Guest book entries for 2005

Name: Maureen (

Location: England

Date: 31 December 2005


I would like to wish Tony, Karen, Kieran & Connor McLarney a very happy new year from Myself & Don in England.
Hope it's a great one for you all.
Best wishes to everyone else on the beautiful island of Lismore too!

Name: Tam (

Location: Michigan USA

Date: 23 December 2005


I have a chat friend who lives in Austrialia and he was visiting here so I checked out the site as I wish to someday travel. Its a great site with great photos, I love nature photos so alot caught my eye.

Name: Laura Oliphant

Location: Isle of Coll

Date: 23 November 2005


I have been 2 ur island 4 a bday party and it was wonderful!
Great site btw!

Name: Paulien&Anneke (

Location: Uitgeest,Holland

Date: 29 October 2005


We really like the page, there are a lot beautiful photo's. We found your adress in a dutch magazine named: Seasons A britisch lifestyle magazine. There was an artikel about the isle. We became very curious so we visited your site. We are really enthousiastic about the isle and we hope to visit it someday.
Greetings from Holland,
Anneke and Paulien


Location: CONCORD MA U S A

Date: 17 October 2005



Name: Chris Carmichael (

Location: USA

Date: 16 October 2005


A year or so ago I happened upon your web site quite by accident. I was immediately intrigued by your Island and have often thought of visiting. Lios MÚr seems like a beautiful place. I am a writer and I do hope to visit sometime soon--perhaps as early as next spring-- to take a break from city life. This is a lovely website and I am always very glad that I happened upon it.
with Best Greetings
Chris Carmichael

Name: pat reid (

Location: liverpool

Date: 07 October 2005


I had a look through the photo's and wasn't surprised by the expertise of the photos taken by keiren & conner mclarney.The sons of my niece and nephew-in-law karen & tony mclarney. They haven't been up there long but seem to have settled in a treat and i can now stop worrying about them. Karen if you see this message you have chosen a beautiful place to live enjoy your life.take care.Patxx

Name: Alicia Brown (

Location: Hull

Date: 30 September 2005


as always, loved the stay. we'll definetly come again! and send me your new email adress!
love you wait...all three of you (april)
send me some emails!
alicia xxx

Name: Kevin Philpott (

Location: Cillrimhinn, Alba

Date: 26 September 2005


I visited Lismore for the first time a week ago on Saturday. Although I almost died of water inhalation in the incessant rain, I sincerely hope I'll be back soon. Thanks to the kind folk in the shop who made a coffee for the drookit apparition who flowed over their door!
Excellent and very informative web site. Moran taing dhuibh uile!

Name: iona alexander (

Location: Surrey

Date: 22 September 2005


A lovely comprehensive website. I had a wonderful visit to Lismore with my father a couple of years ago and remember the island fondly. I hope to return at some point.

Name: Ian McConnell (

Location: Ballachulish Argyll

Date: 15 September 2005


Cycled round the island last weekend with my Fiancť, great fun and got to see a Broch up close for the first time. Only think missing from your island is a lovely pub.

Name: Alexandra Rooney (

Location: London, England

Date: 10 September 2005


I visited the Island at the end of July. I went to the raft race and sports day and unfortunately came last in the junior raft race but had a wonderful time!! I would like to thank everyone on the Island for making sure a great time, especially Duncan and Freda MacGregor for letting me stay with them.
Thank you and hope to visit again soon!!

Name: Paul Collins (

Location: Lismore nsw Australia

Date: 10 September 2005


what a lovely place the isle of lismore is totally unspoiled by the passing of time. I was just cruising the net when i stumbled across your web site.Im afraid Lismore nsw australia is little more developed with city population of 60000 and a shire population of 100000 people its the regional comercial center of the north coast of nsw.I was interesred to see your photo gallery although i did notice a lot of photos had clouds in the sky. Our wheather can be a bit extreme at times with serious floods being replaced by droughts that last for years with temps of 45c not uncommon.Like many people in Australia my ancestry is bit mixed with many comming from Scotland along with the Irish and English and few Normans many of which recieved free passage care of your court system. Got to go very nice web site with a good menu system.

