Guest book entries for 2004

Name: Eve Sinton (

Location: Lismore, Australia



I live near the city of Lismore in the far north-east corner of New South Wales, Australia. The city is named after your island. But in terms of landscape and climate - subtropical, vast area - it couldn't be more different! I'm of mostly Scots descent, but from the border country. Would love to visit Scotland one day, it looks beautiful.

Name: Helen Lang (

Location: Australia



I was born in Lismore, Victoria Australia, the town was settled by a Brown from Galashiells, popular myth feels the town was named for Lismore Ireland but why think that when it was settled by a Scot. Beautiful photos both old and new, would that I could visit one day, but guess thayt won't happen:-)

Name: gill norman (

Location: nantwich cheshire england



i am trying to trace my family tree. one of my ancestors from lismore and appin was hugh mccoll who was a tenant farmer at kenclochlaich, appin. he married mary mclaren and had one son samuel born 1778. samuel married janet campbell and had 14 children and died in lismore and appin 1862. i would be grateful of any information that any one can supply me with. many thanks and merry christmas!

Name: Dee Jeffery (

Location: Cornwall



Hi We are visiting your island next June, and are really looking forward to our trip. We visited Scotland a few years ago, and are really looking forward to visiting again and seeing some wildlife. We will see you next June! Denise & Phil Jeffery

Name: Dan Robert Carmichael, Jr. (

Location: Ironwood, MI 49938



I just sent an e-mail to CK Merritt. He was looking for info on Dugald Carmichel. My great-great grandfathe was Dugald Carmichael. He and his Lismore wife, Sarah Keith, came to the US and Canada in the 1850's. One of their son's was Hugh Carmichael who married a Lismore gal in NY in 1865. Their first-born child was Dugald Carmichael. Hugh Carmichael and family eventually ended up in sothwestern Iowa. Dugald (Doog). My dad born in 1907 new dugald very well. Dad is still alive.

Name: Cara Smith (

Location: Stirling,Scotland

Date: 16 November, 2004


Hi Sara Black. What you up to. I am coming over on the 3rd of December till the 5th of December.I am coming over with my aunty Jane and my Best friend Tayna. She is 14. Are you 13???.Because I am.See you very soon.Is Jordan Bass still living of the island??? Can you please sticky me back and I will go on the web and read it. Lots of luv Cara and tanya xx. tanya says hi and see you when we come over.

Name: Cara Smith (

Location: stirling

Date: 16 November, 2004


Hiya Sara Black. What have you been up to?? I am coming through with my Auntie jean and My best pal Tanya on the 3rd-5th of December.Tanya is 14. How old are you im 13????????Is Jordan Boss still staying on the island??????? Sticky me back please and i will go on the web and read it and sticky you back. lots of love Cara and Tanya xxxxxxxxxxxxxx MISS YOU XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Name: Sandy MacDonald (

Location: Ardness Nova Scotia Canada

Date: 16 November, 2004


Hey there, Just looking up some Scottish names and came across your site. I live on the north shore of Nova Scotia and the communities in this area are named after places in Scotland. I live in Ardness, and just down the road is Lismore. Also, Knoydart, Dunmaglass and Arisaig are along this coast. It was cool to read about your area, and I know that whenever I make it to Scotland, I will be visiting. Take care.

Name: Thomas McIntyre (

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Date: 14 November, 2004


Researching families of Lismore that moved to New York State in the late 1700's and early 1800's. My website is called the Caledonia Highlanders from the town of Caledonia, New York that they settled. Interested in anyone researching these families. Thomas McIntyre

Name: Lewis Pierson (

Location: East Leake, Nottinghamshire

Date: 07 November, 2004


I stumbled across this site when i was busy doing my homework on scotland and decided to have a look at the pictures on google and found it was lismore. this was geat to find a lsimore website as i have been there twice before and experienced what a great island it is and this website illusrates that so well, but for the fulll experience of the island i feel you need to go there and visit the island.All the small coves and peaceful and harmonic beaches. its a wonderful place and this is a great website. Well Done!!! bw lewis

Name: Mark, Liz, Georgie and Alicia (

Location: Great Hatfield, East Yorkshire

Date: 30 October, 2004


Our holiday in August on Lismore was fantastic. We would have loved to have stayed longer. Whilst there we saw seals, and beautiful scenery and took part in the gathering and shearing of sheep. We thank people of Lismore for their hospitality and making us feel welcome.

