Sally Ann Slight sent us this poem which she wrote after visiting our web site and looking and the photographs.  Thank you Sally.


Just as a limpet clings to a rock
upon the shore
I cling to you
in faith once more
as we both await the sea
to cover our covers 
for eternity

for only then can we release
our folded arms
from within our shells
to feed on life brought to us
by the living waters
of the sea above

but just as soon as we are
nourished and fed
just as we find our love instead
the tide must turn
and the water reeds
break as did our vows

we creep back inside our shells
our prison with no key
our only escape
the living water tap tap tapping
on our door
bringing life once more
for shore

what shore?
just keep tapping to open the door
of Lismore.

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