Name: Maureen Ball (

Location: UK

Date: 04 September 2005


Having just taken a quick look at your website I noticed the photos taken by Keiran & Connor McLarney in the photo gallery and would like to say that I think they are gorgeous! I am their mum, Karen's, aunt Maureen, originally from Liverpool and would like also to say hi to her, Tony and the boys and wish them all the luck in the world in their new home/chosen surroundings on the Isle of Lismore. Good luck! Be happy, you deserve it.
Love Maureen

Name: Elaine Massey (

Location: West Midlands

Date: 03 September 2005


i have found your site to be very interesting, you all seem to take great pride in your surroundings, and I very much look forward to visiting lismore next week.hopefully (health permitting) I will also be able to visit all the places I have seen in your lovely photographs.

Name: Kit Doudney (

Location: London

Date: 26 August 2005


Sad to have missed the sailen sports day - lokked a lot of fun! see you in August....

Name: Patrick H Branson (

Location: Cheltenham, England

Date: 26 August 2005


Looking forward to visiting the "Great Garden". A very informative web site. Please keep up the good work.



Date: 21 August 2005


My fathers family (CAMPBELL) came from Lismore and way back in the 1850's moved to Glasgow. My father John was in the army during the war and in the 40's he found himself living in Edinburgh Castle. It was at this time that he met and married my mother. Her family were from Edinburgh.
Tracking our family tree we found that the Campbell's were from Lismor. My brother and I look in now and then to see what the latest news is from the Island and maybe one day we will make a visit to find out just where we are from.
I am sure that there are more than us keeping up with the news and events. Keep it going

Name: Ronald Cameron (

Location: Banbhaidh

Date: 13 August 2005


Tha mi'n dochas gun teid sinn dhan Lios MÚr a-maireach. 'Se larach linn inntineach a thagaibh.
Moran taing

Name: Stephanie Williamson (

Location:  Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Date: 11 August 2005


Congratulations on your fine site - my daughter (a Cambridge student of Archaelogy ) recently took part in a "dig" on the island and referred me to this site.
The island feels magical and I hope to visit it one day, when I am visiting relatives in Ayrshire. By the way, my daughter also had a fabulous time at the Friday night dance.

Name: Tabbatha McMichael (

Location: Atlanta, Georgia USA

Date: 05 August 2005


I was just looking up some family history, and I found your communityís website. My great, great grandfather was from your island (John Carmichael). He left with his parents, as a young child in the 1870ís, as they relocated to Belfast. Soon after the move they changed their surname to McMichael. (I have no idea as to why.) Johnís eldest son, Plez (my great grandfather), came to America with his brother Michael. (Michael McMichael??? What were his parents thinking?)
John and Michael left New York for Atlanta, Georgia within 30 days. After three years, Michael told John, ďAmerica is a mad place. Sure Iím going home.Ē Michael went back to Belfast, and John stayed in Atlanta. John married an American woman, Mary, who died during childbirth. He later married a French woman, Exdor Mennix (my great grandmother), and they had twelve children.
This is a brief synopsis of one family that left your island. Some of their descendants are still in Belfast (I am assuming), and the rest of us are in Atlanta.

Name: James Alexander (

Location: London

Date: 24 July 2005


Hello to everyone living on Lismore. I have just had a week's holiday on your beautiful island with my mother, father and sister from Glasgow. We were all literally stunned by the peacefulness and beauty of Lismore and the friendliness of all the islanders we met. Archie and Ina (whose croft at Balnagowan we stayed at) were superb hosts and from the moment we set foot on the island until the ferry trip back to Oban in bright sunshine we had the holiday of a lifetime. I know that this trip has made my frail parents (who are in their 80's) very happy and proud to be Scottish. May your community thrive!
James Alexander

Name: Stewy Marshall (

Location: Dumbarton

Date: 23 July 2005


Just back home from visiting the island. The dance was good and cant wait till next year!