Name: Sterling Graham (

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Date: 22 October, 2004


You have a very nice and scenic Island. I stumbled onto your site by accident and found it most charming. The people seem to be one big happy family. Being of Scottish decent myself (many generations removed), I am particularly excited to find such an island. Thank you for sharing your island, Best regards, Sterling m Graham.

Name: Graham White (

Location: Seattle

Date: 21 October, 2004


I was actually using Google to search for the Lismore whisky distillery but came across your island website instead. I was fascinated by the pictures and the strength of the community spirit that shone through the pages. I am a Yorkshireman in exile but next year we are planning to visit my third grandchild and might pay your island a visit! In the meantime I have you in my list of 'favourites' and will check in with you once in a while. Best wishes Graham

Name: Heidi MacColl (

Location: oban

Date: 21 October, 2004


hey every1 how are yas all gettin on???? whats been happnin??? sophie has had a wee baby boy....just incase maw hasnt told ne 1... am just sittin in sadie and greigs house the now its really hot but ne way i am away for the now........... bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Marco Fugaccia (

Location: Glasgow

Date: 16 October, 2004


I went to Lismore on the 16th of October. We got the Port Appin Ferry accross and went a glourious walk and heard some unusual woodland sounds It was alovely well kept Island.

Name: Fiona Duncan (

Location: Stenhousemuir

Date: 11 October, 2004


I think the website is fantastic although I think you have to go to Lismore to fully appreciate its beauty and community spirit. No website, no matter how good, could convey that. I hope to come back soon. Fi x

Name: june gold (

Location: ayrshire

Date: 10 October, 2004


Another flying visit to grandpa's beautiful island to pick up some Lismore calendars. The weather was great. Thank you to Denise Willis ,John (photographic society) and Rena McCorkadale for the very welcome offers of a lift which were gratefully accepted. Regards to Margt Black,Beth Campbell and Dorothy Livingstone who I met on my June visit and missed this time. Thank you to young ferryman for teaching me rude words to say to my gaelic teacher.She was impressed!! Back soon.

Name: Jamie Fowler

Location: Muswell Hill

Date: 05 October, 2004


Just sat at work an thought I'd look at the House and show my mates, They all say how buitiful and stunning it looks and I agree can't wait to see it again. Hope everones well on the Island. Buy From The Fowler Clan


Location: KANSAS, USA

Date: 05 October, 2004


I am in search of information concerning my great-grandparents, Dugald and Mary (Carmicheal) Carmichael. I was told that there was information on this site concerning them. They came to the U.S. and had approximately 11 children. My grandfather, Leonard, was the youngest, if i was told correctly. I would appreciate any information that you can send to me (pictures, history, whatever might be available). Thank you very much in advance for your attention to this matter for me.

Name: Mairi Ramsdale (

Location: Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Date: 03 October, 2004


We will be visiting the island (myself, husband and two boys)at christmas. We are looking forward to what will be, for us a very different experience. We have visited Mull before but this will be our first time on Lismore. Thankyou for this excellent web site which has already proved very useful in helping us prepare for our visit.

Name: Gary Hopgood (

Location: New Zealander in Edinburgh

Date: 26 September, 2004


An extraordinarily comprehensive and well thought out website. We hope to visit very soon!

Name: Jack Flynn (

Location: Harpswell, Maine USA

Date: 22 September, 2004


I arrived at your site because of a Morgan motor car named "Lismore." Gordon Craig, who posted to your guest book a few days ago, owns a Morgan Plus 4 and recently explained to the global network or Morgan owners ( why he named his car "Lismore." The story was so good, that I tracked down your link, and I'm delighted to have found it. Gordon and I have never met(we live at opposite ends of North America), but I now understand a little of his enchantment with your island. And I sense that Lismore may have something in common with Harpswell, our little fishing town here in Maine, which was settled by Scots around 1607. Thanks for sharing your lovely island with us on the web.

