: 04 March 2007


I am due to visit Lismore on 10th March for a few days with my friend Jude. She has a house on the island. Having had a look at the photos on this site, I am now even more excited about visiting Lismore. It will be easy to spot me - I'll be the one with the huge smile on my face all of the time.

Name: Dave Taylor & Irene Buchanan

Location:  Lundin Links, Fife

Date: 14 February 2007


Hi to all our friends on Lismore and we wish you well for the opening of the Gaelic Heritage Museum on 17th March. We would love to have come over for this as we have watched it take form, however we leave for NZ on Sunday for seven weeks. We will be over at Easter complete with grandchildren as usual so will get a chance to see it and catch up with all your news. A new grand-daughter was added to our brood on 27th January but I think wee Iona will wait until the summer before she first sets foot on our favourite island!!
Dave & Irene

Name: hilary, andrew and francesca

Location:  duns scottish borders

Date: 12 February 2007


we had a lovely time on our short visit to your unique island ,everyone is so friendly, Francesca enjoyed her time at playgroup a big thank you to the children who looked after her at playtime, also to Anna for the lovely shortbread a nice welcome to our stay in the Pier cottage, the prawns were great thanks to Gilespi and Norma. There is so much more to see we hope to be back soon best wishes to all from the Home-Mossop family.

Name: Roy Holmes

Location:  greenock pa152jr

Date: 27 January 2007


I have videoed and photographed the west coast of Scotland for about 30 years but until now I have never been to Lismore, I have always viewed it from the mainland even though the area of Appin is my favourite district. I will now make one last journey if God spares me and visit after visiting your web site
see you soon

Name: Lorraine Phillips

Location:  Dalmally Argyll

Date: 21 January 2007


A chance to view your Island from another angle is refreshing. My partner and I have sailed our yacht past Lismore on many occasions making our way around the West Coast visiting Islands and pebble beaches to anchore near. We found diverse and beautiful scenery and Lismore amongst them. Wishing you all well and one day we will take time to step ashore your Island and come visiting.
Lorraine & Paul

Name: Charles Burnet

Location:  Sydney, Australia

Date: 19 January 2007


My maternal great grandmother Mary McCaig (to Donald McCaig, tenant farmer, & Ann McIntyre) was born in 1847 at Kilcondrist[sic]. I enjoy visiting your site to get an appreciation of where that branch of the family lived. Beautiful place! I will get over one day. Thanks for a great site.
Regards, Charles Burnet

Name: Bunbury

Location:  Stuttgart, Germany

Date: 16 January 2007


today sent our broadcast called SWR2 a report of isle of lismore - of course in german - from the author Imogen Rhia Herrad.
Here are the link to the german broadcast - with lovely picture of the isle of lismore - - and dann select WISSEN
Give my regards to Donald Black ...

Name: paul

Location:  Waterford, Ireland

Date: 14 January 2007


what if any links are there between the lovely town of Lismore in County Waterford, Ireland and Lismore Island?

Name: Alicia Brown

Location:  Hull

Date: 08 January 2007


Hey Lismore! Missing you all badly. Can't wait to come back. I think me, my dad, Liz and Georgie are coming in the summer? I'm not sure, though.
Take care.
Love you loads, especially Pete, Mary and Lewis.
P.S. I LOVE the Skipinnish cd. I'm listening to it right now. My favourite song is Scottische & Reels.
Love you lots.
Alicia. XxX.



Date: 04 January 2007



Name: Richard Church

Location:  Enterprise, Oregon USA

Date: 03 January 2007


I love the old pictures in particular. I have always wanted to see Scotland. I will never get there, however. I had an uncle in the Air Force who was stationed in Scotland in the middle sixties and a cousin was born there.
Very interesting about the mammals on Lismore.
Great website!!

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