Name: frank o'donnell (

Location: dublin

Date: 16 July 2005


just a note to say how much we enjoyed your lovely island when we were on holiday recently and we look forward to going back some day soon
regards frank and eithne o'donnell

Name: Kyle Lockhart (

Location: Oban

Date: 14 July 2005


Loving the Lismore lighthouse band ( MARIE )
Tee Hee! Should be over soon!!
Kyle :-D

Name: Brenda Soderberg (

Location: Maldon, Essex

Date: 02 July 2005


My husband and I enjoyed visiting your site and we especially enjoyed the evocative music and the views. Our son, Nick, is with the group from Cambridge University who are excavating on Lismore and this is what led us to the site.
The visit was well worthwhile!

Name: betty laing (

Location: Western australia

Date: 29 June 2005


If Anne or Duncan Livingstone read this could they please email me their address or email address as I've missplaced the information. I would love to make contact again

Name: Astrid Mathey (

Location: Bitburg, Germany

Date: 25 June 2005


We spent a whole day on Lismore on Thursday, June 18, going for a walk around the island. When we arrived at Port Appin the 11 o'clock ferry was just gone and we had to wait for an hour. Time passed quickly as we met a couple who stayed in a cottage in Glencoe and wanted to go to Lismore as well. So we took the 12:00 o'clock ferry together and we also did part of the walk we had intended to do together. We all enjoyed that very much. We visited the church and finally the excellent museum. Then my husband an me had to continue our walk alone. We went to see the broch and when we hurried back to catch the ferry at 17:15 o'clock, we were given a lift for the last kilometre. Thanks again to the friendly Lismore man! We really enjoyed our day on Lismore and we will certainly be back again!
Meanwhile we are back home and having a look at your website, we would like to say that it is indeed excellent and full of useful informations! Best wishes to everybody on Lismore Island -

Name: Denise Jeffery (

Location: Cornwall

Date: 22 June 2005


We recently visited Lismore for 1 week, 11th-18th June. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and most certainly did not want to go home. The island is beautiful and everyone was so friendly. We hope to visit the island again at some point and my husband hopes to catch some fish!
Denise Jeffery

Name: audrey wilson (

Location: Kansas USA

Date: 20 June 2005


So glad IO found this site. I have limited info on my grandmother Amelia Carmichael family so any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Her mother and father immigrated from Scotland but I do not know their first names. She was one of 11 childred.3 of her sisters and 1 brother resided in Dutton Ont Can. She also had a brother in British Columbia. She was born in Canada in the general area of Dutton Ont. She married Arthur Wilson in 1905. I believ she was born in 1883. Would like to hear from anyone with suggestions. Thank you.

Name: Marjory and Thomas (

Location: Forfar, Angus

Date: 19 June 2005


A friend told us about the website. Hoping to visit in September with my guide dog and retired dog. love the peace and tranquility, just what we need after small town hussle and bustle!! Hopefully will be able to find self catering accommodation which will take my 2 dogs. Looking forward to our stay, can't wait!!

Name: Billy Anderson (

Location: Melbourne

Date: 14 June 2005


I visited your beautiful island on Easter 1999 with my wife, I come from Glasgow, my G.G grandfather Donald Black was born in 1860 at Clockalea, Lismore. I think you web site is great and will bring my children to Lismore when we come back home to Scotland to visit.

Name: june gold (

Location: ayrshire

Date: 07 June 2005


Had a couple of trips over to Lismore last week while staying in Appin. The weather was great - and the island looked as beautiful as ever. The people never change - always welcoming.

Name: May and Ruth Jasper (

Location: Wishaw, North Lanarkshire

Date: 01 June 2005


Lismore is amazing. We recently visited with our friends and really enjoyed it. The views were awesome:) We'll definatly come back because 1 weekend wasn't enough! thankyou and hopefully see youm soon

Name: Sean Machin (

Location: Petaluma, CA, USA

Date: 27 May 2005


I'd like to visit there one day. I grew up in Lismore, NSW, Australia, which was named after your isle :)

Name: Kenny Miller

Location: Dunfermline

Date: 26 May 2005


We had a wonderful weekend with glorious weather this May on Lismore...abiding memroy will be our wee boy lying amongst the puddles playing in complete bliss. Thanks J&J for letting us stay in your house - the views are spectacular.
Kenny, Marion & (an exhausted) Jacob.