Name: Gordon C.A. Craig (

Location: 3172 Hood St., Oakland, CA 94605 USA

Date: 17 September, 2004


Lismore is my ancestral home. My grandmother, Jean Esther MacGregor, grew up on the island along with her bothers and sisters. Her father walked to Glasgow, obtained work on the docks and sent for the family. Jean was a talented artist and painted views of the family cottage and portraits of local fishermen and so on later in life. I have visited Lismore a half dozen times over the years, and had the privelege of meeting Ian Miller. My cousins (Thomsons and Alexanders) and I had a millenium reunion on Lismore in summer, 2000, a wonderful and lovely time. I'll be back, Gordon September 17, 2004

Name: Nick and Anne Hayward (

Location: Brandeston, Suffolk

Date: 12 September, 2004


We visited Lismore several times during our holidays at Appin in the eighties and have very fond memories of the island which are rekindled by your website, which is excellent. We have now retired and hopefully will be able to renew our acquaintance with the area.

Name: Fay Johson (

Location: Poole Dorset

Date: 11 September, 2004


I actually came onto the computer to do a letter to the Taxman re my Tax Return but whilst hunting some information I came across last year's Christmas Card from Pauline Ross in which she mentioned your website. Now having had a three hour stroll through your great site I MUST get back to my taxes!! I must say though before I leave that you have all made a great job of it. Three hours have gone in a flash. Regards Fay

Name: gayil summers (

Location: dumfrieshire

Date: 10 September, 2004


We recently visited the Brooks Family to look at their Highland Poies, we fell in love with youre wonderful Island, and we will be back again with friends also our children in Nov, The Brooks Family, Could not have been more Welcoming to us if they tried,Tea and food were in abundance,enjoyable day all round. I would like to see more about the Highland Ponies Bred on the Island Published, we only new about the ponies, because I had bought a mare from Pam before she went to pastures new, Great site keep up the good work aand hope to meet some of u in Nov, when my family and friends come for a visit

Name: Lorna and Darron Edwards (

Location: Shropshire

Date: 06 September, 2004


Have just spent a wonderful 3 days on your beautiful island. Thank you to everyone for making our stay so special.A more friendly community we will never find. A special thank you to Maureen at the School House for looking after us so well and for lending us her car just when we thought we were in for a soaking on our bikes. We were so impressed with the historical society and managed to learn a little more about our ancestors. We will definately be back.


Location: kilmarnock ayrshire

Date: 31 August, 2004


great website plenty of info i was looking for somewhere to stay in oban but came across your website i think i just have to visit soon thanks if only the sun would shine on us in summer who would need to go to spain when you have places like this and brill prices too for a family

Name: Suzanne Dowling (

Location: Auckland New Zealand

Date: 28 August, 2004


I recently spent two heavenly weeks as the guest of my sister Pauline and her husband Stuart. I absolutely love Lismore and the people are very friendly and welcoming. It was my second visit and I hope it won't be the last. Apart from Pauline and Stuart's incredible hospitality I love cycling around, picnicing, rambling over the farms (or should I say crofts??) eating the garden-fresh vegetables from their garden, having fresh oysters delivered by boat!! I enjoyed learning a few new and useful sayings such as "what's for you won't go past you!!" and "you have to carry on 'til you're carried out" (Thanks to Margaret for those pieces of wisdom) The web page is excellent and testament to a lot of hard work by those who keep it vibrant. I'll be back Suzanne Dowling

Name: daniel mulgrew (

Location: ayrshire irvine

Date: 26 August, 2004


say hello to everybody sumer hoildays was great fun [fa daniel]

Name: Paul Hayden (

Location: Hertfordshire, England

Date: 23 August, 2004


Hello from Hertfordshire, My partner, myself and and another couple have booked to come to spend New Year on your Island, we're staying at Point Steadings, could you let me know if there are any celebrations on the island that we could attend, also would we need to book the ferry in advance of us arriving, as we are not certain what time we will be arriving, could you please advice us of costs aswell, many thanks in advance for any help and advice you can provide, we are really looking forward to spending the new year with you. Many kind regards Paul

Name: David,Morag &Jack (

Location: Brighton

Date: 21 August, 2004


The info on the heritage center is excellent ! Jack was really pleased to see you in the photos Eoghan!

