My Lady Headstrong
David Heavenor                


On a visit to Lismore in September 2009 we walked from Richard and Morag Fowlers Cottage at The Point to Port Ramsay and eventually round the west coast to Castle Coiffin. Named after a Viking  prince, the ruins are of a later date and were erected by the MacDougalls of Lorn.  One window remains and I imagined a princess waiting in vain for the return of her lover lost at sea. I found out later from Dorothy Livingstone that there is a legend telling of Beothail, the sister of Coiffin, who laments her love who perished in a distant war.

On returning to the cottage David wrote the song My Lady Headstrong (click to listen to the song)

The lonely dove, so starved of love
For a sailor lost upon the sea
She walks the floor, then bolts her door
She will not open up to me

My lady headstrong
            Im singing you this song
            For keeping your light on
            For a sailor whos long gone
            Open up your senses
            Cut your defences
            Im changing the lenses
            On this telescope you point at me

An open sky, the days drift by
No tide will rise to set her free
No shadow runs from a slanting sun
She gathers thorns upon the lee      

Her eiderdown in this starlit town
She pulls so tight she cannot breathe
A bed unblessed, a wedding dress
Is hanging shapeless as the sea

(c) David Heavenor    Lismore   3rd September 2009

With thanks to
Mark, Deckie and Sophie, fellow island travellers

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