Name: gill norman (

Location: cheshire england

Date: 24 May 2005


please could someone let me know the location of the church and graveyard on lismore as i will be visiting the island in june to try and find some info on some of my mccoll ancestors. i believe there is a headstone to samuel mccoll born 1788 and schoolteacher on lismore in the graveyard. thanks

Name: Barbara Ansell (

Location: Witham Essex

Date: 18 May 2005


I recently visited your Island and enjoyed the rich history and the beaughtiful vistas. I will be back. Thank you.

Name: Harry F Weir (

Location: Paisley

Date: 16 May 2005


I was introduced to the Island of Lismore by a friend, and I believe, a native of Lismore, Mr. John McCorquodale, once of Port Ramsay, and who, unfortunately, he and his wife, Netty, are both dead. His father owned and traded with a sailing craft around the Isles and I believe to the Clyde. I remember John telling me the poignant story of his father dismantling it on the shore at Port Ramsay. John and Netty would have been thrilled to see this development on behalf of the people of this lovely island.
Harry Weir
9 Ivanhoe Way Foxbar Paisley

Name: Agnes and Rafał

Location: Poland

Date: 13 May 2005


Hello! We visited your beautyfull island two years ago. It was very nice. We slept in the tent in the castle and met very good people.Thanks !It was very nice to visit the museum of history.

Name: Betty O'Reilly (

Location: Ocean Reef Western Australia

Date: 07 May 2005


Great site and I was very interested to find a familiar name. MacCorquodale. My G.G. Grandmother was Isabella MacCorquodale and the fact that name was connected with shipping is quite relevant to my family. When my son joined the Merchant Marine in Australia, a relative remarked that he was following a family tradition. I have been searching for this link for an age and delighted to find one now. I am most annoyed not to have visited this part of the Islands when there last year.

Name: June Milton (

Location: Melbourne,Florida, USA

Date: 22 April 2005


My family and I have made several trips to Lismore..we love it! My ancestors (Carmichael) were from Lismore and immigrated to the Cape Fear area of the Carolinas.. We really hope that we can return to Lismore someday.

Name: Lt Col Stephen A. Michael (USAF, Ret.) (

Location: Chievres, Belgium

Date: 15 April 2005


My wife and I hope to visit Lismore in the fall and to learn more (if possible) about my ancestor from Lismore, Appin. Daniel Carmichael (1736-1822) was born in Appin (Lismore) and married Margaret Munro (c. 1771), and following her death (c. 1772) married Sarah (Sallie) McColl. Daniel's firstborn with Margaret Munro was also named Daniel (c. 1772-1830). Daniel (Sr.), Sallie and Daniel (Ygr.) sailed from Port Appin to Wilmington (Cape Fear), North Carolina c. 1773. Circa 1794-1797, Daniel (Ygr.) took a Cherokee wife and was disowned by his father, and adopted the surname "Michael"---our current family name. I prefer to think of our line as "Mhicheil na h'Appunn". If there is a Lismore Historical Society or something similar, I would like to contact them in preparation for our visit.