Name: Stewart Marshall (

Location: Dumbarton, Scotland

Date: 19 August, 2004


Cant wait to go back next year, good fun n' lighthouse band rock!!

Name: Deirdre (

Location: Port Hardy, Canada

Date: 16 August, 2004


Arrived here today, heading onwards tomorrow to Prince Rupert. Met Peter in Vancouver and he is looking great and having a ace time. Weather here hot and sunny. I hope the rain has stopped. Deirdre & Jane

Name: Mel Cadman (

Location: Helensburgh, Argyll & Bute

Date: 10 August, 2004


Neat, informative website, well organised and a pleasure to wander through.

Name: jacqui Peverley (

Location: Sunderland, NE England

Date: 07 August, 2004


Looking forward to my first visit to Lismore on August 21st-28th. found the website a great introduction and lots of useful info for the visitor. Can't wait to see it all in the flesh

Name: Robert Beattie (robert.beattie2@btopenworld)

Location: Braehead, Lanark

Date: 06 August, 2004


I was privileged to be a recent guest on Lismore during the Raft Race weekend and cannot speak highly enough of the efforts made by the Islanders to make you feel welcome. A fantastic community on a fantastic island with stunning scenery. All this and they like a drink as well!! Your web site is well laid out and informative and only serves to make me wish I was back on your beautiful island again. All the very best Robert Beattie

Name: John McColl (

Location: Glasgow

Date: 29 July, 2004


I was trolling the internet for Scottish places and islands of interest as I'm planning to tour the north west when I take some annual leave soon and came accross your website. I think you have a "must visit" island and plan to in the near future as it's great to get away from the city to explore and enjoy what is my favourite country. I didn't notice any mention of a distillery on the island. Now that would be a shame! Good luck.

Name: johnny mac (

Location: sorn

Date: 29 July, 2004


well done to the north end men for winning the tug of war on sunday good effort by all.

Name: Peter MacDougall

Location: Mexico, Palenque

Date: 27 July, 2004


Just a quick hola from Mexico. Im still living and still travelling cheers

Name: Meg Toole (

Location: Evanton

Date: 13 July, 2004


Hi Beth Read about your leaving, and sorry to hear that you have left the 'team' Heard about your leaving from Marie,she was looking for some cover.If you have a minute drop me an e-mail Meg

Name: alicia (

Location: hull, england

Date: 11 July, 2004


i came to lismore a few years ago for pete and mary walkers weding it was great and tell them mark, liz, me and georgie said hi!

Name: Grace Fenwick

Location: Cambridge

Date: 08 July, 2004


Good website. However one gripe. Was Ninian not an apostle of the Roman church? Not a Columban disciple. He introduced Christianity to Scotland in the 5th century AD. Columba came across to Iona in the 6th Century. Sorry, nitpicking but to a Gallovidian the pre-eminence of Candida Casa is all.

Name: Lorna Edwards (

Location: Shropshire, England

Date: 30 June, 2004


I am planning a trip to Lismore in August and have just found your website which I have found fascinating.My dads aunt and uncle John and Isa Urquhart spent their retirement years living in Lismore and I spent a wonderful holiday with them as a child on your beautiful island. I have been tracing my family tree and have found that my great great great grandparents were both born on Lismore. Duncan Keith was born in 1783 and Catherine McCaig in 1801. They had 4 children. Catherine, Mary, Duncan and John(my great great grandfather).He was christened in Balemakilichan in 1837 and married Elizabeth Burnet who I believe was also from Lismore. Her parents were Robert Burnet and Mary MacLachlan.

Name: Mary Poole (

Location: Dallas Texas USA

Date: 29 June, 2004


Wonderful site, thotoughly enjoyeed browsing the history and photographs. I am researching my family tree and noticed that a gr gr uncle Duncan died at the manse, Tirlaggan. I am presuming he was the minister there at one time

Name: Archie J. Campbell (

Location: Glasgow University Celtic Department

Date: 21 June, 2004


A really good community website. I'm glad that the Gaelic weekend went so well.I'm sure longer courses of a week would be very successful.

