Margaret Miller's album.

The photos were taken between Achnacroish and the Balnagowan Loch, April 2011

My husband, Lynn, and I spent four days on Lismore in late-April 2011. We stayed with Elizabeth Kilmurray at her B&B and thoroughly enjoyed our visit. We visited Lismore to learn more about my MacDougall heritage.

Members of the MacDougall family had emigrated from the island to the US and Canada in the 19th century. Stories of my great grandmother's homesickness for Lismore made sense when I experienced for myself the mystical beauty of the island. I tried to capture that beauty in the photos I took on walks around the island.

The photos were taken from the main road to the Achnacroish pier, on the "rough track" from Achnacroish toward the Balnagowan Loch, and still others in the church yard, near the north point approaching the ferry to Point Appin, and in the area of the Coeffin Castle. I have included (in the Shutterfly collection) a photo of a grave marker in the church yard. It had been erected in memory of John MacDougall, his wife, Catherine MacCallum, and their children, including my great grandmother, Margaret MacDougall.

I was charmed on my walks by the lambs and the springtime flowers, which were in abundance at the time. Therefore, my photos include pictures of primroses, young ferns, and sheep, as well.

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Thank you Margaret