Name: the macdonald family (

Location: liverpool

Date: 11 April 2005


great web site looking forward to staying there in september we all love scotland

Name: Henry McEwen (

Location: Milton of Campsie near Glasgow

Date: 10 April 2005


I have just returned from spending a week on the Island with my wife Ann and two friends Andy & Peigi Muir. We stayed at Archie McGillivary's house at The Point overlooking Port Appin. A superb location. Andy and I last visited the Island in 1968 when we stayed under canvass overlooking Castle Coeffin for two weeks with a party of venture scouts from Bathgate. This time once again, we had good weather, and the boots were in constant use with walks to Castle Coeffin, Achinduin Castle and the lighthouse to name but a few. Great views all around. Lots of pictures taken which we hope to share with you. We plan to revisit but won't wait another 37 years.
Henry McEwen

Name: Dave Taylor & Irene Buchanan (

Location: Lundin Links, Fife

Date: 09 April 2005


It was great to catch up with good friends last weekend after such an absence from the island. Very kind of the weather too to be so lovely for cycling although nether regions still trying to recover! Thanks to Lachlan & Margaret Macdonald for spending so much time with us at the Heritage Centre & Historical Society and delighted that Margaret signed her book in Gaelic for a silver wedding present which will be winging it's way to New Zealand.
This trip to Lismore was a request from Dave's 13yr old grandson who first visited the island two years ago - so you have a young fan along with two slightly(!) older ardent fans!!
See you all hopefully in June.
Irene & Dave
Sorry to have confused everyone by turning up in a car for the first time instead of the plumber's van!

Name: Elaine Massey (

Location: West Midlands

Date: 30 March 2005


I have always wanted to travel around Scotland, However on looking through areas to visit, I stumbled across your island and website, so mesmerised by your island we have decided to spend the time in one place instead... Lismore. I look forward to meeting you all.

Name: Margaret Magee (Fleming) (

Location: Pensacola Florida

Date: 28 March 2005


I have been reading your site for some time now and I think its really great. I first came to Lismore in 1960 as a young student nurse, along with Ina MacColl to visit Iris McColl. Of course we were all single then and had a great time at the dances in the Hall and in Port Appin. The rest of the story is history as Iris married Donnie, Ina married Archie and I went travelling with my husband ---- living in 8 countries. I visited Lismore in the 80's when my oldest son Christopher was in boarding school at the Abbey in Fort Augustus and then my husband Chris and I visited in 2002. It was great to see some of the folks--Ina, Archie, Iris , Duncan and Anne and visit the SHOP. No matter where I have lived I have always told people how beautiful Lismore was and how great the islanders were. We are going to be home in month or so for 3 to 4 months and we will be up to visit. We are still trying to get back to normal from "Hurricane Ivan." I know you all had a bad storm as well so you know about clearing up!!!! Well that's all for now

Name: marlene mumbles (

Location: oroville, Ca

Date: 22 March 2005


Came across this great website while searching my family tree. Would love to visit and find out more information about the town as some of my relatives evidently came from here. It also was one of my father's dying wishes that I visit.
Cheers, Marlene

Name: Dan R. Carmichael, Jr. (

Location: Ironwood, Michigan

Date: 17 March 2005


I have been to your site several times. I am now in the process of providing my father, Dan Carmichael, information regarding Lismore. As a child and teenager my father, now 97, lived with his grandfather, Hugh Carmichael, who was born on Lismore in the 1850's with his parents Dugald Carmichael and Sarah Keith. Sarah was born in 1799 and died in Canada at age 100. Dugald, born in 1800 died in Canada in 1892.

Name: Andrew Miner (

Location: Cortland, New York State

Date: 04 March 2005


I found your lovely web page purusing the Scotland news on the Web. It looked interesting. My grandfather came from Dalkieth many years ago. When I retire, I hope to gently visit your country, whence came so much.

Name: Judith O'Boyle (

Location: Shropshire

Date: 01 March 2005


Hello everyone We will be at Cameron Cotage for the Easter week and hope that it is still standing and the roof intact after the great storm in January but assuming that no news is good news. Roy was on his way up in October to do a lot of work on the cottage but you may have read in Oban Times that he had a motorbike accident just outside Taynuilt so never arrived. Was trapped under bike for 4 hours before he was found and spent the next few days in hospital in Oban and then Paisley but thankfully more or less fully recovered. The last Xray he had before Xmas shows that he also had a broken neck!! I think he has about 2 lives left now. Anyway if you read this and are passing Cameron Cottage just reassure us that all seems well!!
Love Judith