Name: sophie (

Location: cornwall

Date: 01 June, 2004


hiya! love the site, it's really good but makes me miss lismore more than ever. hope to come up soon in the summer hols and have the great time that i always do. rain or shine! sun would be greatly appreciated though! If someone reading this knows Marie Carmicheal can they ask her to get in touch please. thanks..x*x. Sophie Sargisson.x*x.

Name: Robert A. Livingstone (

Location: Long Island, New York USA

Date: 29 May, 2004


Our family traces back to Lismore, and I am looking forward to visiting someday.

Name: James maclean (

Location: Dunbeg <oban>

Date: 05 May, 2004


Hello folks. Very intresting website. Plenty of good photos to tempt more visitors to the island! And also to keep our ferry busy. Lots of intresting information aswell. From your happy captain James..

Name: Yvonne Eassom (

Location: Wirral, Merseyside

Date: 03 May, 2004


Thank you.Your site has been so inspiring.Recently found family papers that give my great/great grandmother's maiden name as Black who married a Carmicheal and lived at Achuaran.Their daughter then married a Campbell.Coming to Scotland in June to find out more about 'Campbell' but hope to catch up with the 'Carmicheal's' on a visit to Lismore in the autumn.

Name: Michael Livingston (

Location: Syracuse NY

Date: 29 April, 2004


I have been tracing my family roots and have been able to go as far back as Patrick Livingstone b. 1778 and his wife, Mary Campbell b. 1782 near Inveraray. The research I have done indicates that Lismore is where the McLea clan, who later changed their names to Livingstone, originated. Your site is one of the few places on the web where I could find pictures of Lismore. What a beautiful home it must be for all of you. I hope to visit some day. I would very much like to find an on-line detailed map of the area so I can place where all these events are taking place. Are there any genealogical information sources on the Island that might help me continue my research? Thanks for a great web site, especially the photo gallery.

Name: Amie Oliver (

Location: Richmond, VA

Date: 24 April, 2004


My husband and I took our vows of marriage on the Isle of Lismore in 1986. (Ok, officially we exchanged rings in Oban in the registrar's office!) We loved Lismore and its people and could imagine spending every summer there. We took the ferry from Oban to Lismre wearing kilt and wedding dress and it was one of the most romantic experiences I can imagine.

Name: Aileen Balmer (

Location: East Kilbride

Date: 21 April, 2004


My husband and I come to Lismore as often as we can. We stay at Larkrise when we do. We love the island and in fact I would love to stay. it would be wonderful to have a home on the island, maybe when we retire! I was interested to read that one of the names of island natives "lost" was Graham. My maiden name is Monteith and I am from the clan Graham. Maybe that explains why I instantly fell in love with the island! We have just come home from a weeks visit and sadly couldn't get booked again at larkrise this year. We have booked for next easter though! and next July as well! God bless

Name: krackers (

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Date: 15 April, 2004


Great Website. Brings back great memories for me. I spent two months working in Port Appin in 1997. I made many trips to the Lismore and enjoyed hiking right across the island. I often think about the amazing scenery down at Castle Coeffin. Sticks in my mind very much. Congratulations on the Web Site... I have now added it to my favourites. Cheers.

Name: Angus Carmichael (

Location: Morin-Heights, Qubec, Canada

Date: 09 April, 2004


Having recently been sent this site, i am impressed and will explore it to its fullest in the near future. Many thanks to the creators.

Name: Douglas Robertson (

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Date: 03 April, 2004


Very sorry to read of Mrs Odling's passing. Congrats to Scott McColl, and best wishes to Anne the Post on her retirement. What a fabulous and informative website; keep up the good work. I hear from other sources that your minister is about to leave. I hope you can fill the vacancy promptly. Next time we're in Scotland (probably middle of next year) we will visit.

Name: Margaret Davis (Nee McColl) (

Location: Harrow - Middx

Date: 26 March 2004


I have enjoyed your site. I hope to visit Balgarve later on this year in search of my Great Grandfather, Donald McColl who was born there on the 4th March 1826(the year may be out a little), to Alexander McColl and Mary McCallum. Is there some way of finding out if records are held in Balgarve or somewhere else? Or do you know who to write to? Thank you, Margaret

Name: Mary Jo Misner (

Location: USA- Kansas City Missouri

Date: 26 March 2004


I am told that some of my ancestors came from the Isle of Lismore and I recognize some names from my past when I read the pages of this website. My Maternal Great Grandmother's name was Dora Carmichael-McCauley. Someone did a wonderful job of putting this all together and sometime I hope to visit and to see all of the lovely sites shown in the attached pictures. It looks so different from where I live. Stay well.

Name: Phil Palmer (

Location: Devon

Date: 23 March 2004


Dear All We are looking to move to a scottish isle in 2-3 years - we just hope we can afford to move and the prices haven't shot up when we can eventually move! (just waiting for kids to finish their education!) Lismore looks fantastic and I'm feeling really envious at the mo! Phil : )

Name: Gill (

Location: Worksop Nottinghamshire

Date: 19 March 2004


I can not wait to visit in May. I will certainly be bringing my sketch book and paints. I only wish that I could spend more than a few hours on Lismore.



Date: 18 March 2004



Name: Virgil G Miller (

Location: Denver, Colorado USA

Date: 15 March 2004


Finding your web site brings back a lot of old pleasant memories visiting Lismore three times in the 1970's and 80's. I sent an e-mail of best wishes to all those who may remember our last visit - the Carmichael family tour of Scotland.

Name: Garry & Rhona Goudie (

Location: Ochiltree Ayrshire.

Date: 7 March 2004


What can we say ? Its all there well done!! what about forthcoming events ie. date for sports day ? or is that too far ahead for lismore? no ofence, all the best garry,rhona,eoghan&leah.

Name: Brian Collins (

Location: Kansas City, MO USA

Date: 20 February 2004


I had the good fortune to visit Lismore in 1986. Your website and its wonderful photographs brought back good memories. Thank you for all the work.

Name: Dr Marshall Walker / Claudia Pacetta (

Location: Tauranga - New Zealand

Date: 11 February 2004


The best of all possible earth! Marshall Walker

Name: Katherine Livingstone (

Location: Cambridge, England

Date: 18 January 2004


Hi, My family history has been traced back to Lismore. It's wonderful to have roots. A smashin' website - well done.

Name: John McLaren (

Location: Gargunnock near Stirling

Date: 16 January 2004


An excellent, well-designed and interesting website which makes me want to come and see more. I heard of your website only after I received a submission for our village magazine from Nicky Lamond, who took part. (extreme right in the photo I think) I must return once I have more time and check out all the links. Congratulations to all concerned.

Name: Betty Laing (

Location: Halls Head Western Australia

Date: 15 January 2004


What a great website. As my husband Andrew is a cousin of Anne Livingstone it was fantastic to "view" your beautiful island and see where Anne and Duncan live.It was also lovely to see a photo of Anne and read the info on the scottish dancing. When we visited Anne in Glascow before her marriage we went with her to a Scottish Country Dance class and enjoyed it immensely. We will continue to visit your web site on a regular basis. Our best wishes to all residents for a very Happy New Year from the Laing family in Australia.

Name: Dave Taylor & Irene Buchanan (

Location: Fife

Date: 12 January 2004


Thanks to everyone who made it a great New Year again for us. We never fail to enjoy ourselves even when the weather tries it's best to do it's worst! The New Year dance was a real toe tapping night and I think that's the longest Strip the Willow we have ever done! Dave took the flu' on the way back home and spend a couple of days in bed - he's not blaming Lismore completely for this! We're off to New Zealand next week for a month so hopefully we will be back across to our favourite island in the spring.

Name: Liz Moore (

Location: Carson City, NV

Date: 11 January 2004


As an author, I was doing a random check of search engines to find out the number of mentions my book was receiving, and I happened to find this site. Lismore looks to be a wonderful place and I'd love to visit sometime! I hope you all have a wonderful 2004!

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