Name: dawn sanders (

Location: perth australia

Date: 25 February 2005


hello to all - never visited lismore but love scotland
can any one hep me - i have family history link to lismore .my mums great grandmother annie connel came form lismore parents sarah and james connel. annie moved to glasgow and married john buchanan in the mid 1800s they had children x3. any info would be apreciated . im now living in perth australia and hope to viist scotland on a return holiday
the website is very well organised and is great to link into again

Name: michelle masterson (

Location: Jeddo Michgian

Date: 16 February 2005


Looks really lovely from the pictures. Hope to see the island in person soon. Planning a trip to Scotland. Thank you for the very detailed and informative web page.

Name: Dennis Parrish (

Location: Lismore, New South Wales

Date: 11 February 2005


Came across this interesting website while looking up the town where I live. The Australian Lismore started off as a farm established in the 1840s by William Wilson and named after his ancestral home in Scotland. Today, Lismore is a thriving town of 50,000 in the beautiful sub-tropical Northern Rivers region of NSW.

Name: Edward Lismore (

Location: Windermere

Date: 08 February 2005


Shoved my name in a search engine and found this. Guess i'll have to visit sometime.

Name: gill norman (

Location: cheshire england

Date: 07 February 2005


hi everyone! i am hoping to visit lismore in the summer as i am tracing my family tree. my family name is mccoll and i believe there is a gravestone for my ancester samuel mccoll who was a schoolmaster and clerk of the kirk session 1807 in the kirkyard. he was born in 1788 and his parents were hugh mccoll, tenant farmer and mary mclaren . i am unable to get any further with my research but it would be fantastic to hear from anyone on lismore who might be able to help me. hope to hear from someone soon!

Name: Barbara Baxter (

Location: Covington, Kentucky USA

Date: 31 January 2005


I would like to hear music played by the young people of the Lismore Lighthouse Band. Where can I purchase their cd?

Name: Jean Stone (

Location: Stourbridge. W. Midlands

Date: 26 January 2005


Jean And Bill Borritts' daughter.Use this site to keep Mum up to date with Lismore news. She sends her love to all.

Name: Ken and Jan Harding

Location: Poole Dorset

Date: 24 January 2005


Hope you are all safe and well on the Island after the horrendous storms. Could you please explain on the website exactly what the significance of the 'gate' all on its own means? As it's in your photos of the Island, thought it might have an importance of its own.
Thank you.
Best Wishes

Name: peter kemp (

Location: Glasgow Scotland

Date: 23 January 2005


I am holidaying next August on Lismore with my family and staying ar Port Ramsay. I have tried to register on the talks foeums but with no success. I was asking as to the best way to get there. I have lead walks on the island. Usually on the ferry from Appin. Is there a taxi available from ferry to Port Ramsay. Also is there a shop within walking distance and what social activities are there at this time ie ceilidhs etc.

Name: eilidh keith (

Location: mid-argyll&glasgow

Date: 19 January 2005


Very interesting and informative website! Hope to visit Lismore in the spring to do research for my family tree. My grandfather, Neil Keith, was born on Lismore. Does anyone have any information that may help me?

Name: June Gold (

Location: Ayrshire

Date: 15 January 2005


We hope you are all safe and well on the Island after the horrendous weather this week. Will be back up this spring.
June Gold

Name: Jan and Ken Harding

Location: Poole Dorset

Date: 12 January 2005


We visited Lismore by chance while caravanning at Oban, we crossed on the foot-ferry and spent a wonderful day walking on the Island, if only we had thought to bring our bikes! It was one of the most peaceful and enjoyable experiences of our holiday, we talked to a very friendly farmer shearing his sheep, sat by the 'croft' and visited the beautiful church, hard to imagine that it was only 'part' of a cathedral, it must have been huge. Thank you for a wonderful day, hope one day we can return and visit again.
Love your website, visiting it takes me back to August 2004.
Best Wishes
Jan and Ken Harding

Name: Andrew Livingstone (

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Date: 11 January 2005


Very informative website, enjoyed browsing.

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